Saturday, April 30, 2022

2022 Todos Santos - Day #3

Up early, I shamed Wallen into an early morning run. For forty plus years, I have said that one of the reasons that I train so hard is so that I can run with Wallen a couple of times a year. We ended up running and walking about 3.6 miles in 52 minutes. Wallen's hip started to brother him so we walked the last mile.

We ended up at Las Tunas Coffee Shop just as it opened at 8 am. Grabbing a table, Sharon, Jill and Elle drove up a few minutes later. Scott, Gail and their son Matt eventually walked up. Both Sharon and I had hot cakes.

Wallen, Sharon and I wandered about a mile back from the coffee shop to the Wallen's house. While Jill and Sharon watched My Octopus Teacher, Wallen and I facetimed with Nooter. It sounds like he is going to come to Bachman's celebration of life.

The four of us headed into town about noon. Wallen and I camped at Todos Santos Brewing, while the girls went jewlery shopping. We ended up having lunch at the brew pub. I had a Todos Santos Burger [Fresh ground local beef, fresh lettuce and tomato, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, and bacon], while Sharon had fish and chips.

We had a lazy late afternoon, Sharon took a nap. I took a dip in the pool and started a new book: Sooley by John Grisham.
In the late afternoon, we headed to a potluck birthday party for one of the Wallens neighbors. It was a group of 40 plus people, almost all Americans living in Todos Santos.

Sharon and Elle ended up playing bocce ball as a team. They bested all comers and took home the prize. Heading back to the house, we crashed fairly early.

Friday, April 29, 2022

2022 Todos Santos - Day #2

I was up fairly early. I spent some time reading my book in the kitchen and trying to figure out how to the start the coffe pot.

Eventually, Sharon, Wallen, Elle and I took a long walk south along the beach. We covered 3.6 miles in just under an hour and forty minutes.

Wallen fixed a late breakfast for the group. After gettting cleaned up, we headed into Todos Santos to get money and do some shopping.

We headed north to The Green Room for a late lunch. I had Shipwreck tacos [Caribbean chili stuffed with cheese, gusanillo style octopus and shrimp, with roasted vegetables garnished with mixed sprouts and a garlic aioli], while Sharon had Magbay tostada [Fried corn tostada, fresh tuna slices, shrimp with grilled vegetables, drizzled with chile morita and fresh guacamole]. Several miles north of Todos Santos on a dirt road, the restaurant is an interesting spot that seems like the end of the world.

We spent a lazy afternoon hanging out in the back yard. As I told Drew, we were just chillin'. The backyard is a wonderful oasis. I finished reading my book: A Life Of Picasso: The Minotaur Years: 1933-1943.

John, Jill, Sharon and I spent a long time on the rooftop with gin and tonics.

Wallen made flank steak for a late dinner. Afterwards, Sharon, John and I went back up on the roof to look at the stars. Sharon and John spent a long time solving the world's problem. I wandered down the end of Mulan with Jill and Elle. We crashed about 11 pm.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

2022 Todos Santos - Day #1

Up at 4:15 am, Sharon and I rolled from the house at 5:15 am. We caught a 7:15 am Southwest Flight from Sacramento to Orange County. Boarding with A30 and A31, we were able to get the two seat exit row on a 737-700.

With a two hour layover in Orange County, we had breakfast at Ducks Breakaway [vegetarian omletts]. We caught a 10:45 am Southwest flight to Cabo San Lucas. Boarding with A50 and A51, we were able to get the middle and window in the nice exit row. As I have said before, I just don't understand why people don't pay more attention to the exit rows on Southwest flights.

It was an easy two hour flight. We were on the ground in Cabo by 2:00 pm. Getting through passport control and customs was fairly easy. I had forgotten what it is like coming out of customs in a Mexican airport. There are a million people trying to grab you and sell you something.

Eventually, we hooked up with the Hertz representative. After a quick shuttle ride, we picked up the VW SUV. Taking the toll road around Cabo, we headed to Todos Santos. I was surprised how long it took; the drive was almost an hour and twenty minutes.

