Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Sharon and Tom's 2022 New York Adventure - Day #2

Tom's cruise ended on Wednesday morning. He met Sharon at the hotel.

They spent the afternoon taking a Circle Line Boat Tour. Jack, Sharon and I did the Circle Line tour in 2018. I did it by myself in June of 1998.

After a Greenwich neighborhood walk, they had a drink at Buvette. Owned by a high school classmate of Sharon, Jack, Sharon and I had dinner there after our Circle Line Tour.

They finished the day with dinner at Via Corota.

Princess Canada and Greenland Cruise

On Wednesday morning, Sharon's brother Tom finished up a 16 day Princess cruise of Canada and Greenland.

Catan for Jack's Birthday

Tuesday night, Drew, Jack and I played Catan to celebrate Jack's birthday. Jack won the first game. I won the second game; I rarely win. Sharon popped into facetime from New York City to wish Jack happy birthday.

Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Jack's 24th Birthday!

Sharon and Tom's 2022 New York Adventure - Day #1

Up at 3 am, Sharon and I rolled to the airport at 3:45 am. Sharon caught a 5:30 am United flight from Sacramento to Chicago. She then took a 9:45 am United flight to New York City's LaGauardia Airport. Using points, Sharon upgraded to first class on both legs.

With storms on the east coast, the flight from Chicago was routed over the Great Lakes and into Canada. Sharon was on the ground in New York about 4:20 pm.

Sharon took a cab into Manhattan. She is spending seven nights at the Westhouse Hotel.

Sharon's brother Tom is showing up tomorrow. He has never been to New York City. They are going to spend six days in the city and then six days in upstate New York.

Sunday, August 28, 2022

HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2022 - Los Angeles - Day #3

Up early, I ran 2.5 miles on the treadmill in 36 minutes. Getting cleaned up and packing up the room, I headed to the Model 6. From there, Tomasin, Snipes and I walked to Norm's for breakfast.

Scooping up Mikey after breakfast, the four of us headed to Dignity Health Sports Park for a second day of rugby sevens. USA played Fiji in a cup quarter final game. I am always amazed at how many Fiji fans there are. USA lost the game by the score of 28 to 12.

USA played Kenya in the fifth place semi final game. They lost by the score of 21 to 14.

In the afternoon, we caught up with Stephen in a suite hosted by the sponsors of the USA rugby team. As I have said before, Stephen's participation in rugby is really a legacy of Tomasin's life.

We ended up rolling to the airport before the last two games. New Zealand beat Fiji by the score of 28 to 21 to win the touranment. Australia beat Somoa by the score of 21 to 7 to win in third.

Getting to the airport early, Snipes and I had dinner and explored the meaning of life. Boarding a 9 pm Southwest flight back to Sacramento with A43, I was able to get an exit row aisle on a 737-Max.

I was home in Carmichael just after 11 pm. I was a great weekend. I always enjoy Snipes and Tomasin's company!

Saturday, August 27, 2022

HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2022 - Los Angeles - Day #2

Moving slow after a late night, I willed myself down to the work out room at the Marriott Courtyard. I ran 31 minutes for 2.27 miles on the treadmill.

After getting cleaned up, I headed to Model 6 and picked up Snipes and Tomasin. From there, we headed to Dignity Health Sports Park. USA played South Africa in the first game of the day. USA won by the score of 21 to 7.

In their second game of the day, USA lost to New Zealand by the score of 33 to 12. It was an odd game. Tied 7 to 7 just before half-time, New Zealand scored in extra time before the half and then steamrolled USA in the second half.

USA won their third game. They beat Canada by the score of 26 to 12.

With a record of two wins and a loss, USA qualified for the Cup bracket on Sunday. Tomasin's nephew Steven is captain for the USA team for this tournament. He played all three games. More on Steven in a follow-up post.

It was a long day of watching rugby. There were 24 matches over the course of day.

Heading back to the Model 6, Snipes, Tomasin, Mikey and I ended up walking to the Rockin' Cajun for dinner. I had a cup of Chicken & Sausage Gumbo [Home made stew loaded with chicken, andouille sausage and okra cooked slowly in rich spicy rouxbased chicken stock, served over steaming rice] and Rice Jambalaya [Traditonal New Orleans dish with rice chicken, andouille sausage and shrimp with our cajun spice]. The food was solid. The hurricanes were not.

