Friday, April 29, 2022

2022 Todos Santos - Day #2

I was up fairly early. I spent some time reading my book in the kitchen and trying to figure out how to the start the coffe pot.

Eventually, Sharon, Wallen, Elle and I took a long walk south along the beach. We covered 3.6 miles in just under an hour and forty minutes.

Wallen fixed a late breakfast for the group. After gettting cleaned up, we headed into Todos Santos to get money and do some shopping.

We headed north to The Green Room for a late lunch. I had Shipwreck tacos [Caribbean chili stuffed with cheese, gusanillo style octopus and shrimp, with roasted vegetables garnished with mixed sprouts and a garlic aioli], while Sharon had Magbay tostada [Fried corn tostada, fresh tuna slices, shrimp with grilled vegetables, drizzled with chile morita and fresh guacamole]. Several miles north of Todos Santos on a dirt road, the restaurant is an interesting spot that seems like the end of the world.

We spent a lazy afternoon hanging out in the back yard. As I told Drew, we were just chillin'. The backyard is a wonderful oasis. I finished reading my book: A Life Of Picasso: The Minotaur Years: 1933-1943.

John, Jill, Sharon and I spent a long time on the rooftop with gin and tonics.

Wallen made flank steak for a late dinner. Afterwards, Sharon, John and I went back up on the roof to look at the stars. Sharon and John spent a long time solving the world's problem. I wandered down the end of Mulan with Jill and Elle. We crashed about 11 pm.

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