With one wrong turn, we rolled up to the Wallen's house about 4:30 pm. We are spending four nights with them. They built a house in Todos Santos that was finished in late 2020.

After getting settled in and visiting for a while, we wandered down to Scott and Gail's house. We spent some more time visiting there before the six of us headed to dinner.

We had dinner at Los Adobes de Todos Santos. Both Sharon and I had the catch of day, yellowfin. After an early start to the day, we crashed early.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

California Historical Landmark #408

While we were in San Francisco in December, I did a walkabout and found eight different California Historical Markers, including: #88 Niantic Hotel; #90 Fort Gunnybags; #462 Site of First Jewish Religious Services in San Francisco; #408 Site of the the first Meeting of Freemasons held in California; #453 Lucas, Turner & Co. Bank; #192 El Dorado, Park House and Dennison's Exchange; #500 Site of the Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad; and, #119 PORTSMOUTH PLAZA.

Site of the the first Meeting of Freemasons held in California
California State Historical Landmark #408

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
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This landmark is located at 728 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California. There are 48 other California State Historical Landmarks in San Francisco County. The GPS coordinates for this location are 37° 47' 45.7" N 122° 24' 12.3" W.

California Historical Landmark #408
On November 9, 1848, a charter was granted by the Grand Lodge of the District of Columbia for the organization of California Lodge No. 13, now California Lodge No. 1 of the Free and Accepted Masons. On November 23, 1848, Levi Stowell was appointed master of the new lodge, and on November 15, 1849, the lodge was formally organized under the charter.

The plaque is missing.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Wood Adjourns Assembly in Memory of Sebastopol Veterinarian

Chief Digital Officer

@dventist Health appoints chief digital officer
@dventist Health, a faith-inspired integrated healthcare system serving communities with more than 400 sites of care in California, Oregon and Hawaii, has appointed Jennifer Stemmler as chief digital officer. She will be responsible for building and delivering the company’s digital forward, consumer-centric transformation designed to create exceptional experiences for our providers, patients and consumers across the full care continuum. Stemmler will also lead information technology services, strategy and delivery for the enterprise, including accelerating innovation for @dventist Heath.

Prior to her new role, Stemmler most recently served as the consumer digital strategy executive and implemented many of @dventist Health’s first consumer digital solutions working with key partners. Previous roles have included leading several key strategic areas as part of @dventist Health’s Information Technology (IT) executive team, including the health system’s achievement of the highest award for CHIME’s Most Wired Level 8, representing the technology achievement of the top 20% of healthcare systems nationwide. Jennifer also led multidisciplinary teams to transition over 280+ ambulatory clinics from various systems and paper processes to Cerner Ambulatory, in close partnership with several key players.

Stemmler will work closely with Brett Spenst, senior finance and chief information officer and Jason Wells, chief strategy officer to accelerate the company’s digital and technology strategy and innovation, guided by @dventist Health’s growth and transformation objectives.

“Jennifer has been leading IT transformation projects at @dventist Health for the past nine years. From electronic medical record implementations to the development of our first IT strategic playbook, her approach is professional and authentic. We’re thrilled she will lead the transformation of our IT strategy in this important space,” said Spenst.

“One of our core growth strategies is focused on the acceleration of the development of our consumer digital experiences,” said Wells. “It has been exciting to see Jennifer thrive during her leadership with the consumer digital experience this past year. Her promotion to chief digital officer is a tremendous boost for our organization and the millions we serve.”

Sunday, April 24, 2022

2022 Petersen Shootout - Day #3

Larkin and I were moving fairly early. We had breakfast at Katie's Country Kitchen in the hotel. Afterwards, we packed up the room and Larkin took off for home.

Jack slept late. Eventually, Drew and Jack had breakfast at the counter in the restaurant. I was surprised at the number of people in the restaurant and waiting for tables; it was empty when Larkin and I had breakfast.

The three of us were on the road just before 10 am. We took 88 to 89 to 50. With a short stop in Camino, we were back in Carmichael about 12:20 pm.

With Jack sleeping in the back, I had a nice visit with Drew on the drive home. With Drew in Orinda now, I am looking forward to having a chance to see him more often.

