Saturday, September 30, 2017

Larkin Ranch Hike

American River Canyon Hike

Maine Bar TrailAlmost four years ago, Sharon and I hiked with the Larkins and the Gainsley from the Larkin's property down into the canyon of the Middle Fork of the American River. At the time, I said that I would have loved to gone all the way down to the river.

Larkin and Cindy planned out a second hike for Saturday for the same group that dropped all the way to river. We left the Larkin's barn about 9:30 am. When we got to the river, there was actually a 50k from Foresthill to the Auburn Dam Overlook underway. The race was crossing the river at that point. We continued down river to Maine Bar for a leisurely lunch.

After lunch, we climbed out of the canyon. There were two pretty good hills: the Maine Bar Trail and the final section up to the Larkin's property. We stopped briefly at the memorial for Barbara Schooner.

American River Canyon Hike

In total, we covered 8.7 miles in six and a half hours. It was very nice hike. A map of the hike is here.

After the hike, we relaxed in the Larkin's pool house. We eventually cooked some steaks for dinner. It was late by the time we wandered home...

Friday, September 29, 2017


Finishing up a hectic week, Sharon and I had an early dinner at Serritella's. I had lasagna, while Sharon had veal.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie

My second book for September was Ancillary Mercy by Ann Leckie. This is the third book in a trilogy. I read the first book Ancillary Justice in November of 2014 and the second Ancillary Sword in May of 2016.

I finished the book on the flight to Burbank on Tuesday evening. I am now essentially reading everything on the Kindle app on my iPhone. While I have always viscerally loved the feel of real books, it is just too convenient to always have my book in my pocket.

Ancillary Mercy received the 2016 Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel. It was also nominated for the 2016 Hugo Award for Best Novel.

As I have said before, I read science fiction partly because I love to see how authors play with ideas about technology. This book concluding the trilogy plays with some interesting ideas about artificial intelligence.

While I enjoyed the first book, I was surprised that it won so many awards. I found the second and third books in the trilogy very pedestrian. I generously give this book a "B-". With so many great books to read, I don't recommend it...

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Back from SoCal

After spending the day working at the Glendale Hospital, I caught a 5:55 pm Southwest flight from Burbank back to Sacramento.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

To Burbank

Traveling for work, I caught a 5:30 pm Southwest Flight from Sacramento to Burbank. In spite of having A37, i didn't get an exit row. I spent one night at the Courtyard Los Angeles Burbank Airport. While I usually try to have dinner with Drew when I go to SoCal, this was a quick trip planned at the last minute...

Monday, September 25, 2017

Jack's 2017 Fall Semester Classes

ACCT 102 - Accounting II
This course is designed to give you, as a manager in a non-accounting job, the fundamental vocabulary, concepts and procedures to work with management accountants in an informed way to answer questions like these: How effectively are my actions linked with corporate strategy? What activities of mine are differentiating and add value? What are my commodity activities that either destroy value or waste resources? How do I analyze the way a cost is accumulated to make sure it is relevant to a specific decision I must make? How do organizational control and incentive systems affect the motivation levels and actions of people who report to me?

In short, understanding the fundamental vocabulary, concepts and procedures of management accounting will help you
a. grow revenues and profits while planning and controlling related expenses
b. manage risks
c. understand, measure and drive performance
MGMT 201 - Management & Org Behavior
This course is a comprehensive overview of the management process and organizational behavior from a behavioral and social science perspective. Topics include: management across cultures; managing with ethics and social responsibility; fundamentals of organizing; organizational culture and design; leadership; motivation; communication; interpersonal skills; teamwork and group dynamics; goal-setting; alternative work arrangements; power and politics; conflict and negotiation; managing change; and management development. Emphasis is on the analysis and understanding of human behavior in organizations.
STRT 265 - Business-Govt Relations
The "Business and Government Relations" is an alternative to Business Law in satisfying the "legal and political environment of business" requirement. The course is designed to prepare you for the time when you, as a senior manager of a business firm, will find your business activities being partly determined by government policies. Over the course of the semester, you will learn the Skills: to analyze normative arguments about what government and corporate policies ought to be; to analyze positive arguments regarding claims made about the effects of government policies on business; to understand the how and why of government policy-making; and to learn to "forecast" changes in government policy. You will develop Substantive Knowledge: of political institutions, here and abroad; of the effects of differing government policies on national industrial organization; and of the effects of business on government, in the United States and abroad. You will Reflect: on the appropriate role of corporations in the democratic political process; and on how your civic obligations should affect you in your role as a manager. The course readings will compare American political and business institutions with those of other democratic capitalist countries.
THEO 011 - Intro to Biblical Literature
Introduction to Biblical Literature promotes the close reading of ancient texts, first on their own terms and then in relation to how they have been interpreted over time and may be interpreted today. As such, IBL teaches students to think critically about what a text is, and how it functions for those who value it. Learning to read texts in context challenges students to question the assumptions they bring to biblical texts and to enter into an adventure of discovery of the Bible, its origins and significance over time. IBL asks students to become “strangers in a strange land” as they confront the various “distances” they experience when reading biblical texts. Meeting unfamiliar language, cultures, customs, mores, and ideas requires that students suspend their judgment about what they think they know and asks them to learn how to expect the unexpected, as they delve deeper and deeper into biblical literature and the worlds from which it emerged. In this way, IBL can be a very liberating experience for students and lays a foundation that they can rely on in other courses they will take in during their undergraduate years.
ARTH 102 - Renaissance to Modern Art
This course surveys the major achievements in western pictorial art, sculpture and architecture from the early Renaissance to the twentieth century. Students will develop skills in analyzing and interpreting original works of art.