We finished the day with the nightcap or two in Tomasin's room at Model 6 solving world problems. The Model 6 was not a good hotel; it was dirty and not very well kept up. Tomasin said that it was better several years ago.

I was very happy to head back to the Marriott Courtyard and crash.

Friday, August 26, 2022

HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series 2022 - Los Angeles - Day #1

Leaving the house at 3:50 pm, I headed to the Sacramento International Airport. With a carry-on, I breezed through security with CLEAR and TSA Pre. I ran into Snipes grabbing my bag.

We caught a 5:50 pm Southwest flight to LAX. Boarding with A39, I was able to get the aisle in the exit row; it was a newer 737-800.

We were on the ground in SoCal about 7:20 pm. Tomasin and Mikey were taking an Alaskan flight from Santa Rosa to LAX. Their flight was running late so Snipes and I sat and had a beer.

The Tomasins were eventually on the ground about 8:20 pm. Snipes and I wandered across the terminal to catch up with them. The four of us took the Hertz shuttle to pick up a car.

From the airport, we headed to the Model 6 in Carson. Tomasin, Snipes and Mikey are spending two nights there; more on the Model 6 in a future post.

We finished the night with a late dinner at Chili's. I had a Cajun Shrimp pasta.

I had a reservation for two nights at the Marriot Courtyard in Torrance. By the time I got to the room, it was after 11:30 pm. I crashed hard...

Thursday, August 25, 2022

California Historical Landmark #119

While we were in San Francisco in December, I did a walkabout and found eight different California Historical Markers, including: #88 Niantic Hotel; #90 Fort Gunnybags; #462 Site of First Jewish Religious Services in San Francisco; #408 Site of the the first Meeting of Freemasons held in California; #453 Lucas, Turner & Co. Bank; #192 El Dorado, Park House and Dennison's Exchange; #500 Site of the Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad; and, #119 Portsmouth Plaza.

Portsmouth Plaza
California State Historical Landmark #119

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
See this location on Google Maps

This landmark is located in Portsmouth Plaza at Clay and Kearny Streets, San Francisco, California. There are 48 other California State Historical Landmarks in San Francisco County. The GPS coordinates for this location are 37° 47' 42.1" N 122° 24' 20.0" W.

Portsmouth Plaza
An Historic Shrine

Named for U.S.S. Portsmouth commanded by John B. Montgomery after whom Montgomery Street was named. It was here on the plaza that Capt. Montgomery first raised the American flag near the Mexican adobe custom house on July 9, 1846. This plaza was the center of many early day activities among which were the following:

First public school building erected 1847, S. W. corner of plaza, where religious services and many public meeting were held.

Dramatic and authoritative announcement of gold discovery made by Sam Brannan on May 11, 1848, who displayed glittering samples to crowds on plaza.

Election of delegates to Monterey Constitutional Convention urged at mass meeting June 12, 1849.

Served as place of refuge for citizens following conflagrations of 1849, 1850, 1851 and 1906.

On July 16, 1849, crowd assembled to organize against depredations of lawless body called "The Hounds."

Memorial services held August 29, 1850, following death of President Zachary Taylor.

First Admission Day celebration held October 29, 1850, following news brought by steamship Oregon that California, on September 9, had become 31st state.

Indignation meeting organized June 1, 1852, to protest against purchase by City Council of Jenny Lind Theater as City Hall.

Commemorative service held for Henry Clay, August 10, 1852.

Colonel E. D. Baker, September 18, 1859, delivered oration over body U. S. Senator David C. Broderick killed in duel with Chief Justice David S. Terry.

Robert Louis Stevenson spent many hours here during his visit to The City in 1879-1880.

State Registered Landmark No. 119
Tablet placed by California Centennial Commission
Dedicated September 1950
California Historical Landmark #119 California Historical Landmark #119

Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Picnic in the Park

Tiber, Sharon and I finished the day with a picnic on the field in Ansel Hoffman Park. We got two salad samplers from Cafe Bernardo, including Thai Noodle, Kale & Romaine Caesar and Mushroom & Jarlsberg Cheese.

Tuesday, August 23, 2022


Monday night, Sharon and I watched Jagged on HBOMax. Jagged is a documentary film directed by Alison Klayman. It follows the life and career of musician Alanis Morissette centering on the release of her 1995 album Jagged Little Pill.

Bill Simmons is the executive producer. The documentary was produced by Ringer Films.