I really enjoyed having Jack and Drew on the trip. I always enjoy Larkin's company.

Saturday, April 23, 2022

2022 Petersen Shootout - Day #2

Up early, Larkin and I had breakfast in the hotel. Afterwards, we drove down to Raley's to get a few supplies for the day. When we got back, we swung by Rod's suite.

Jack and Drew slept late and had breakfast in the hotel. We scooped them up and headed towards the golf course about 10:45 am. The course for the day was Empire Ranch in Carson City. We have not played this course before. The format for the day was a shamble.

Uncharacteristcally, I decided not to hit any balls on the driving range; I was trying to save some of the wear and tear on my elbow. I struggled with my drives for several holes, but got things settled down. Even when I hit a solid drive, Jack and Larkin would out drive me by 10 to 20 yards. Taking advantage of their drives, I feel like I scored pretty well. I ended up with a 97, three pars and only one tripe bogey.
The course was in horrible shape. Someone said that it had been flooded with twenty feet of flood water about four or five years ago. The bartender took Jack that it was in the best shape in a long time!?! The weather warmed up enough in the afternoon that I actually took my top layer off.

Getting cleaned up back at the hotel, Larkin and I headed down to the banquet room and the hosted bar early. We grabbed a table of eight for our group plus Kevin's foursome.

I talked to Rod before the dinner because it seemed like there were a lot of new faces. As part of the initiation ritual, they ask first time players to tell a joke. A lot of people got up. Both Drew and Jack did a great job. Jack told the last joke of the night. He threw Rod under the bus with the punch line... I ended up winning $25 for Team Score (3rd place).

After the banquet dinner, the four of us spent some time wandering the casino floor. Drew played some video poker. While Jack hung out with the group until midnight, Larkin and I crashed before 11 pm.

Friday, April 22, 2022

2022 Petersen Shootout - Day #1

For the tenth time in thirteen years, Larkin and I played in the Petersen Shootout [2010, 2011, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021]. We missed 2013 when Rod kept moving the date around and it finally landed on a weekend when Sharon, Jack and I were in H@waii. In 2015, Larkin wasn't available. I signed up with Borja as my wingman, but when he canceled at the last minute, I bailed. In 2020, the original dates for the tournament were cancelled due to the pandemic. Rod ended up having a taking a smaller group in late July, but both Larkin and I were uncomfortable with the idea.

I starting talking last year about bringing Jack and Drew. We made it happen!

Drew spent Thursday night at our house. Drew, Jack and I rolled from Carmichael about 8:15 am. With a quick stop in Woodfords, we rolled up to the Genoa Lakes Golf Course at 11 am. In spite of the chains controls at Twin Bridges, we made fairly good time taking Highway 50 to 89 to 88.

Sitting at the bar eating a hot dog before the start, I had an odd mental experience. The song playing was Chris Isaak's Wild Game. She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and I had hung out in Genoa [December 1991?].

The shotgun start was at noon. Although I didn't play very well, I really enjoyed the day. I am still struggling with my elbow. I was really happy with how well Jack and Drew played. Jack took a lesson on Monday and was striking the ball very well. He is a much better athlete than I am. It got pretty windy and cold over the last few holes. I ended up shooting a liberally scored 113.
After golf, we headed to the Carson Valley Inn. The four of us walked to Khristopher's Ristorante for dinner. Larkin and I had a late dinner there in 2019. I had Chicken Fettucine, while Larkin had Lasagna. We ended up crashing fairly early.

Thursday, April 21, 2022

More Heringer Rules

At the dinner party in fall of 2019, Donna parroted something that I have counseling people for years.

She said, “like you always say,
don’t begrudge someone their success.
It will only make you crazy.
Big companies do things for lots and lots of different reasons."

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

The Sea Ranch Lodge Complex

We had dinner with the Larkins on on Day 8 of our Sea Ranch trip. After being closed for several years, we are glad to see the lodge back open!

