Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Innovations in Healthcare IT

Steve Wike and I attended a Cisco Executive Briefing in San Jose titled Innvovations in Healhcare IT. The attendees at the briefing also include Lee and Sean from other Sutter Affiliates and a busload of Kaiser employees. The agenda included an update of Cisco’s vision for Connected Health, Healthcare Innovation Imperative at Alameda County Medical Center and Healthcare Innovation at Poudre Valley Health System.

Technologies demonstrated included using IP video to provide interpretation services in multiple languages; enabling clinicians with mobility services; employing IP-based voice and video for collaborative healthcare; and implementing Medical Grade Networks to support state-of-the-art new medical centers.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

2007 Pinewood Derby

I volunteered to help set-up for the Pinewood Derby. Jack and I got to the hall about 11:30 a.m. It took a group of us about an hour and 20 minutes to put-together the track, connect all of the electronics and set-up the room.

Two years ago, our pinewood derby car was a disaster. Last year, we did better; we finished third out of seven cars in our den. Our goal for this year was to try and finish in the top two in our den so that we could advance to the regionals.

Our experience over the last two years and the work of the last two weeks paid off. Jack's car was extremely fast. His car took first place in the den! The car won several races by two or more car lengths.

At the end of all the den races, they took the top two cars from each den and had a grand champion race. Jack's car won! Out of almost 25 cars, we had the fastest car and ended up as the pack champion.

By the time, we tore everything down and cleaned up the hall it was almost 5:30 p.m. It was a long afternoon.

2007 Pinewood Derby Pic 1


2007 Pinewood Derby Pic 2


2007 Pinewood Derby Pic 3


2007 Pinewood Derby Pic 4


2007 Pinewood Derby Pic 5


2007 Pinewood Derby Pic 6


2007 Pinewood Derby Day 13

Moblog 2007 Pinewood Derby

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Jesuit High School Crab Feed

Sharon and I went with Tommy, Becky, Timmy, Kathy, Ernie and Erlene to the Jesuit High School Crab Feed.

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 12

2007 Basketball Game 3

Jack played in his third Little Dribblers Basketball game of the 2007 season. The game was played at Our Lady of Assumption in Carmichael. This was probably his best game of the season so far. Jack scored 16 of the 66 points that the team scored. Although he hit two outside shoots, most of the points he scored were lay-ups. Jack also had several very nice assists.



Friday, January 26, 2007

Desperate Housewives Season One

Once we get Jack to bed, Sharon and I will often watch something that we have TIVOed or have on DVD. Over the last couple months, we have been watching a couple episodes of the first season of Desperate Housewives every week. We finished up watching the first season tonight.

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 11


With the low profile shape of the car, I was worried that we would not be able to get enough lead into it to get it to 5 ounces. As a result, I ordered some Tungsten off the internet. Tungsten has a density of 1.7 times lead.

2007 Indoor Soccer Game 2

Jack played in his second game of the winter indoor soccer season. His team jumped out to a 5 to 0 lead in the first ten minutes and cruised to a 9 to 1 victory.

Jack played goalie for the entire first half. He had six saves, including one that I did not think that he was going to be able to stop. In the second half, Jack played midfielder and forward. He had two assists. One of the assists was as good a pass as I have seen this year. From the left wing, Jack made a long pass to one of his teammates running down the center of the field who banged it in from about 15 yards out.

Their record is now 3 wins and 0 losses.


After the game, we stopped and had dinner at Mikuni's Sushi in Elk Grove.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