Fall 2016 Semester
Spring 2017 Semester
Fall 2017 Semester
Spring 2018 Semester
Fall 2018 Semester
Spring 2019 Semester
Fall 2019 Semester
Spring 2020 Semester

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Rebecca L Frame Memorial Scottish Rules Bocce Ball Tournament

Sharon, Janie and I spent the afternoon at the 5th not-so-annual Bocce Ball tournament at Tom's house. More than 25 people showed up. There five initial flights, two semi-final matches and the finals. I made it into the semi-finals, but lost to Eric. Fittingly, Eric won the tournament.

At the Rebecca L Frame Memorial Scottish Rules Bocce Ball Tournament

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Arden Hills

Sharon and I had dinner in the restaurant at Arden Hills. We spilt a fig salad which Sharon wasn't crazy about and both had the burgers. The spin class instructor and her husband (Donna and Steve) came over to say hello. We spent part of the evening working on the October trip.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Song for 2010

There are a number of songs that are a staple on my running playlists. This is one of them. It is poignant because it makes me think about the people that have dropped out of my life due to death, life styles and geography.

The song for 2010 is If I Could See You One More Time by Marshall Tucker.

Other than Drew and Morgan, Marshall Tucker is the only band that has shown up twice in the Soundtrack for My Life so far.

You can find the work in progress Soundtrack for My Life here!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

House of Cards - Season Five

Sharon and I finished the fifth season of House of Cards on the Friday of Labor Day weekend. We finished season one in October of 2016, season two in November of 2016season three in April and season four in June. This season was originally released on May 30, 2017.

Season five follows the twisted events of Frank Underwood's (Kevin Spacey) reelection as President of the United States. The season ends with Frank's resignation as President. As Vice President, Claire Underwood (Robin Wright) then becomes President. The last episode closes with Claire staring towards the camera audience and coldly declaring: "My turn."

We have watched a lot of House of Cards over the last year. While I enjoyed season five, I don't think seasons four and five are as good as the first two seasons. I didn't like season three. Although I often felt like the storyline of season five jumped the shark, those feelings were tempered whenever I turned my attention to the real world...  Netflix has not yet announced a season six.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tapa the World

After a stop at Janie's house to pick up some clothes that Sharon ordered, we met Tom, Eric, Ashly, Kevin and Leah at Tapa the World. Tom wanted to go out for Spanish food in celebration of his and Eric's Camino journey last year. We had a number of small plates with a Paella Mixta for seven as the entree.

We wandered back to Tom's house afterwards for cake and coffee to celebrate Ashley's birthday. We watched most of the Emmys. I was surprised at the number of series that I was only vaguely aware of or had never heard of. With streaming services such as Amazon and Netflix joining all of the cable channels, there is an amazing proliferation of content.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Baby Driver

Saturday night, Sharon and I watched Baby Driver on the AppleTV. Although Sharon suggested it based on a recommendation from her hairdresser, it is a movie that I have been hearing good things about since the beginning of the summer. At one point, I was actually interested in seeing it in the theater..

Baby Driver is a 2017 crime action film written and directed by Edgar Wright. It stars Ansel Elgort, Kevin Spacey, Jon Hamm and Jamie Foxx. The plot follows Baby (Elgort) as a young getaway driver and music lover who works for a kingpin (Spacey).

The movie is one long playlist. The music drives the film. I will probably end up buying the soundtrack.

Although the film jumps the shark a little in the last thirty minutes, I enjoyed it. Jon Hamm is very good. I recommend Baby Driver.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

BMW 530i

Almost three years ago, Sharon and I leased a car for her. It was the first time that we had ever leased a car. This month, we turned that car back. I am pleasantly surprised with the overall transaction. The only charges at the end of the lease were for some scratches on the rims. Although Sharon was toying with the idea of getting something else, Sharon felt in love with another BMW when she drove it and signed another three year lease on the spot!