The Sea Ranch Lodge Complex
See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
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This marker is located at 60 Sea Walk Drive, Annapolis, California. The Sea Ranch Archives Committee has identified twenty-six historic sites scattered about The Sea Ranch. They have constructed trail markers with information explaining the significance of each place. They were placed as part of The Sea Ranch 50th anniversary being celebrated from Memorial Day 2014 to Memorial Day 2015. Since then, a number of architecture and landscape markers have been added. The GPS coordinates for this location are 38° 40' 49.7" N 123° 25' 44.1" W.

The Sea Ranch Lodge Complex

The Marker Building behind you, as well as the Store and Post Office in front of you, were among the first structures built by the developer of The Sea Ranch. The store was later expanded to include a bar and restaurant, with guest rooms in a separate building. The complex demonstrates how a public facility can blend with the land rather than assert itself against the context like a billboard. The east facade of the main building carries the iconic ram's head logo by Barbara Stauffacher Solomon. Two barns from pre-Sea Ranch days still remain in the complex.

The Sea Ranch Lodge Complex

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Volvo XC60 T8 - Day 1,269

With 29,773 miles on the odmeter, I took the Volvo into the dealership on Monday for the 30,000 mile servicing. It continues to be hard for me to believe how few miles I am driving. In the last eight and a half months, I have only driven 4,175 miles. This works out to less than 500 miles a month. Working in Sonora and Napa in 2014, 2015 and 2016, I was driving more than 35,000 miles a year!

[Note to self], I need to post more regularly about the Volvo. Looking back, I have a gap of almost seven years between entries about the Lexus.

Monday, April 18, 2022

Beginning of Ordinary Time

Sunday morning, before we went to Tom's house for Easter dinner, I dragged the Easter boxes back from the storage shed. Sharon packed up the Easter decorations on Monday.

Over the last twenty plus years, Sharon and I have lived into a rhythm of decorating the house. Beginning Labor Day, Sharon starts to decorate the house with fall decorations. At Thanksgiving, we switch the house to Christmas decorations.

Sharon has started to accumulate more Valentines Day decorations that she puts up after we take down the Christmas decorations. After Valentines Day, the house transitions to Easter.

After we take the Easter decorations down, we have started calling it "Ordinary Time." This lasts about four months from Easter to Labor Day.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Easter 2022

Tiber, Sharon and I started the day with a long walk to Marlynn Street and back. This is an area that we haven't really explored.

In the early afternoon, we headed to Sharon's brother Tom's house for Easter dinner. The group totaled 12, including: Tom, Kevin, Leah, Lydia, Amelia, Eric, Ashley, Jim, Mary, Sharon, Jack and I. Morgan, Daniel and Lee were going to come, but Morgan was under the weather.

We had a very nice meal outside. The dinner included a honey baked ham, lamb, au gratin potatoes, aspargus and slug salad.

Sharon, Eric, Jim and Jack played bocce ball after dinner, while I sneaked in to watch some of the NBA playoff games. The last couple minutes of the Celtics versus Nets game was fanastic.

It was nice to get back to a larger Frame family holiday gathering.

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Gosford Park

Friday and Saturday night, Sharon and I watched Gosford Park. I stumbled on to the movie reading about Julian Fellowes after we finished watching the first season of The Glided Age.

Gosford Park is a 2001 satirical black comedy mystery film directed by Robert Altman and written by Julian Fellowes [The Glided Age, Downton Abbey]. The film stars an ensemble cast, which includes Eileen Atkins, Bob Balaban, Alan Bates, Charles Dance, Stephen Fry, Michael Gambon, Richard E. Grant, Derek Jacobi, Kelly Macdonald, Helen Mirren, Jeremy Northam, Clive Owen, Ryan Phillippe, Maggie Smith, Kristin Scott Thomas, and Emily Watson.

The story follows a party of wealthy Britons plus an American producer and their servants. They have gathered for a shooting weekend at Gosford Park, an English country house. A murder occurs after a dinner party. The film follows the subsequent investigation from the servants' and guests' perspectives.

Gosford Park was nominated for seven Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress for both Mirren and Smith. It won Best Original Screenplay.

When the movie ended, Sharon said "that was awful." I liked it more than she did. Given the number of characters, it was a little difficult to follow all of the subplots. We ended up turning on the subtitles in order to follow the dialogue. You can see the roots of Downton Abbey in the film. I only recommend it as a curiosity in the context of Jullian Fellowes career and Best Picture nominees.

