Sunday, February 27, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #10

Moving Day. We spent the morning packing up the house. After we had everything packed, Sharon and I went for a thirty minute walk north on the bluff trail. I loaded up the Volvo. We pulled away from the house about 10:10 am.

Dropping the key in Gualala, we headed to the Fort Ross Winery. Sharon made a noon appointment for a Wine Tasting and Small Bites Pairing. When we got to Fort Ross Historical Park, we turned off of Highway 1 on to Fort Ross Road. This quickly turned into a narrow winding one lane road. The tasting room is located off of Meyers Grade Road. Interestingly, this route avoids the cliff section of Highway 1. It took an hour and ten minutes to get to the winery.

Leaving the winery, we headed to the Tomasin's house in Windsor. Julie had left her jacket on Thursday. This leg took an hour and fifteen minutes. We made a quick stop there.

From Windsor, Waze routed us down Highway 101 to Lakeview Highway to Highway 37 to Highway 80 to Highway 50 and Watt Avenue. We breezed throught the gore point at the junction of Highways 37 and 121. Except for short slow downs on the one lane section of 37 and in Fairfield on 80, it was a very easy drive. It took us about two hours and twenty minutes. We were home in Carmichael at 4:15 pm.

I expect that we will be back to Sea Ranch again this year...

Saturday, February 26, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #9

When we were planning the trip, Sharon and I talked about playing golf twice: eighteen holes one day and nine holes another. I pestered Larkin in playing with us on Saturday morning before he and Cindy took off.

Larkin, Sharon and I had a 8:30 am tee time. It was cold; the temperature was in the high 30s. After hitting a few balls on the range, we teed off with one group in front of us. I was very happy with how I played. I struggled on the second hole, but parred the par four fourth and ninth holes.

I hit safely over the ravine on the par three eighth. From the back of the white tees, I hit a soft hybrid five to the right of the green.

I ended up with an honestly scored 49. The scorecard is here. I don't believe that I have ever broke 50 on the front nine before. It took us about two hours and ten minutes to play nine holes.

The Larkins packed up their SUV and rolled towards Napa before noon. Sharon and I headed into Gualala. We had lunch at Trinks. Sharon had a BBLT and I had a Turkey Melt. Afterwards, we stopped at surf market and picked up something for dinner.

We had a lazy afternoon. We took a nap. I did a Peleton twenty minute upper body strength workout. Eventually, we walked south on the bluff trail. We looped around the old barn below the lodge and back. As we were just getting back to the house, Sharon spotted a bobcat! I was surprised how big it looked.

We spent some time before dinner making a list of possible trips for the rest of the year. Sharon is focused on Road Scholars and Viking trips.

Sharon made chicken, green beans and cauliflower mash for dinner. We finished the night watching episodes nine and ten of season two of Yellowstone. My thoughts on season two of Yellowstone are here. We also watched Real Time with Bill Maher.

Friday, February 25, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #8

After I finished my morning meetings, Cindy, Joe, Sharon and I took off for a hike. We did a variation of the hike that Sharon and I did with Drew and Jack in August of 2020. We explored the San Andreas Fault Interpretive Trail. We had lunch along the Spring Meadow Trail with a great view of the coast. Looping by the TSRA Marine Preserve, we stopped by the seals and saw a couple of whales.

In total, we covered more than six miles. A map is here. A Relive video of the hike is here.

We had an early dinner in the Dining Room at the Sea Ranch Lodge. We split Seared Diver Scallops [celery root, miso broth, di ciccio broccoli, bishop farms seaweedst] and halibut ceviche. For mains, Sharon and I both had Local Halibut [grilled with lemon and rosemary, yukon gold mash with sour cream & chives green beans, caper and dijon vinaigrette, while the Cindy and Joe had Sonoma Duck Breast [wild rice with duck leg confit, roasted beets & gravenstein apple, huckleberries duck skin & herb croutons].

We finished night with more blueberry cobbler back at the house. Wallen called from T0dos Santos. We spent some time Facetiming with them and catching up.