CA Historical Landmark #81

Landing Place of
Captain J. B. Montgomery
California State Historical Landmark #81
See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr See this location on Google Maps
This landmark is located at 552 Montgomery Street in San Francisco, California. There are 48 other California State Historical Landmarks in San Francisco County.
On July 9, 1846, in the early morning in the days when the water came up to Montgomery Street, Commander John B. Montgomery - for whom Montgomery Street was named - landed near this spot from the U-S-Sloop-Of-War "Portsmouth" to raise the stars and stripes on the plaza, now Portsmouth Square, one block to the west. Tablet placed by the Native Sons of the Golden West. 1915
Seventy years after the American Revolution, Yerba Buena was a remote Mexican pueblo of about 450 souls. This changed on July 9, 1846, when the United States warship Portsmouth anchored in Yerba Buena Cove, and Captain John B. Montgomery rowed ashore with a small detachment of sailors and marines to raise the American flag in the plaza. Captain Montgomery appointed his Spanish-speaking lieutenant, Washington Bartlett, as the first American alcalde of Yerba Buena. The alcalde renamed the pueblo San Francisco in a ordinance dated January 30, 1847 (see below). The drawing by Parker Hall shows boats rowing toward today's Montgomery Street between Washington and Clay. The Plaza became Portsmouth Square, named for the warship, and was the center of Gold Rush California. Fed with gold, little Montgomery Street rapidly grew up to become the Wall Street of the West. AN ORDINANCE Whereas, the local name of Yerba Buena, as applied to the settlement or town of San Francisco, is unknown beyond the district; and has been applied from the local name of the cove, on which the town is built; Therefore, to prevent confusion and mistakes in public documents, and that the town may have the advantage of the name given on the public map, IT IS HEREBY ORDAINED, that the name of SAN FRANCISCO shall hereafter be used in all official communications and public documents, or records appertaining to the town. Wash'n A. Bartlett Chief Magistrate

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 10


In addition to more sanding and putting a coat of primer on the car, Jack and I worked on machining the axles. We used wet/dry sandpaper and a drill to smooth the axles and then used pumice to polish them. On Monday night, we sanded the seam off the wheels. In the previous two years, we did not do anything to the wheels or axles.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Birthday Photo Album

Thanks to Larkin and Brun, I ended up with almost 200 pictures from the birthday party. I sorted through those and ended up with 42 pictures which provide a great overview and timeline of the evening.

The only casualty of the evening was Drew's cap. I called the limo company to see if they had found it to no avail. I am sure that it has joined the flea market in Mexicali of the stuff that gets left in limos!

Thank you to everyone who was there for making it a great evening!

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 9

Due to Sharon's birthday, Jack and I did not work on the car yesterday. We spent a lot of time tonight sanding it tonight. Looking at the pictures, we have made good progress over the last couple of days.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Celebrating Sharon's Birthday!

For her birthday, Sharon requested that I make her Fettucuni Alfredo for dinner. Afterwards, we had a German chocolate cake that Jack and I had made on Monday night and presents. After spending yesterday cross country skiing and going to the Kings game and today in the bay area for a MCLE class, Sharon ran out of gas and crashed early.

Sharon's Birthday

Monday, January 22, 2007

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 7


2007 Kings versus Nets

After spending the day cross country skiing at Royal Gorge, Sharon went to the Sacramento Kings versus New Jersey Nets basketball game with her brother Tim. Trailing by 20 points in the third quarter, the Kings fought back to win the game by a score of 88 to 87.

After scoring only one point through the first three quarters, Bibby scored the last fifteen points of the game. Running the treadmill and watching the last 7 minutes of the game, it seems like most of Bibby's points were made playing one-on-one basketball; I still do not see any signs of a coherent offense.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 6


Riverside Clubhouse

Kicking off the festivities for Sharon's birthday, we went to the Riverside Clubhouse for brunch. Sharon really wanted Huevos Rancheros, while I had the Breakfast Burrito. The food was solid, but not great. The service was poor.

After brunch, we stopped by Kim and Brun's house. Brun had taken pictures during the birthday party last weekend. He had a set of more than 100 pictures. I will be working to combine these with Larkin's and Matt's pictures to put together a photo album from the event. We finished our visit walking through the new house that they are building in River Park.

See this location on Google Maps

Saturday, January 20, 2007

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 5

2007 Basketball Game 2

We went to Jack's second Little Dribbler's basketball game of the season. Unfortunately, the other team did not show up. Jack's team has 17 kids so they split the team into half and ran a scrimmage for an hour. I refereed.