Friday, April 15, 2022

Majka Pizzeria and Bakery

Clarksburg - Nebbiolo

The Heringer family has a long history of farming in Clarksburg and has begun setting the example for organic farming in the region. The Nebbiolo we make from their vineyard is one of the lightest and most varietally correct you will find in California. That being said, the five rows of Nebbiolo they have planted is quite different from what we see in Italy. The soils are much richer here in the delta, the weather is much warmer and the vines are pruned in a completely opposite way than what is the tradition in Italy. It’s trained on a quadrilateral cordon system and cropped at five tons to the acre.
Kicking off the Easter weekend, Sharon and I picked up a take-out pizza from Majka Pizzeria and Bakery. The three of us split two salads [arugula, quinoa, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, radish, pickled red onion, bulgarian feta, olive oil, lime juice, lots of heabs] and a pizza [bianco dinapoli tomatoes, baby savoy spinach, garlic, mozzarella, ricotta, parmigiano, evoo, basil]. The wine pairing was a Haarmeyer Wine Cellars 2021 Nebbiolo. The grapes were from Heringer Vineyards.

Sharon and I finished the day watching the first half of Gosford Park.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

1,358 miles

I finished 2021 more dinged up than any year in recent memory. My heel has brothered me since the Run to Feed the Hungry, I twisted my knee playing golf and then aggravated my hip trying to work myself back in shape after twisting my knee. Nevertheless, last year, I ended running, hiking and walking 1,358 miles plus covering 1,628 miles on the bike. Both of the results are up slightly from 2020. Building on the rhythm, I did 141 Peloton strength classes; this is up substantially from 2020. Incredibly, I played golf nineteen times. My main two goals for 2022 are even more Peloton strength classes combined with some yoga classes.

In 2020, my training routine changed radically in March when we started working from home. I ended up running, hiking and walking 1,339 miles; this is 25.7 miles a week. The difference was I almost doubled my miles on the Peloton bike. I covered 1,606 miles on the bike. The most miles I ever did on the old bike was 1,092 in 2013. Additionally, I did sixty-one Peleton weight classes; I am finally getting into a rhythm that includes a regular strength workout. My goal for 2021 is to double down on the strength classes and add a few more yoga classes. I only did six yoga classes in 2020. One side note, we played golf twelve times last year. This probably more golf than I have played in any year since the early 1980s when Nooter and Wallen were still living in Sacramento.

In 2019, I ran, hiked and walked 1,285 miles. This is fewest miles that I have logged in more than fifteen years. It is a little deceiving; I added 871 miles on the Peloton Bike. This is the most miles I have done on a bike since 2014. I have been trying to focus on a broader range of activities. To this end, I topped the move goal (900 calories) on my apple watch for 155 straight days in the last half to the year. I also did 761 push-ups and weights as part of the Peloton bike work-out 30 times. I am still struggling to incorporate a strength work-out into my regular routine... My goal for 2020 is to run and cycle more miles and do more push-ups and weight work-outs than 2019!

In 2018, I ran 1,605 miles and cycled 91 miles. My goal for the year was to average 30 miles a week. I ended up averaging 30.8 miles per week. It was the most miles that I have run in a year since 2011. In addition to the mileage goal, I focused on my weekly steps total. My goal was 140,000 steps a week. Essentially, I was running 30 plus miles a week and walking 30 plus miles a week. Finally, I finished the year with a string of more than 70 days meeting the move goal on my Apple watch (900 active calories). Combined all of this kept my weight in a nice range for last half of the year. I am switching my goals for 2019. With the purchase of the Peloton bike as a present for our anniversary, I am going to try to do more 1,000 miles on the bike in 2019. I have also started to do push-ups again; my goal is 3,000 push-ups in 2019.

In 2017, I ran 1,510 miles and cycled 131 miles. My physical challenge for the year was running 200 miles in July! My 2017 Run To Feed The Hungry time was the best since 2014. Unlike 2016, I finished the year feeling strong.