The song You Oughta Know from the album is part of the soundtrack of my life. When Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill album was released in June of 1995, Sharon identified with the emotional tone of the album. She found in the lyrics of You Oughta Know an echo of her own feelings about a past relationship. Sharon played the album a lot...

I enjoyed the documentary. Although Alanis participated in the making of the film and sat for hours of interviews, it appears that she wasn't pleased with the end result.

Monday, August 22, 2022

Sutter Health Chief Technology Officer

After almost sixteen years with Sutter Health, I left in February of 2014. Sutter Health has had at least four people fill my old CTO role: Wes Wri/ght (March 2015 to March 2018), Frank Rau/sch (interim CTO from May 2018 to August 2018), Bill Bel/lando (February 2019 to May 2021) and Charles Loo/ney.

The job was posted last year.

The CTO is posted again.
Chief Technology Officer
Job ID R-8118
Date Posted 08/12/2022
Location Sacramento, California

SHSO- Executive Services

Position Overview:

The CTO reports to the CIO and is responsible for establishing Sutter’s technical vision, leads all aspects of the technology development, and plays an integral role in the company’s strategic direction, development and future growth. Overall responsibility for the long-range direction of technological planning and development. Establish, communicate, and maintain enterprise technology architecture for technology systems and ensure that the architecture can support the growing and changing needs of the business.

Lead all functions within Technical Services to include; The ITIL Service Delivery Framework, Technical Services Domain for Enterprise Architecture, policies and procedures for Engineering, Operations, and Enterprise Data Center. Ensure the Technical Services strategic plan and budget is synchronized with the vision and functions of the Information Services Operations Team (ISOT).

Job Description:


Bachelor’s degree required; Master’s degree preferred. ITIL Certification preferred.

  • 12+ years of progressively responsible technology leadership roles with a minimum of 5 years in an executive management capacity
  • Knowledge and experience of large, complex Epic environments strongly preferred Prior CTO experience preferred
  • Knowledge and skill demonstrating leadership across all of the major functions of Technical Services Comprehensive management experience across multiple IS disciplines with responsibility for multiple departments
  • Demonstrate the importance of good decision making and strategic discipline through example An extensive knowledge of Information Technology is required with a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science or Engineering with an advanced degree in business or related discipline
  • Managerial and organization skills are needed to create plans and strategies and articulate the acceptance of these plans and strategies across all levels of the organization
  • This position requires management courage to drive through obstacles and deliver computing capability across a broad spectrum of technologies and entities
  • Specific functional expertise in the following areas are required; Enterprise Data Center, Network Engineering and Operations, Telecommunications Engineering and Operations to include; Call Center Management and Optimization, Wide and local area networking engineering and operations, ITIL Framework focus on Service Delivery, risk management, budget management, and organizational management Experience leading large scale deployment and optimization projects
  • Diverse knowledge in software and hardware technology trends
  • Ability to analyze and resolve complex issues both logical and physical
  • Establish and deliver on key performance indicators to ensure high availability and integrity of systems Publish and maintain a five year strategic plan which details the roadmap of technology evolution to support the demand of computing requirements
This position is available to work in the following states: Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, Montana, Nevada, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, and Utah. Working company standard hours of Pacific Standard Time (PST)/Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) is required for this role.

Sunday, August 21, 2022


I sent this note to my teams in July.
I wouldn't be who I am today if I spent my career working remotely. I have had the opportunity to work for half a dozen large complex geographically dispersed organizations. Traveling to healthcare and financial institutions across the west, making presentations to small and large groups, sitting in meetings with business leaders and board members, dealing face-to-face with grumpy leaders, users and employees, and building relationships with peers are examples of experiences that have forged who I am. You are not going to get these types of interactions sitting in your home office.

It is going to be very difficult to grow as a manager, director and executive without these types of face-to-face experiences which may be harder to find in the post-pandemic virtual world. You should strive to find opportunities for in-person experiences both one on one and in group settings. Let's have an open discussion on how to ensure they happen on a regular basis.

Saturday, August 20, 2022

To San Francisco and back

Facing a very busy schedule for the next ten weeks, Sharon and I decided to drive to San Francisco and have lunch with Jack. Rolling from Carmichael at 10 am, the traffic was a mess. It took us three hours and twenty minutes to get to Jack's apartment [80 to 680 to 24].