BMW 530i

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Camino Island by John Grisham

My book for September was Camino Island by John Grisham. Somewhat unbelievably, this is the 31st book by John Grisham that I have read in the last twenty-five years. I am not sure that this is something that I should be proud of... It is the second of his books that I read this year and he has another book coming out in the fall.

Like The Whistler that I read earlier this year, it is not really a legal story. The two main characters are a book store owner and a young author. The plot revolves around the theft of some original manuscripts from Princeton University.

As I have said about a number of the recent Grishman books, it is not a bad book. It was a nice light change of pace. I will continue to read Grisham novels as filler between more ambitious books. They serve as a nice mindless break.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Jury Duty

I spent Thursday afternoon, September 7 and all day Monday, September 11 serving on jury duty.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Seahawks versus Packers

Finishing up the Danny Hunter Wedding weekend, the Wallens came over to our house Sunday afternoon to watch the Seattle Seahawks play the Green Bay Packers. The game wasn't being broadcast on the networks in Northern California, but I have NFL League Pass.

The group included Wallen, Jill, Nate, Sam, Murphy, Madison, Beck and Tal. They are all big Seahawks fans; Wallen actually has Seahawks season tickets.

The Packers beat the Seahawks by the score of 17 to 9. It was a pretty ragged game. The Seahawks managed only three field goals. While Aaron Rodgers was 28 of 42 for 286 yards, Russell Wilson was 14 for 27 for only 135 yards.

Saturday, September 09, 2017

Danny Hunter's Wedding

Sammy and DannySaturday afternoon, Sharon and I went out to the Hunter Stallion Station for Danny Hunter's wedding. I would guess that there were about 160 people.

There was a nice group of the Davis Mafia, including Tomasins, Wallens, Chabriers and Snipes. The Wallens brought their whole family, including Nate, Sam, Madison, Becky and Tal. David and Chris Tomasin were also there.

I ended up sitting next to Tomasin at dinner. I always enjoy his company. It is hard to believe that it has been six years since the New Zealand tour. Rugby World Cup is in Japan in 2019...

Becky and Tal's wedding is next. It will be in February on the big island in Hawaii!

Friday, September 08, 2017

Dinner with the Wallens in Elk Grove

Wallen and MadisonAfter work on Friday, Sharon and I headed to Elk Grove to catch up with the Wallens. With a number of people coming into town for Saturday's wedding, the Wallens rented a house for the weekend.

John, Jill, Nate, Sam, Murphy and Madison were there when we got there. Becky and Tal rolled up a couple of hours later. Murphy and Madison are both at a great age. Nate made butternut squash and pork tacos for dinner.

We had a very nice visit. It has been almost exactly 40 years since I met Wallen in an farm appraisal class at UC Davis.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Sheldon A Beitzel

I worked for Sheldon's dad George from 1980 through the early 1990s (1992?). I was working for George when he found out that Joan was pregnant with Sheldon.

Sheldon A Beitzel - September 23, 1981 - August 14, 2017

Sheldon Beitzel passed away on August 14, 2017 in San Francisco, California. He was born on September 23, 1981 and raised on the family ranch in Elk Grove California. He attended Pleasant Grove Elementary School, Joseph Kerr Middle School and one year at Elk Grove High School. He then transferred to the new Sheldon High School where he was the first graduating class of 2000. Sheldon was an avid swimmer and won numerous honors and awards for swimming and academics. He went on to attend college at Sonoma State University and obtained a degree in Business Management in 2005.

He moved to the San Francisco area to begin a sales career in risk management with Suhr Risk Services. He earned a CIC, CLCS, CWCA and CRIS designations and was promoted to senior vice president.

Sheldon had a passion for helping others and was selected to membership in the San Francisco Guardsmen. The Guardsmen are a well-known group of volunteers helping to improve the lives of Bay Area at risk youth. He also volunteered his time by serving on the board of directors for the Asian American Contractors Association and the non-profit group Asian Inc .

If you knew Sheldon, you knew he was always up for adventure and to socialize in one way or another. He really enjoyed travel and had just returned from a trip to Sweden and Iceland to visit a college friend. He has also traveled to Belize, Costa Rica, and Central Europe. Sheldon was a certified scuba diver and an avid target shooter. His light-hearted spirit and positive energy is what we will remember about Sheldon. He always had time to listen and truly cared about everyone around him.

He is survived by his parents, Joan and George Beitzel of Elk Grove, his brother Eric Beitzel, step sister Lily Beitzel, niece Titaree Faksorn also from Elk Grove, as well as his Uncle Paul Beitzel from Yountville and his other Uncle Don Postle from Sacramento. A small family celebration of life and burial will be held privately at Pleasant Grove School Cemetery. Donations may be made to the San Francisco Guardsmen. 1016 Lincoln Blvd Suite 205, San Francisco, CA 94129.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Cautionary Tale... [Right Knee]

Wrestling as a freshman in high school, I torn up my right knee. I was an obstinate kid with parents who were struggling with their own demons. I wouldn't let the doctor operate on me. It was probably one of the best decisions I ever made; they would have made a mess of it 45 years ago. I went on to play three more years of high school football and five years of very competitive rugby without too much trouble with my knee. I have always felt blessed by how well my body has held up over the years.