In 2016, I ran 1,340 miles and cycled 474 miles. This is the fewest miles that I have run in a year in at least the last eleven years. I struggled the last couple months of 2016. Between the new job, a couple of minor medical procedures, getting sick, settling Jack in Georgetown and a change in my routine from the last two and a half years, I lost a couple notches in my level of fitness. This was highlighted by embarrassing times during the Run to Feed the Hungry. Like the American River 50 in 2007, I looking for a physical challenge in 2017. I am toying with the idea of a 100 to 120 mile hike along a section of the Pacific Coast Trail in Northern California [Boreal Ridge on Highway 80 to Chester on Highway 36].

In 2015, I ran 1,604 miles and cycled 401 miles. My goal was to work out with weighs 52 times this year; I have failed over the last three years at my strength training goal.

In 2014, I ran 1,583 miles and cycled 886 miles. I averaged 30.4 miles running and 17.0 miles cycling every week! My goal was to restart a sit-up, push-up and light routine that I have done in the past. I failed in this goal.

In 2013, I ran 1,521 miles and cycled 1,092 miles. My goal for 2013 was to best both the running and the cycling totals. I accomplished the running goal. Additionally, I was going to try and lift at least 48 times (4 times a month) at Arden Hills. I failed in this goal.

In 2012, my goal was to start cross-training. I ran and hiked 1,441 miles. This included two full weeks off during the trip to Italy in the summer. Additionally, I cycled 1,133 miles. Most of this cycling was done on a stationary bike. I covered 1,016 miles virtually biking across America.

In 2011, I ran 1,763 miles. This seems impossible in a year that I took almost nine weeks of vacation!

In 2010, I ran 1,700 miles. This included two full weeks off during the trip to Spain in the summer.

In 2009, I ran 1,832 miles.

In 2008, I ran more than 1,925 miles!

In 2007, I ran 1,721 miles. This included successfully completing the American River 50.

In 2006, I ran slightly less than 1,680 miles.

In 2005, I ran slightly less than 1,630 miles.

On our trip to Florida in Summer of 2004, I started to play with the idea of running the American River 50 in April of 2007. I committed myself and started to train.

Wednesday, April 13, 2022

The Gilded Age - Season One

Sharon and I finished watching season one of The Glided Aged on HBOMax on the AppleTV.

The Gilded Age is a historical drama series created and written by Julian Fellowes. It is set in the United States during the boom years of the 1880s in New York City. In American history, the Gilded Age was an era extending roughly from 1870 to 1900. Nathan Lane appears as as Ward McAllister, arbiter of social rules and style.

Originally announced in 2018 for NBC, the series premiered on HBO on January 24, 2022. It includes nine episodes. In February 2022, the series was renewed for a second season.

Sharon and I both enjoyed the show. I was particularly intrigued because a large section of Anderson Cooper's book Vanderbilt: The Rise and Fall of an American Dynasty deals with the clash between the new rich and the old rich in the same time period. While some of the parts of the series are a little too soap operaish, I recommend the show.

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

In Memory of Dr. Richard Bachman

Animal Welfare and Shelter Medicine lost a pioneer this year, and we lost a dear friend and colleague. It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that I share the news of Dr. Bachman’s passing.

Dr. B (as we always addressed him) joined the Napa Humane team in 2013 as our Lead Veterinarian, with the goal of helping us expand our medical program. He was always energized by out-of-the-box thinking, and creating something out of nothing seemed to be his specialty.

One of his many passions was expanding the field of shelter medicine and mentoring aspiring veterinarians and Registered Veterinary Technicians (RVTs). As such, Dr. B introduced Napa Humane to many Veterinarians and RVTs and we built up a robust relief roster to better cover employee vacations and absences without having to cut back on our surgery schedule. Our mission and work depend on highly skilled Veterinarians and RVTs, but the nationwide Veterinarian and RVT shortage is reaching a crisis situation. While many clinics and hospitals are closing due to staffing shortages, Napa Humane is still going strong – thanks to Dr. B. We will forever be grateful to him for sharing his connections with Napa Humane and strengthening our Clinic.