On the way to the city, we listened to The Ringer's The Big Picture podcast about the Elvis biopic.. Although both Sharon and I liked the film, the reviewers panned Tom Hanks performance and Goldmember accent. They didn't like the vehicle of telling the story from Colonel Parker's perspective or how the film fast forwarded through parts of Elvis' life. Nevertheless, I still recommend the film...

We walked from Jack's apartment to Ti Piacera for lunch. We spilt a Burrata Cheese [Over crostini with balsamic redaction, arugula and cherry tomatoes]. For entrées, I had Penne al Matricciana [Penne pasta, spicy Italian sausage, red onion, tomato, spinach, garlic-white wine], Sharon had Portobello Ravíoli [Creamy pesto, cherry tomatoes and feta] and Jack had a Panini.

Wandering back to Jack's apartment, we visited for a couple of hours. Jason and his sister Alyssa showed up.

Leaving the city about 6:30 pm, we were back in Carmichael back after 8:30 pm. Thankfully, the traffic was better.

Friday, August 19, 2022


After getting curb-side take out from Matteos [Grilled Nectarine Salad and Blackened Salmon Tacos with Mango Salsa], Sharon and I watched Elvis. This may be an early start to our annual journey to watch the Oscar nominated films.

Elvis is a biographical musical drama film directed by Baz Luhrmann. He co-wrote the screenplay with Sam Bromell, Craig Pearce, and Jeremy Doner.

The film follows the life of rock and roll icon, singer, and actor Elvis Presley. It is told from the perspective of his manager, Colonel Tom Parker.

It stars Austin Butler in the title role with Tom Hanks as Parker. Olivia DeJonge as Priscilla Presley, Helen Thomson as Gladys Presley, Elvis' mother, and Richard Roxburgh as Vernon Presley, Elvis' father costar.

This is a very good film. Butler's performance is excellent. Like Rami Malek's performance in Bohemian Rhapsody, Sharon is predicting Bulter will win the Best Actor Oscar. The movie was praised by both Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie Presley. The film motivates me to read a biography about Elvis.

After watching the movie, Sharon and I listened to The Ringer's The Big Picture podcast review. They didn't like it...

Thursday, August 18, 2022

Bridgerton - Season Two

Sharon and I finished season two of Bridgerton on Tuesday night. We finished season one last March.

Season two of Bridgerton premiered on Netflix on March 25, 2022. The series has been renewed for a third and fourth season.

Bridgerton is a period drama series created by Chris Van Dusen and produced by Shonda Rhimes. It is based on Julia Quinn's novels set in the competitive world of Regency era London's ton during the season when debutantes are presented at court. Unlike the series of novels, Bridgerton is set in an alternate history with a racially integrated London where people of color are members of the ton, including some with titles granted by the sovereign.

The show revolves around the Bridgerton family. Season one featured Daphne Basset, Duchess of Hastings (née Bridgerton), the fourth Bridgerton child and eldest daughter. Season two focused on Anthony, 9th Viscount Bridgerton, the eldest Bridgerton son and head of the family.

I enjoyed season two more than season one. I recommend it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

California Historical Landmark #500

While we were in San Francisco in December, I did a walkabout and found eight different California Historical Markers, including: #88 Niantic Hotel; #90 Fort Gunnybags; #462 Site of First Jewish Religious Services in San Francisco; #408 Site of the the first Meeting of Freemasons held in California; #453 Lucas, Turner & Co. Bank; #192 El Dorado, Park House and Dennison's Exchange; #500 Site of the Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad; and, #119 PORTSMOUTH PLAZA.

Site of the Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad
California State Historical Landmark #192

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
See this location on Google Maps

This landmark is located in Portsmouth Plaza at Clay and Kearny Streets, San Francisco, California. There are 48 other California State Historical Landmarks in San Francisco County. The GPS coordinates for this location are 37° 47' 41.0" N 122° 24' 18.3" W.

California Historical Landmark #500
Andrew Smith Hallidie

Site of Eastern Terminus First Street Cars in World Propelled by Cable

Commenced operation August 1, 1875. Ceased February 15, 1942. Invented and installed by Andrew S. Hallidie, born London, England March 16, 1836. Died San Francisco, April 24, 1900. Pioneer manufacturer of wire cables, regent University of California, twice member Board of Freeholders for drafting city charter. Served on first Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Public Library.

