Thursday, February 02, 2006

Drew's Schedule Winter 2006

Drew's Winter 2006 Schedule includes:

  • 120B Development of Theatre. A one-year lecture course concentrating on the development of world theatre from a visual point of view, from the earliest storytelling rituals through international stage development to contemporary theatrical forms.

  • 145 Music Theatre Singing. Private weekly voice lessons for the advanced musical theatre student.

  • 166A Music Theatre Workshop III. Scene study and song repertoire examined by era for the advanced music theatre student. 166A covers operetta, revue, and musical comedy from 1900s-1930s.

  • 185 Advanced Directing. A seminar in directorial organization and research. Student prepares a textual and dramaturgical analysis, a production timetable, and a hypothetical production book of an assigned play.

  • 1B Fundamentals of Latin. Elements of Latin grammar, syntax, and vocabulary.
Drew is also serving as the music director for a production of Orpheus Raising this quater.

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