A few years back he came to me and told me it was time for him to move on, because Napa Humane was a “well-oiled machine” and he felt that his skills were needed in Lake County, where they had no shelter veterinarian. Even after he had left Napa Humane, however, Dr. B continued to volunteer his time at our weekend Wellness Clinics, which aim to support our underserved, low-income, Spanish-speaking community. Just recently, he and I also talked about how he might help us create a program to encourage more people to become RVTs. I am crushed that he will not continue to be a part of the discussion as we continue down that path.

Dr. B devoted his life’s work to animals, and his impact has been significant. Napa County and many surrounding communities have benefited from his generous help, wise guidance, and unwavering support. His passing is truly a loss to the veterinary community, as well as all of us.

Everyone who knew Dr. B. is grieving his loss. I send my deepest condolences to his family, friends, and loved ones. You can read Dr. Bachman’s Legacy here.

Monday, April 11, 2022

The Sea Ranch Airstrip

We passed this marker on our hike with the Larkins on on Day 8 of our Sea Ranch trip.

The Sea Ranch Airstrip
See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
See this location on Google Maps

This marker is located on the Airstrip Trail along Annapolis Road, Sea Ranch, California. The Sea Ranch Archives Committee has identified twenty-six historic sites scattered about The Sea Ranch. They have constructed trail markers with information explaining the significance of each place. They were placed as part of The Sea Ranch 50th anniversary being celebrated from Memorial Day 2014 to Memorial Day 2015. Since then, a number of architecture and landscape markers have been added. The GPS coordinates for this location are 38° 42' 02.6" N 123° 25' 41.8" W.

The Sea Ranch Airstrip

This private airstrip, constructed by the developer as part of the original Sea Ranch site planning, is a meadow that may have once been used for grazing. The field enables airplane access to this remote location as an alternative to negotiating the tortuous curves of Highway One by car. The hangers were later designed as simple steel structures enclosed by wood siding that echo rural vernacular buildings.

The Sea Ranch Airstrip

Sunday, April 10, 2022

Teal Bend

Sharon and I played golf at Teal Bend with the Gainsleys. We played with them at this course in May of 2020. Sharon, Jack and I played here in 2005. There is a picture from 2005 here.

Sturggling with my right elbow, I felt awful on the driving range. Nevertheless, I ended up with a par on the first hole. Although I struggled on both of the par 5s on the front nine, I added three other bogeys in the first seven holes.

I ended up with a liberally scored 110. I continue to struggle with keeping my head and front shoulder down and my chipping. I sailed two gap wedges way over the greens...

Although we started the round with wind gusts of 20 plus miles and hour, it turned out to be a pretty nice day. After golf, the four of us had an early dinner at The Virgin Sturgeon. I had a smoked salmon salad, while Sharon had sturgeon.

Saturday, April 09, 2022

Thomas the Tank Engine Adventures with Lee

Lee, Morgan and Daniel came over for dinner. I got out one of the boxes of Thomas the Tank Engine stuff that we have. There is actually a whole second box of Thomas stuff!.

Sharon made a great dinner of Peruvian chicken and rice. Morgan and Daniel brought a Peruvian salad.

Friday, April 08, 2022

John Mulaney From Scratch Tour

Thursday night, Sharon and Jack had dinner at the 7th Street Standard. They had YUCCA FRIES & MUSSELS [White Wine, Butter, Chives, Shallots, Harissa, Mojo Aioli] and BAKED TOMA CHEESE [Citrus Mostarda, Grilled Sourdough, Arugula, Radish] as a starters. For entrees, Sharon had PAN SEARED PACIFIC SEABASS [Wilted Winter Greens, Lentils, Trinity Herbs, Shaved Radish, Nuoc Chom], while Jack had CHICKEN & DUMPLINGS [Butter Basted Skin on Breast, Heirloom Carrots, Cheddar & Chive Drop Biscuits, Peppercorn Gravy].

After dinner, they went to see John Mulaney at the Golden 1 Center in the From Scratch Tour. Phones, smart watches and other devices were not permitted in the performance space. Attendees had to check their phones in with Yondr. I am still trying to figure out who the opening acts were...