We started to watch Tick, Tick... Boom!, but punted after about 15 minutes and watched a rerun of Bill Maher.

Thursday, February 24, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #7

The Tomasins took off in the middle of the morning.

I spent the loin share of the day in meetings.

Sharon and I ran into to Gualala at lunchtime. We shopped for dinner and got sandwiches at the Seafood Shack. I had a tuna melt [SPICY TUNA SALAD - MAYO - CHEESE - SHACK ROLL - FRIES], while Sharon had a fish sandwich.

The Larkins rolled up in the late afternoon. After they unload the car and with some debate, we ended taking the bikes out. We rode for a short distance to the north before we looped back and headed to the Sea Ranch Lodge. We stopped for a drink at the bar. Racing to get back before the sunset, we headed back to the house. We ended up riding only about five miles.
It was a great sunset. We finished the night with a late dinner. I barbecued steaks on charcoal. I honestly can't remember the last time I cooked on charcoal. Almanor?. For dessert, we had a blueberry cobbler that the Larkins brought.

Larkin and I watched the end of the Sacramento Kings versus Denver Nuggets game. Denver buried the Kings in the fourth quarter and won by the score of 128 to 110.

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #6

I spent most of the day working.

At lunch, Sharon and I walked north on the bluff trail. We ended going a little over four miles. We walked past the seal observation area.

Just offshore from the seals, we saw two whales. I am always amazed at how close whales come into the shore.

The Tomasins rolled up in the late afternoon. We spent some time catching up.

Eventually, we headed for dinner at the Vue Coastal Kitchen in Gualala. I had braised Burgundy-Braised Beef Short Ribs [garlic-whipped potatoes, mushroom jus, blue cheese mousse], Tomasin had Tipsy Sardinian [seasonal fish, manilla clams, and tiger prawns simmered in spicy vodka sauce with sun-dried tomatoes and saffron cream linguini] and Julie and Sharon both had Rock Cod Ceviche [local Pacific rock cod, lemon, serrano chile, smoked salt, tortilla chips].

Wandering back to the house, we visited until late. I always enjoy Tomasin's company. It was the latest we have gone to bed since we have been here.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #5

Up early, I had a light breakfast. I spent most of the day in meetings, including attending most of a five hour nurse call vendor presentation. Sharon finished her butterfly puzzle and then ran into Gaulala for some groceries.

I went for a six mile run at lunch. The wind was worse than Sunday with gusts up to 25 mph. I ran just beyond Vista Del Mar and back. A map is here.

For dinner, we got curbside takeout from The Black Door in Gualala. We both got chicken enchilada plates.

We finished night watching episodes six, seven and eight of season two of Yellowstone on the AppleTv!?! The show continues to jump the shark in almost every episode.

Monday, February 21, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #4

Up early, I had a light breakfast. I spent most of the morning in meetings for work.

In the late morning, Sharon and I took off for Mendocino. The plan for the day was to hike, wander around the town and then have dinner. We haven't been to Mendocino since summer of 1999 when we were at Sea Ranch with Drew, Morgan and Jack. [Note to self], I have got to find some pictures from that 1999 trip.

We originally planned to hike the fern trail at Russian Gulch. Googling the park web site in the car, Sharon realized that the trail was closed. We pivoted to the fern trail in the Von Damme State Park south of Mendocino. I had preloaded both trails into the Alltrails app before we left.

We ended up hiking just over five miles in two hours. We stopped and had a late lunch at the half way point. A map is here. It was a nice hike.

Afterwards, we headed in Mendocino and wandered around the town. Sharon shopped in a number of stores. I walked to the Mendocino Presbyterian Church (California Historical Landmark #714). Looking for somewhere to have a glass of wine, we eventually stopped at Patterson's Pub.

We had a dinner reservation at Trillium Cafe and Inn. With it starting to rain, we decided to head south. We ended up stopping for dinner at the Chowder House and Tap Room at the pier in Point Arena. We both had chowder, a ceasar salad and cod fish tacos.