Registered State Landmark No. 500
Tablet placed by the California State Park Commission
Base furnished by Friends of Andrew S. Hallidie

California Historical Landmark #500 Clay Street Hill at Kearny Street Circa 1860

Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Moonraker Recreational Center

We played pickleball at the Moonraker Recreational Center on Monday and Friday when we were at The Sea Ranch in July.

Moonraker Recreational Center
See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
See this location on Google Maps

This marker is located at 35336 Moonraker Road, Sea Ranch, California. The Sea Ranch Archives Committee has identified twenty-six historic sites scattered about The Sea Ranch. They have constructed trail markers with information explaining the significance of each place. They were placed as part of The Sea Ranch 50th anniversary being celebrated from Memorial Day 2014 to Memorial Day 2015. Since then, a number of architecture and landscape markers have been added. The GPS coordinates for this location are 38° 41' 18.1" N 123° 25' 38.9" W.

Moonraker Recreation Center

The defining feature of this innovative poo/tennis complex is its seamless combination of landscape and building. Earthen berms join with the wooden "wall" accommodating locker rooms to create a wind-calmed oasis. Interior "supergraphics" by Barbara Stauffacher Solomon, in large-scaled, vibrant shapes and letters, psychologically expand the tiny spaces. Recreated and refreshed in 2018, these architectural graphics were among the very first examples of graphics in this manner.

Architect: MLTW/Moore Turnbull
Landscape Architect: Lawrence Halprin, 1968
Progressive Architecture Citation, 1966
AIA Nation Honor Award, 1968

Moonraker Recreation Center

Monday, August 15, 2022

Haggin Oaks

Sharon, Debi and Jill played nine holes at Haggin Oaks on Monday morning. They had lunch at the grille.

Saturday, August 13, 2022

Larry's 80th Birthday Party

Sharon and I went to Larry's 80th birthday party. I met Larry in 1980 when I started working for Farm Credit. Sharon worked for Larry from December of 1988 until early 1997 when the banks became jointly managed with the AgAmerica. Sharon is good friends with Jeana.

The group mostly comprised family and close friends, plus a few Farm Credit people, including Holly, Sharon and Bud Bens/ley. For dinner, we ended up at a table with Holly, Van, Bud, Larry and Jeana.

Friday, August 12, 2022

Thursday, August 11, 2022

1971 Oscar Nominations

Best Picture
   ✔ Patton - winner
    Five Easy Pieces
   ✔ Love Story

Best Actor
   ✔ George C. Scott – Patton as General George S. Patton (declined) - winner
    Melvyn Douglas – I Never Sang for My Father as Tom Garrison
    James Earl Jones – The Great White Hope as Jack Jefferson
    Jack Nicholson – Five Easy Pieces as Robert Eroica Dupea
   ✔ Ryan O'Neal – Love Story as Oliver Barrett IV

Best Supporting Actor
    John Mills – Ryan's Daughter as Michael - winner
    Richard S. Castellano – Lovers and Other Strangers as Frank Vecchio
    Chief Dan George – Little Big Man as Old Lodge Skins
    Gene Hackman – I Never Sang for My Father as Gene Garrison
   ✔ John Marley – Love Story as Phil Cavalleri

Best Actress
    Glenda Jackson – Women in Love as Gundrun Brangwen - winner
    Jane Alexander – The Great White Hope as Eleanor Backman
   ✔ Ali MacGraw – Love Story as Jennifer "Jenny" Cavalleri
    Sarah Miles – Ryan's Daughter as Rosy Ryan
    Carrie Snodgress – Diary of a Mad Housewife as Bettina "Tina" Balser

Best Supporting Actress
    Helen Hayes – Airport as Ada Quonsett - winner
    Karen Black – Five Easy Pieces as Rayette Dipesto
    Lee Grant – The Landlord as Joyce Enders
    Sally Kellerman – M*A*S*H as Margaret "Hot Lips" Houlihan
    Maureen Stapleton – Airport as Inez Guerrero

Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
   ✔ Patton – Francis Ford Coppola and Edmund H. North - winner
    Five Easy Pieces – Screenplay by Adrien Joyce; Story by Bob Rafelson and Adrien Joyce
    Joe – Norman Wexler
   ✔ Love Story – Erich Segal
    My Night at Maud's – Éric Rohmer

Best Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium
    M*A*S*H – Ring Lardner Jr. based on the novel by Richard Hooker - winner
    Airport – George Seaton based on the novel by Arthur Hailey
    I Never Sang for My Father – Robert Woodruff Anderson based on his play
    Lovers and Other Strangers – based on the play by Joseph Bologna and Renée Taylor
    Women in Love – Larry Kramer based on the novel by D. H. Lawrence

The 2022 Oscar nominations are here.