National Register of Historic Places

National Register of Historic Places

Juneau County, Alaska

Maricopa County, Arizona
Pima County, Arizona

Amador County, California
Calaveras County, California
El Dorado County, California
Napa County, California
Sacramento County, California
San Francisco County, California
Stanislaus County, California

Santa Fe County, New Mexico
Taos County, New Mexico

Kitsap County, Washington
Spokane County, Washington

Napa County CA Historic Places

Napa County
National Register of Historic Places
{GPS Coordinates of Site Location}

1975000508 Nichelini Winery - [map] - {38.4989,-122.29377}
1978000728 French Laundry - [map] - {38.40431,-122.36523}
1982002219 Groezinger Wine Cellars - [map] - {38.40223,-122.36199}
1991001384 Rovegno House - [map] - {38.40556,-122.36636}

Friday, January 19, 2007

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 4

Jack and I made a long cut along the top of the block, essentially splitting the block in half, and then started shaping the front.

French Laundry

French Laundry
National Register of Historic Places #1978000728

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
See this location on Google Maps

This historic place is located at 6640 Washington Street in the city of Yountville, the county of Napa, California.

The French Laundry, a 1600 square foot structure, constructed from river rock and timbers, was built in 1900 by Scottish stonesman Gus Clark for Frenchman Pierre Guillaume. It was built as a saloon, however, a 1906 state law forbidding the sale of alcohol within a mile of the Veterans Home precipitated Guillaume's sale of the building.

After the sale and at times during it history, the building has served as a residence and at one point, a brothel. During the 1920's, it was owned by John B. Lande and his wife, who operated a "French Steam Laundry," the "French," because of the high degree of skill associated with the service.

In 1978, Don Schmitt, a longtime resident and town major, with his wife Sally, renovated the decrepit structure into a one-seating, fixed-menu restaurant. In 1994, Chef Thomas Keller purchased the restaurant.

2007 Indoor Soccer Game 1

Jack played in his first game of the 2007 winter indoor soccer season. He missed the team's first game two weeks ago because he was under the weather and last week they had a bye. His team--the Cobra's--won by the score of 6 to 0.

The team won two weeks ago and their record is 2 wins and 0 losses. Based on the standings, it looks like they are going to play a tough team next week.

2007 Indoor Soccer Game 1 pic 2

2007 Indoor Soccer Game 1 pic 1

Marty Mac's world

I have complained repeatedly over the last three months about what I view as the lack of any kind of a offensive scheme from the Kings. I could not agree more with Marty MacNeal's quote in his column in the Sacramento Bee yesterday.

Marty Mac's world: Who makes the call? No one is answering
The fact that Musselman has not exactly been an X's and O's genius in putting together an offense of significance doesn't weigh well for him...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 3


Jack and I worked on drilling and chiseling out the wells to hold lead weights in the bottom of the car.

Drew at Staples Center

Drew called from the Staples Center. He was there watching the Los Angeles Kings play the St. Louis Blues in hockey. He remarked that now he knows why the Maloofs want a new arena; Arco Arena is a dive compared to the Staples Center.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 2


Gigapixel Panoramas

Listening to PRI's Geo-Quiz podcast this morning about a Nicaraguan Volcano, they talked about Gigapan technology. This technology allows the capture of gigapixel panoramas with most off-the-shelf digital cameras. The podcast indicated that the consumer version would be available soon for about $200.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

2007 Pinewood Derby Day 1

Jack and I spent some time surfing the internet looking for some plans for this year's pinewood derby car. In 2005, we created a car design ourselves and it was a complete disaster. In 2006, we used a template for a design that we found for free on the internet. Last year's car was very competitive and placed third out of eight cars in his den. This year, I spent a little money and actually bought a booklet with instructions, templates and tips. Our goal is to place second in the den so that we can advance to the regional competition.

Pistons welcome Webber -Pistons welcome Webber back to hometown team
The Detroit Pistons hope Chris Webber can do for them what Rasheed Wallace did in 2004, come on board midseason and spark a run to an NBA championship.
I saw Weber play in person against the Kings in late December. I said at the time that he looked very ordinary. His skills have deteriorated significantly since his heydays with the Kings. It is hard for me to believe that he can "spark a run to an NBA championship."