Driving home, Sharon said "I am done with Maui and Mendocino."

We finished the night watching episode five of The Gilded Age and Bill Maher on HBOMax on the AppleTV.

Sunday, February 20, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #3

We planned Sunday as a lazy day. We walked to the Sea Ranch Lodge and had breakfast at the cafe. I had a frittata [local cheeses, autumn vegetables, arugula], while Sharon had a avocado toast [lemon aioli, medium boiled farm egg, crunchy salt].

Afterwards, I went for a five mile run north along the coast. I ran to Kyuka and back. A map is here. As I have said repeatedly over the years, this is my favorite place in the world to run.

After getting cleaned up, we headed into Gualala. We browsed a number of shops and checked out a couple of restaurants. We stopped at the Surf Market and bought some groceries for the next several days.

We ate lunch watching the surf on Black Point Beach. I finished a book that Carmen gave me for Christmas [Station Eleven]. We relaxed, did a short Peleton strength workout together and took a nap.

About 3:30 pm, we walked back to the Sea Ranch Lodge and had a drink at the bar. Compared to Saturday night, the place was empty. With the wind gusting into the 30s, it was very windy walk back. From Monette, it is almost exactly a mile to the lodge.

When we got back to the house, Sharon made a nice dinner of chicken, green beans and cauliflower mash. We finished the night watching Nightmare Alley. This is one of the best picture nominees. Thoughts about the movie are here.

Saturday, February 19, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #2

The plan for the day was playing golf. Originally, we planned to play on Sunday. With gale force winds forecasted for Sunday afternoon, we switched the tee time to Saturday as we were driving over on Friday.

After a quick light breakfast, we drove to the Sea Ranch Lodge and bought a couple of sandwiches. From there, we headed to the golf course. We were surprised to find that they have opened a cafe at the golf course. The lodge and the golf course are under new management. At the turn, we ended up talking to the new manager of the golf course.

Teeing off at 9:30 am, I started off horribly, but then settled down. I birdied the par four fourth hole; I can't remember the last time I actually birdied a hole. I bogeyed the par five six which has haunted me in the past. I hit safely with a six iron to the front right of the green on the par three eighth over the gully. I hit safely to the right front of the green on the par three seventeenth with a seven iron. I ended up with a very liberally scored 104. The scorecard is here.

Sharon and I had the course to ourselves for most of the day. A single came up behind us on the back nine. We let him pass on thirteen. We were done by 1:30 pm.

Back at the rental, I spent some time in the hot tub. Unlike most Sea Ranch properties, the hot tub is enclosed in a glass solarium.

Sharon made a dinner reservation at the Sea Ranch Lodge. We went early and had a drink at the bar. The place was packed. We are both glad to see the lodge open again.

For an appetizer, we split a halibut ceviche. She had black cod for an entree, while I had a lamb loin and shank dish. The food was very good. We are planning to go back with the Larkins on Friday.

We finished the night watching Marry Me on the AppleTV.

Friday, February 18, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #1

For the ninth time in twelve years ['20, '19, '18, '17, '16'14, '13 and '11], we are spending time at Sea Ranch in the winter. We had reservations in January 2020, but Sonoma County closed down as part of a surge in the pandemic and our reservation was cancelled.

We rolled from Carmichael about 8:20 am. We dropped Tiber at Best Friends. Due to a major accident at the junction of highways 29 and 12, waze routed us from 80 to 37 to 121 to 12.

I made reservations at La Rochelle Winery for a tasting. Maggie is now the marketing director there. We met Maggie years ago at Donum, followed her to Three Sticks and then to La Rochelle. I was a nice intimate relaxed tasting.

After the tasting, we stopped at the Glen Ellen Market for sandwiches. Leaving Glen Ellen, we made a tactical error. Waze offered a "quicker" route by going up Highway 101 and taking the Stewards Point Skaggs Springs Road rather than Highway 1 up the coast. Figuring that we were open to something different, we decided to give it a try. Never again. It was a very slow winding road. I think that Morgan actually came this way in the summer of 2020.