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The 1971 Oscar nominations are here.

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Tuesday, August 09, 2022


In town to jam with Kellen and others at Nick's house, Drew crashed at our house early Tuesday morning.

Drew and Kellen started playing music together in 1999.

Kellen is living and playing bass in the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Monday, August 08, 2022

Paso Robles Carnegie Library

Sharon and I walked by this historic place while walking around the downtown last Friday.

Paso Robles Carnegie Library
National Register of Historic Places #1997001635

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
See this location on Google Maps

This church is located at 800 12th Street, Paso Robles, California. The GPS coordinates for this location are 35° 37' 34.4" N 120° 41' 24.3" W.

You can log your visit to this landmark at

Paso Robles Carnegie Library
The Paso Robles Carnegie Library is a Carnegie library located in Paso Robles City Park in Paso Robles, California. The library was built from 1907 to 1908 through a $10,000 grant from the Carnegie Foundation. Architect William H. Weeks, who designed several other buildings in the city, designed the library in the Classical Revival style. The projecting front entrance of the building has an ornamented pediment supported by two columns and two wide brick pilasters. The building has a decorative cornice, and an ornamental frieze is located beneath the pediment and cornice at the entrance. The Works Progress Administration expanded the back of the library in 1939. The library operated until 1995, when it was replaced by a new building and purchased by the city's historical society.

Paso Robles Carnegie Library

Saturday, August 06, 2022

August 2022 Paso Robles - Day #4

Scrambling to get cleaned up and pack up the room, Sharon and I met Lee, Daniel and Morgan at the Cowgirl Cafe for breakfast. We had a very nice visit. It has been great to see the three of them and get a chance to spend some time with Lee over the last couple of days.

After breakfast, we made a quick stop at the hotel and then ended north. I don't think that I have driven the stretch of Highway 101 from Paso Robles to Salinas in more than thirty years (1990?).

We rolled up to Drew and Carmen's house in Orinda about 1:30 pm for a birthday party and house warming. The birthday party was originally scheduled for June, but was rescheduled in the aftermath of everyone getting COVID at Ricky's Celebration of Life.

Jack and Jason, as well as my sister Leeann and her husband Dean, showed up. We got a chance to meet Carmen's parents (Pam and Mike). It was a nice afternoon. Jack, Jason and I played Mario Kart towards the end of the afternoon. We ended up staying longer than we planned.

We had made a decision to not stay Saturday night in the bay area. Leaving Orinda about 7 pm, we were back in Carmichael about 8:30 pm.

Lee at the Cowgirl Cafe

Friday, August 05, 2022

August 2022 Paso Robles - Day #3

Up early, Sharon and I did a short walk around the downtown. The City Park includes a historic Carnegie Library. Back at the room, we got cleaned up and started packing up the room. Sharon wasn't able to book three nights at the La Chavel Hotel so we are changing hotels for tonight. The La Chavel Hotel turned out to be a little disappointing; more on that in a future post.

We had breakfast at hotel and then packed up the car. The plan for the day was to spend the morning with Lee. Talking to Hailey yesterday, she recommended the zoo in Atascedero. Scooping Lee up about 9:15 am, we headed to the Charles Paddock Zoo.

It was a perfect venue for Lee. It took us about an hour and fifteen minutes to tour the small zoo and pick out a stuffed flamingo in the gift shop.

Heading back to Paso Robles, we had lunch at Roots on Railroad at The Backyard on Thirteenth. I had an Ahi Poke Bowl, Sharon had a Smash Burger and Lee had a kids hot dog.

After dropping Lee off, we headed to the Courtyard Marriot in Paso Robles. We are staying one night on points. They didn't have a room ready for early check-in.

Using a list from her friends in the Templeton office, Sharon and I spent the afternoon wine tasting. The first stop was Brecon Estate. Looking for somewhere with a view, the second stop was Calcareous Vineyard. While it had a great view, the server forgot about us. Sharon had to go hunt him down. We did end up with the tasting and some food comped.
After checking into the hotel and getting settled, we headed to Sensorio. This was on a list of things to do from the La Cheval Hotel. I made a huge tactical error by not dressing warming enough... Huddling near some firepits in the VIP area, we had a chicken burrito from a food truck for dinner.