Monday, January 15, 2007

January Bear Den Meeting

Jack and I went to the January meeting of his Bear Cub Scout Den. The boys worked on all of the requirements for their geology belt loop. The requirements included: defining geology; defining and categorizing igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic rocks; explaining how each was formed, and; explaining the difference between a rock and a mineral.

They also completed achievements 3b, 17d and 19c towards their Bear badges. Using a computer, each scout identified two United States polar explorers and shared with the den their anmes and something interesting they learned about the person. They also made a carving using a butter knife and a bar of ivory soap of an animal from the North or South Pole.

Moblog January Bear Den Meeting

Sacramento Zoo

Sharon, Jack and I spent the afternoon at the Sacramento Zoo.

Moblog Sacramento Zoo

Pictures from Larkin

Larkin posted almost 80 pictures from the party on Saturday night. Once I get pictures from the Bell's and Brun, I will put together a large album.



Over the Hedge

Sharon, Jack and I watched Over the Hedge on Directv pay per view.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Birthday Party

Sharon and I threw for a party for my birthday. We started at the house with champagne, beer and hors d'oeuvres. The group then headed towards Davis and for a short stop at Sophia's Thai Kitchen. From there, we headed to the Buckhorn Steak & Roadhouse in Winters where we had reserved the banquet room. After dinner, we headed back to the house for cake and presents.

We had a great group of people, including: Tom and Becky Frame, Tim and Kathy Frame, Jim Dunn, Joe and Kim DiGiorgio, Matt and Sherry Bell, Joe Larkin, Jeff and Anita Boone, Philip and Marlene Sanborn, John and Deborah Cunningham, John and Jill Wallen, John and Julie Tomasin, Kurt and Joy Snipes, Janie Diagle, Greg Chabrier and Drew.

It was a wonderful evening.

I did not carry the camera! Matt, Brun and Joe were all taking pictures so at some point I will put a photo album from the event.

2007 Basketball Game 1

Jack played in his first Little Dribbler's basketball game of the 2007 season. Drew went with us to the game at Holy Spirit. Jack played very well. He scored 12 of the 48 points that his team scored. He had one very nice assist in transition. After the game, one of the coaches came up to us complimented Jack's play.


23 degrees

In the six and a half years that we have lived in Elk Grove, the lowest temperature I have seen was 28 degrees.

It is 23 degrees this morning!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Table 260 Again

With a birthday party planned for tomorrow, Drew flew up from Irvine and the Wallens flew down from Seattle. After John and Jill checked into the hotel, all of us ended up going to dinner at Table 260 in Elk Grove. We were surprised when a band set up and started playing blues. The food was good.

After dinner, Drew, John and I wandered next store to the Black Horse Pub & Grill for drink. The three of us ended the night walking back to our house from the Black Horse.

California Historical Landmark #654-1

Chevra Kaddisha
Home of Peace Cemetery

California State Historical Landmark #654-1

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
See this location on Google Maps

This landmark is listed as located at 3230 J Street in Sacramento, California. There is no marker or plaque. Additionally, there are no buildings at that address; the numbers skip from 3200 to 3246. There are 57 other California State Historical Landmarks in Sacramento County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 38° 34.324 W 121° 27.781.

You can log your visit to this landmark at

This site was the first Jewish cemetery in California. On November 12, 1850, R. J. Watson gave a Deed of Trust to Louis Schaul: 'Lot number four in the square between thirty-second and thirty-third and J and K Streets . . . for the Sacramento City Hebrew Association for a burial ground.'

Thursday, January 11, 2007

First Basketball Practice

Jack is starting his third season of Little Dribbler's Basketball. The first practice was this afternoon and the first game will be this weekend.