Picking up the key in Gualala, we were in the house before 5 pm. We are spending nine nights at Monette. We have never stayed at this house before. After we unloaded the Volvo, we walked south along the bluffs towards the lodge. We got back to the house just in time to enjoy the sunset.

Sharon made some snapper, rice and a caesar salad for dinner. We finished the night watching episode one and two of season four of the The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Thursday, February 17, 2022

Adventist Health Earns 2021 Digital Health Award

Adventist Health has earned 2021 CHIME Digital Health Most Wired recognition as a certified level 9. The CHIME Digital Health Most Wired program conducts an annual survey to assess how effectively healthcare organizations apply core and advanced technologies into their clinical and business programs to improve health and care in their communities.

Adventist Health has been honored seven times with the CHIME Digital Health Most Wired award and this year marks the third year in a row [2019, 2020] with this prestigious honor. “I am so proud of our IT team for their brilliant work which exceeded expectations,” says Tyler Whetstine, chief information officer at Adventist Health. “Digital engagement with our patients is a top priority as we focus on access to care and improving the health and well-being of our communities.”

Adventist Health scored a certified level 9 in both the acute and ambulatory categories. Each participating organization received a customized benchmarking report, an overall score and scores for individual levels in eight segments. Adventist Health’s areas of greatest improvement include:
  • Analytics/data management: An increase of 35.3 percentage points. Our individual score in this area was 10. Our ability to embed predictive analytics in clinical workflows, as well as quality reporting are key components of this measure.
  • Interoperability/population health: An increase of 7.4 percentage points. Our individual score in this area was 10. Our ability to share data across external entities, with disease registries, as well as internally across our systems for care management, revenue cycle management and patient engagement are key components of this measure.
A total of 36,674 organizations were represented in the 2021 Digital Health Most Wired program, which includes four separate surveys: acute, ambulatory, long-term care and international acute. The surveys assessed the adoption, integration and impact of technologies in healthcare organizations at all stages of development, from early development to industry leading.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022

California Historical Landmark #88

While we were in San Francisco in December, I did a walkabout and found eight different California Historical Markers, including: #88 Niantic Hotel; #90 Fort Gunnybags; #462 Site of First Jewish Religious Services in San Francisco; #408 Site of the the first Meeting of Freemasons held in California; #453 Lucas, Turner & Co. Bank; #192 El Dorado, Park House and Dennison's Exchange; #500 Site of the Eastern Terminus of Clay Street Hill Railroad; and, #119 PORTSMOUTH PLAZA.

Niantic Hotel
California State Historical Landmark #88

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
See this location on Google Maps

This landmark is located at 524 Clay Street, San Francisco, California. There are 48 other California State Historical Landmarks in San Francisco County. The GPS coordinates for this location are 37° 47' 41.3" N 122° 24' 06.2" W.

You can log your visit to this landmark at

California Historical Landmark #88

The emigrant ship Niantic stood on this spot in the early days "when the water came up to Montgomery Street." Converted to other uses, it was covered with a shingle roof with offices and stores on the deck, at the level of which was constructed a wide balcony surmounted by a veranda. The hull was divided into warehouses entered by doorways on the sides.

The fire of May 3, 1851 destroyed all but the submerged hulk, which later was utilized as the foundation for the Niantic Hotel, a famous hostelry that stood until 1872.

California Historical Landmark #88

Monday, February 14, 2022

Valentine's Day 2022

Sharon spent the day hiking at Cronan Ranch with Holly.

In the late afternoon, Sharon and I picked up a Valentine's Day Take n Bake Dinner for 2 from Matteos. It included:
  • Louisiana Dungeness Crabcakes;
  • Petite Filet Mignon Wellingtons;
  • Caesar Salad;
  • 14 Hour Braised Boneless Angus Short Ribs;
  • Pan Roasted Ora King Salmon Filet with Lemon Garlic Butter, and;
  • Basque Style Burnt Caramel Cheesecake.
We exchanged gifts during dinner. I got Sharon a butterfly neckless from Julie Vos and a charger for her iPad. She got me an Apple Watch band.