I really enjoyed walking the site; it was very cool! I highly recommend a visit. There is an article about the show in the New York Times here.

Thursday, August 04, 2022

August 2022 Paso Robles - Day #2

Up fairly early, we wandered downtown Paso Robles. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a nice area with lots of resturants, shops and bars. I exceeded my expectations.

We had breakfast in the Pony Club at the hotel. It is included with the room.

Afterward breakfast, we got cleaned up. I did an hour call with my enterprise directors and managers to review the changes announced late Wednesday.

Since Sharon retired earlier this year, she has talked about making a trip down the coast to visit a number of people, including the people that she worked with at the Templeton Fa/rm Credit West office. The plan for the day was to meet up with a group for lunch and a wine tasting.

We spent some time visiting at the Templeton office. Eventually, we loaded up a vehicle with the five of us (Ryan, Hailey, Amanda, Sharon and I) and headed to Opolo Vineyards. We had a leisurely lunch and wine tasting. At one point, one of the owners joined us.

At lunch, I mentioned how Drew and Carmen were renting Johnny Weissmuller's summer home in Orinda. No one knew who Weissmuller was; that made me feel old...

By the time we got back to the room, it was after 3:30 pm. Sharon and I took a short nap.

In the late afternoon, we wandered into the downtown. There was concert going on in the square. We had a drink at The Alchemists' Garden. We made a short stop back at the hotel. Afterwards, we had a glass of wine at the Serial Wines Tasting Room.

We finished the night with dinner at Thomas Hill Organics. As a starter, we split the Farmer's Market Burrata. For entrees, Sharon had the Petite Filet [mushroom risotto, calabrian broccolini salad, italian salsa verde], while I had Lamb Ragu [pappardelle, braised lamb, sofrito, pecorino, basil].

Wandering back through the square, we crashed very early.

Wednesday, August 03, 2022

August 2022 Paso Robles - Day #1

Ever since Lee, Daniel and Morgan moved to Paso Robles in May, Sharon and I have been plotting a long weekend on the Central Coast. Wednesday morning, we rolled from the house about 8 am. We dropped Tiber at Best Friends. With Sharon driving, I spent much of the morning in meetings. I used Teams running on my iPad with my iPhone as a hot spot. I was shocked at how well this worked.

With two short stops, it took us about four and a half hours. Sharon made a reservation for a wine tasting and lunch at Barton Family Estates. Although warm, we had a nice tasting outside. Sharon and I both had a PASO CHOPPED SALAD [romaine, green onions, chickpeas, queso fresco, tomatoes, corn, cilantro, watermelon radish, coriander vinaigrette, butter flour tortilla].

After a leisurely lunch, we drove into Paso Robles. We are spending two nights at the La Cheval Hotel. I did a difficult work meeting from the room.

We met Lee, Daniel and Morgan for an early dinner at TASTE! craft eatery on the square in downtown. I really enjoyed having a chance to spend time with them!

The menu was complicated. You choose two, three or four things to combine into an entree.

After dinner, we walked across the square to get some ice cream at the Negranti Creamery. The kids headed home. Checking out a couple of places around the square for the next two nights, Sharon and I finished the day with a glass of wine in the Pony Bar and Lounge at the hotel.

Tuesday, August 02, 2022

The Last Movie Stars

Last Friday night, Sharon and I finished watching The Last Movie Stars. The Last Movie Stars is a six-part documentary from CNN Films and HBO Max that chronicles Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward's iconic careers and decades-long partnership. The marriage spanned 50 years and was often cited as one of the great Hollywood successful marriages and love stories.

The Last Movie Stars is a limited documentary series created and directed by Ethan Hawke. After discovering transcripts of interviews conducted at Paul Newman's request for an abandoned memoir project, a daughter of Newman and Joanne Woodward asked Hawke to tell their story. Hawke assembled actors to read pieces of the interviews. The interviews were conducted and edited by writer Stewart Stern. Newman burned the original tapes of the interviews.

This is an interesting documentary. It mixes the original interviews with footage from Newman and Woodward's films. They did 17 films together!?! We will end up watching several of the films in the future.