Thursday, April 07, 2022

Throwback Thursday - Ricky - 2011

At Surprise Stadium for a Texas Rangers versus Seattle Mariners spring training game, Ricky wandered off on a walkabout. When the game ended, he was nowhere to be found. Walking back to the car, we found Ricky standing on top of the car yelling “where are my people?” Love you, Ricky, miss you.

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

California Historical Landmark #462

While we were in San Francisco in December, I did a walkabout and found eight different California Historical Markers, including: #88 Niantic Hotel; #90 Fort Gunnybags; #462 Site of First Jewish Religious Services in San Francisco; #408 Site of the the first Meeting of Freemasons held in California; #453 Lucas, Turner & Co. Bank; #192 El Dorado, Park House and Dennison's Exchange; #500 Site of the Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad; and, #119 PORTSMOUTH PLAZA.

Site of First Jewish Religious Services in San Francisco
California State Historical Landmark #462

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
See this location on Google Maps

This landmark is located at 735 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California. There are 48 other California State Historical Landmarks in San Francisco County. The GPS coordinates for this location are 37° 47' 46.3" N 122° 24' 12.6" W.

California Historical Landmark #462

In a second floor room in a store which stood on this location, forty pioneers of Jewish faith gathered on Yom Kippur (5610) September 26, 1849, and participated in the first Jewish religious services in San Francisco.

California Historical Landmark #462

Tuesday, April 05, 2022

2022 Kings versus Pelicans

Tuesday evening, Larkin and I met for dinner at Polanco Cantina. I had Baja Fish Tacos [beer battered fresh local rock cod, chipotle crema, finely shredded cabbage, avocado and pico on four tortillas served with back beans]. Afterwards, we headed to the Sacramento Kings versus New Orleans Pelicans NBA basketball game. We were seated in section 126, row S, seats 5 and 6.

Outscored in every quarter, the Kings lost the game by the score of 123 to 109. Neither De'Aaron Fox or Domantas Sabonis played.

The high scorer for the Kings was Damian Jones. He had 22 points on 8 for 10 from the field, 1 for 1 from three and 5 for 5 from the free throw line. Jones was the 30th pick in the 2016 draft by Golden State.

The high scorer for the Pelicans was Jaxson Hayes. He had 23 points on 10 from 14 from the field, 2 for 3 from three and 1 for 3 from the free throw line. Hayes also had 12 rebounds. He was the 8th pick in the 2019 draft by Atlanta. CJ McCollum also had 23 points for the Pelicans.
The Pelicans are going to make the play-in tournament. Overall, I wasn't really very impressed with their team.

This was the last home game of the 2021-2022 season. The Kings have 1 win and 5 losses in games that I have seen in the 2021-2022 season.

The Kings have now missed the playoffs a NBA record 16 consecutive seasons. I went to the last Kings playoff game in May of 2006.

Sunday, April 03, 2022

Survivor: Pearl Islands (Season Seven)

Running on the treadmill over the last couple of months, I watched Survivor: Pearl Islands.

Survivor: Pearl Islands is the seventh season of the CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. It was filmed from June 23, 2003 through July 31, 2003. It premiered on September 18, 2003.

The season was filmed on the Pearl Islands. The season feels very different than recent seasons. At the start, the contestants thought that they were taking publicity photos, but instead had jump off the ship and swim ashore. In a village, they bought supplies and hired a boat to take them to their island. All of the challenges had a pirate culture theme.

The season included a number of notable players including Sandra Diaz-Twine, Rupert Boneham, Jon Dalton (Jonny Fairplay) and Andrew Savage. Office clerk Sandra Diaz-Twine defeated scoutmaster Lillian Morris in a 6–1 jury vote.

I know that I didn't see this season when it originally aired. Jack has talked a lot about Jonny Fairplay; I didn't realize that he made it to the final three. I am planning to start Survivor: Heros and Villians (Season 20) next. Both Rupert and Sandra appear in that season.

Saturday, April 02, 2022

Eric and Ashley's Wedding

Sharon and I went to Eric and Ashley's wedding at the Forethill Memorial Hall. It was a long day. Leaving the house about 2:30pm, we didn't get home until 11:30pm.