Sharon and Holly at Cronan Ranch

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Super Bowl LVI

Sunday morning, Sharon and I wandered down to Greg and Michele's house. We played pickleball with a group of couples from the neighborhood, including Jim and Debi, Brad and Heidi and Greg and Michele. With the weather in the 70s, it was beautiful morning.
When we had brunch with Lee, Daniel and Morgan last weekend, we talked about keeping Lee on Sunday afternoon. Daniel dropped Lee off about 12:15 pm. I took Lee back to the house and put him down for nap.

Lee, Sharon and I watched the Super Bowl together. With the Cincinnati Bengals leading by the score of 20 to 17 late in the fourth quarter, the Los Angeles Rams drove 79 yards and scored with 1:25 left in the game to win by the score 23 to 20.
My Super Bowl bets included:
  • Cooper Kupp will have 100 or more receiving yards and Rams win (Kupp ended up with 92 yards.)
  • Cooper Kupp will have over 108.5 Receiving Yards And Odell Beckham Jr. will have over 60.5 yards (Beckham was hurt in the second quarter and ended up with 52 yards)
  • ✔ Matthew Stafford - Interceptions - Over 0.5 (Stafford threw two interceptions.)
  • ✔ Total Game Sacks - Over 5.5 (There were nine sacks.)
  • Super Bowl 56 MVP - Joe Burrow (I used some free money from the book on this bet.)
  • Longest Fg 47.5 Yards (The longest field goal was 41 yards.)
Sharon made vegetarian chili for dinner.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Nature of Love

Looking for a nature-night out with that special someone? Ever wonder how other species find love? Join us for an evening of drinks, appetizers, and a hike through the Nature Study Area. On a sunset stroll, you'll learn fun facts about the interesting, bizarre and romantic mating behaviors of a variety of different animals. Must be 21+
Saturday evening, Sharon and I went to the Nature of Love event at the Effie Yeah Nature Center. It was a bust and a disappointment.

When we got home, we started to watch the Tragedy of Mcbeth with Denzel Washington. Sharon bailed after about 10 minutes. I am going to try to wade through it sometime in the future.

Friday, February 11, 2022

Jack is off

Sharon took Jack to the airport on Friday morning. He caught an 11 am United flight from Sacramento to Chicago and then a flight from Chicago to National Airport in Washington DC.

Getting off the plane in DC, Jack called to say that newly acquired Kings guard Donte Divincenzo was in first class on the flight from Chicago to DC. He said that a couple of Kings employees were also on the flight from Sacramento to Chicago. The Kings are playing the Wizards in DC on Saturday night.

Thursday, February 10, 2022

SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity

Thursday evening, I attended the Sacramento CIO/CTO Roundtable at the SMUD Museum of Science and Curiosity. We got a tour of the museum, a brief show in the UC Davis Multiverse Theater (planetarium) and finished with a panel discussion of End Point Management and Security risks for 2022.

I was very impressed with the facility. We need to take Lee there before school gets out for the summer!

Tuesday, February 08, 2022

2022 Oscar Nominations

Best Picture
   ✔ Belfast
   ✔ CODA - winner
   ✔ Don’t Look Up
   ✔ Drive My Car
   ✔ Dune
   ✔ King Richard
   ✔ Licorice Pizza
   ✔ Nightmare Alley
   ✔ The Power of the Dog
   ✔ West Side Story

Best Actor
   ✔ Javier Bardem - Being the Ricardos
   ✔ Benedict Cumberbatch - The Power of the Dog
    Andrew Garfield - Tick, Tick … Boom!
   ✔ Will Smith - King Richard - winner
   ✔ Denzel Washington - The Tragedy of Macbeth

Best Actress
   ✔ Jessica Chastain - The Eyes of Tammy Faye - winner
   ✔ Olivia Colman - The Lost Daughter
    Penélope Cruz - Parallel Mothers
   ✔ Nicole Kidman - Being the Ricardos
   ✔ Kristen Stewart - Spencer