Moblog 1st Basketball Practice

Road Trip down the Coast

Sharon and Liz took off Monday for a road trip down the coast. Monday, they wine tasted their way to Cambria. Tuesday, they toured Hearst Castle and then headed to Santa Barbara. Wednesday, they wandered around Santa Barbara including touring the Mission and renting bikes for a ride along the beach. Today, they will be winding their way back.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

2007 Kings versus Cavs

Jack and I went to the Sacramento Kings versus Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game. After leading 53 to 38 at halftime, the Kings were outscored 37 to 17 in the fourth quarter and went on to lose by the score of 108 to 98. This is at least the third game I have seen this year where the Kings had a 10 to 20 point lead in the third quarter and ended up losing badly. The Kings now have 2 wins and 5 losses in games that I have seen this season.

LeBron exploded in the second half and ended up with 34 points on 14 for 26 from the field. Larkin and I saw him play his first professional game at Arco Arena in October of 2003.

In the concourse before the game, we ran into Mary Kessler. I do not believe that I have seen Mary since the picnic that Norma organized in September of 2003.

Apple TV

When the Apple Store came back up after Jobs' keynote speech at MacWorld, I ordered an Apple TV. The electronic receipt that I got back says that it is shipping February 28 for delivery on March 5.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

2007 Kings versus Trailbazers

Jack and I went to the Sacramento Kings versus Portland Trailbazers basketball game. The Kings lost their second straight game in overtime by a score of 110 to 105.

It is very frustrating to watch the Kings at this point. It seems like they have some nice individual parts, but that the parts do not mesh together to make a strong working machine. The best analogy that I can use is that it is like 2 plus 3 equaling 4 when it should equal 5.

Friday, January 05, 2007

1679.8 miles

One of my six goals for 2006 was to get myself in shape to run the American River 50 in April of 2007. In 2005, I ran slightly less than 1,630 miles. Even with essentially two weeks off during our trip to France, I covered almost 1,680 miles in 2006. This included three 10ks (Run Against Pain, Run 4 Independence and Run to Feed the Hungry), one half-marathon (Cowtown half-marathon) and one marathon (California International Marathon). Overall, I give myself a B+ grade in my effort to prepare for the 50 miler in April. I just wish my hamstrings and hips felt a little better!

For 2007, my goals include competing in the American River 50, starting to cross train in May and maintaining a consistent strength training regiment.

Weekly Distance Totals (miles)
Jan 1, 2006, to Dec 31, 2006

Jan 1, 2006  36.15
Jan 8, 2006  34.43
Jan 15, 2006  39.87
Jan 22, 2006  40.79
Jan 29, 2006  37.84
Feb 5, 2006  38.59
Feb 12, 2006  40
Feb 19, 2006  34.04
Feb 26, 2006  29.83
Mar 5, 2006  32.64
Mar 12, 2006  40.66
Mar 19, 2006  35.77
Mar 26, 2006  36
Apr 2, 2006  37.23
Apr 9, 2006  31.28
Apr 16, 2006  23.81
Apr 23, 2006  38.36
Apr 30, 2006  32.27
May 7, 2006  38.15
May 14, 2006  34.93
May 21, 2006  28.77
May 28, 2006  38.04
Jun 4, 2006  26.99
Jun 11, 2006  45.14
Jun 18, 2006  35.43
Jun 25, 2006  39.36
Jul 2, 2006  25.32
Jul 9, 2006  0.01
Jul 16, 2006  2.75
Jul 23, 2006  30.58
Jul 30, 2006  20.58
Aug 6, 2006  33.29
Aug 13, 2006  36.95
Aug 20, 2006  40.48
Aug 27, 2006  32.07
Sep 3, 2006  32.90
Sep 10, 2006  37.06
Sep 17, 2006  35.56
Sep 24, 2006  25.10
Oct 1, 2006  36.21
Oct 8, 2006  22.96
Oct 15, 2006  34.99
Oct 22, 2006  32.33
Oct 29, 2006  34.80
Nov 5, 2006  30.17
Nov 12, 2006  31.96
Nov 19, 2006  31.20
Nov 26, 2006  20.11
Dec 3, 2006  39.77
Dec 10, 2006  26.59
Dec 17, 2006  26.83
Dec 24, 2006  29.78
Dec 31, 2006  8.08