Friday, September 30, 2016

2016 Fall Dinner Party Day 1

Last summer, Sharon started floating the idea of moving the fall dinner party to Sea Ranch as part of celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary. Frankly, I never thought that she would be able to pull it off, but she did. We ended up getting the Larkins, Gainsleys, Sanborns, Renterias, Janie and Liz all together for a long weekend on the coast!

Liz, Janie and the Sanborns met us at our house in Carmichael about 8:30 am. We loaded Phil's truck up with food, drinks, luggage and golf clubs. I put the bikes on top of the Lexus. With Liz and Janie riding with Sharon and I, we rolled out about 9:15 am. We made a quick stop at Raley's for dry ice for the cake.

The plan was to meet the rest of the group at the Bouchaine Winery. We had a tasting and ate lunch on the back patio. Sharon and Janie are both wine club members at Bouchaine...

2016 Fall Dinner Party Day 1

From there, we headed to Bodega Bay. The group made a quick stop at Tides Wharf Fish Market for some smoked salmon.

We finally rolled into Gualala about 3:40 pm. We had to stop and pick up the key for one of the houses.

Everyone got settled into the two houses. Janie, Liz and the Renterias stayed with us at a house called Vista Del Mar. The Sanborns, Larkins and Gainsley stayed at a house called Kyuka. The two houses were probably less an a 1/3 of a mile part, but the road didn't go through. As a result, we had to go back to Highway 1 to drive back and forth between the two houses. After we got settled in, I walked between the two houses in about 7 1/2 minutes.

The Renterias made dinner for everyone at Vista Del Mar. Julie served a great chili verde. After dinner, Sharon got everyone to play Cards Against Humanity.

Rod and I finished the night in the hot tub. It was after midnight before we finally call it a night.

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