Best Supporting Actor
   ✔ Ciarán Hinds - Belfast
   ✔ Troy Kotsur - CODA - winner
   ✔ Jesse Plemons - The Power of the Dog
   ✔ JK Simmons - Being the Ricardos
   ✔ Kodi Smit-McPhee - The Power of the Dog

Best Supporting Actress
   ✔ Jessie Buckley - The Lost Daughter
   ✔ Ariana DeBose - West Side Story - winner
   ✔ Judi Dench - Belfast
   ✔ Kirsten Dunst - The Power of the Dog
   ✔ Aunjanue Lewis - King Richard

Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
   ✔ Belfast (Kenneth Branagh) - winner
   ✔ Don’t Look Up (Adam McKay & David Sirota)
   ✔ Licorice Pizza (Paul Thomas Anderson)
   ✔ King Richard
    The Worst Person in the World

Best Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium
   ✔ CODA (Sian Heder) - winner
   ✔ Drive My Car (Ryusuke Hamaguchi & Takamasa Oe)
   ✔ Dune (Eric Roth, Jon Spaihts & Denis Villeneuve)
   ✔ The Lost Daughter (Maggie Gyllenhaal)
   ✔ The Power of the Dog (Jane Campion)

More Oscar Nominations

Monday, February 07, 2022

Roseville Reopening Day 1

After 696 days of working from home, we are reopening our Roseville Headquarters today. It is going to be a very different world. Wandering through the five story building in the late morning, there were probably roughly hundred people on site; the building can hold 1,300. With so many employees now marked as remote or hybrid, I don't think that the building will ever "feel" the same as it did two years ago.

Sunday, February 06, 2022

Sunday Brunch Adventure with Lee

Lee, Morgan, Daniel, Sharon and I had brunch at Butter & Bacon. I had a cali burrito [egg, avocado, spinach, mushrooms, jalapeno, potato, onion, spicy aioli, pasilla crema], while Sharon had avocado toast [toasted pugliese, avocado, chorizo, cotija, pickled onion, poached egg. served with fruit or potato].

Saturday, February 05, 2022

The Lost Daughter

Saturday night, Sharon and I watched The Lost Daughter. This is part of our continuing quest to watch movies that might recieve Oscar nominations. The Goldderby website has Olivia Colman's role in the film as one of the leading contenders for the Best Actress Oscar. The film might also be nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay.

The Lost Daughter is a psychological drama written and directed by Maggie Gyllenhaal in her feature directorial debut. It is based on the novel of the same name by Elena Ferrante.

The film stars Olivia Colman, Dakota Johnson, Jessie Buckley, Paul Mescal, Dagmara Domińczyk, Jack Farthing, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Peter Sarsgaard, and Ed Harris. Jessie Buckley plays Olivia Colman's character at a younger age in flashback scenes.

Colman portrays a college professor on holiday in Italy. Her obsession with a woman, her daughter and a doll prompts memories of her early motherhood.

When it ended, Sharon said "I am not quite sure what to think." Although literally thirty-five minutes shorter than House of Gucci, the movie felt long. I give it a lukewarm thumbs up. Colman and Buckley's performances are very good. I am still rolling the ambiguous ending around in my head...

Friday, February 04, 2022

House of Gucci

Friday night, Sharon and I watched House of Gucci. This is part of our quest to watch movies that might recieve Oscar nominations. Last fall, it was high of the list of films likely to be nominated for Best Picture. Over the last couple of months, its odds of winning Best Picture have fallen sharply on Goldderby.

House of Gucci is a biographical crime drama film directed by Ridley Scott. It is based on the 2001 book The House of Gucci: A Sensational Story of Murder, Madness, Glamour, and Greed by Sara Gay Forden.