Nevertheless, every once in a while the right knee would give me problems. From a distance, Tomasin has speculated that I have a partially torn MCL. It bothered me for a couple of days in February. After doing our first spin class in a couple of months on Sunday, August 20, it started bothering me again. Rather than backing off a little, I pushed hard over the next six days to reach my weekly running mileage goal (30 miles). This included several 7 to 8 mile runs.

By the time we left for Washington DC at the end of the week, the knee was giving me more trouble than it had in a long, long time. I tried doing a light workout when we got back from DC, but only made it worse.

I shut myself down over the last week and have gotten the knee back to where it feels pretty good. [Note to self], the lesson learned is that I have to listen to my body and be more careful, particularly with my knee.

Monday, September 04, 2017

Dinner at the Sanborns

After spending the afternoon dragging the fall boxes out of the shed, Sharon and I went to the Sanborn's new house for dinner on Monday night. After hanging out in the pool and spa, we had a great dinner of Ahi, rice and asparagus. Sharon made a tomatoes and burrata cheese salad.

Sunday, September 03, 2017

Wonder Woman

After a lap around Ancil Hoffman Park with Tiber, Sharon and I spent the loin's share of the day cleaning out the garage and taking a load to the dump. I am still hoping that some day we can get two cars in the garage!

Sunday night, Janie came over to test a cocktail for the fall dinner party. After dinner, the three of us watched Wonder Woman. Part of the DC Extended Universe, the film stars Chris Pine, Robin Wright and Gal Gadot.

I saw Robin Wright interviewed about the film on the Late Show with Steven Colbert when it was released. Wright talked about how much she had to train.

The film tells the story of Princess Diana [Gadot] growing up on the Amazon island of Themyscira. After American pilot Steve Trevor [Pine] crashes offshore of the island and is rescued by her, he tells the Amazons about the ongoing World War. Diana then leaves her home in order to end the conflict and becomes Wonder Woman in the process.

All three of us thought the movie was slow. Sharon said that it didn't live up to her expectations. I don't recommend it...

Saturday, September 02, 2017

Notre Dame plus Baywatch

Saturday afternoon, Sharon and I went over to Tom's to watch the Notre Dame versus Temple. It was a small group that included Tom, Jim, Sharon and I. At half-time, the four of us watched to Jersey Mike's Sub for sandwiches. I had never heard of the place before...

On solid play on defense, three 100-yard rushers and first-time starter Brandon Wimpish throwing for a pair of touchdowns, Notre Dame thrashed Temple by the score of 49 to 16. Next week, The Irish host No. 15 Georgia. This is only the second meeting between the two schools. In the first meeting, the top-ranked Bulldogs beat No. 7 Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl to win the 1980 national championship.

Looking for a movie to watch on Saturday night, Sharon and I settled on Baywatch. Based on the television series of the same name, film stars Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron It includes cameo appearances by David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson.

Sharon liked the movie more than I did. The best thing about the movie was it didn't take itself too seriously. I don't recommend the film.

Friday, September 01, 2017

To Carmel and Back


Leaving Carmichael about 7:05 am, I headed for Carmel. It took me about three hours and forty minutes with two quick stops. I am always surprised how long it takes to get to the Monterey Peninsula; it seems like it should be shorter.

The plan for the day was to meet Drew, Morgan and David for lunch at Flaherty's Seafood Grill and Oyster Bar at 11:30 am. Getting there early, I walked down to beach and back.

Unfortunately, things went awry. Drew got into some kind of kerfuffle with his mom about going to lunch with me. This spilled over into an argument between Drew and Morgan. The end result was that only Drew showed up for lunch. Drew and I had a nice lunch and visit.

Although I was philosophical about it with Drew during lunch, I was very disappointed not to see Morgan. I am deeply hurt that she wouldn't meet me for lunch. I had been really looking forward to see both of them.

It is hard for me to understand how there can be so much acrimony after more than twenty-five years. As Drew and I discussed at lunch, I can't imagine the running amok that is going to take place around the first wedding... I don't think that Drew's mother appreciates the secondary impacts of these kinds of trials and tribulations to Sharon and Nicki. The situation also caught me guard because I probably have come over to Carmel five times in the last ten plus years to have a meal with either Morgan or Morgan and Drew.

It took a little over four hours to wind my way home. Given it was the start of three day weekend, this was probably pretty good time. I was back in Carmichael a little after 5:00 pm. It was a long day with almost eight hours behind the wheel.