The movie stars Lady Gaga and Adam Driver with supporting roles by Jared Leto, Jeremy Irons, Salma Hayek, and Al Pacino. For her portrayal of Patrizia Reggiani, Gaga received nominations for the BAFTA Award, Critics' Choice Award, Golden Globe Award and Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Actress.

The film follows Patrizia Reggiani (Lady Gaga) and Maurizio Gucci (Adam Driver). Their romance transforms into a fight for control of the Italian fashion brand Gucci.

Although it is long (two hours and thirty-eight minutes), both Sharon and I enjoyed the movie. I was particularly intrigued by the fact that it is based on a true story. Lady Gaga's performance is very good. I would bet that she is nominated for Best Actress. Although the film has received mixed reviews from critics, I still think there is a chance that it could get a Best Picture nomination.

Thursday, February 03, 2022

Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi

My book for January was Open: An Autobiography by Andre Agassi. I finished it on the plane on the way to Lihue. Sharon read the book years ago and enjoyed it. It is also on Bill Simmon's list of the best sports books.

Open: An Autobiography is a memoir written by former professional tennis player Andre Agassi with assistance from J. R. Moehringer. The book reached No. 1 on the New York Times Best Seller list. It was published on November 9, 2009 when Agassi was thirty-nine years old.

Throughout the book, Agassi, an eight-time Grand Slam champion and former world No. 1, details his challenging childhood under the supervision of a demanding father and prolonged struggles with the physical and psychological tolls of professional tennis. Agassi repeatedly talks about how much he hated tennis.

This is a very good book. I was fascinated by Agassi's childhood and his time at a tennis academy in Florida as a teenager. Some of the middle of the book is a little repetitious as Agassi describes tournaments and matches. The later parts of the book looking at his relationship and marriage with Brook Shields followed by his courtship of and marriage to Steffi Graff are worth reading.

I was particularly struck by how unhappy Agassi seemed for large parts of his life. I made me think about my life. I have always been very comfortable in my own skin. I have had my share of personal and professional struggles, but never hated what I was doing. I like who I am and where I have been...

Tuesday, February 01, 2022

Adven/tist's chief strategy officer resigns amid restructuring

Adven/tist's chief strategy officer resigns amid restructuring

Adven/tist Health shuffled its senior leadership team to further support its employees, mission and 2030 transformation strategy, and its president and chief strategy officer resigned, the Roseville, Calif.-based health system said Jan. 28.

Adven/tist Health announced three leadership changes:

1. Todd Hofheins will serve as COO of Adven/tist Health. Mr. Hofheins became CFO of Adven/tist Health in 2020 after serving as executive vice president and CFO of Bloomington, Minn.-based HealthPartners.

2. John Beaman is the new CFO of Adven/tist Health, a $5 billion corporation. Before this role, Mr. Beaman was chief business and people officer of Adven/tist Health. Mr. Beaman also previously served as vice president and senior financial officer for Adven/tist Health and CFO of Adven/tist Health hospitals in Bakersfield and Simi Valley, Calif.

3. Bill Wing, president and chief strategy officer of Adven/tist Health, is stepping down. Mr. Wing played a significant part in developing Adven/tist Health's 2030 strategy, which is focused on the health system transitioning from a solely hospital-centered organization to a health company, the health system said. Adven/tist Health also credited him with playing a key role in acquiring community health research company Blue Zones and accelerating the launch of the health system's "hospital-at-home" initiative in 2020.

Apple Watch Series 7

Six years ago, Sharon bought me an Apple Watch for Father's Day. Although I had never worn a watch before, it quickly become a key part of my life. I am literally never without it.

I upgraded to a Series 3 four years ago and to a Series 5 two years ago.

Last Thursday while we were in Hawaii, my watch started acting flaky. It kept trying to turn itself off and the buttons were inconsistent. I wore it on Friday and Saturday, but it was almost useless. The experience reenforced how much the watch is part of my everyday workflows, including tracking exercise, sleep and health. It is a window into my phone for text messages, emails and other notifications.

Late Saturday night after we got home, I ordered an Apple Watch Series 7. I was delivered about noon on Sunday.