Friday, September 23, 2016

Tom and Eric's Progress on the Way of St. James - Day 38

Tom and Eric spent their thirty-eight night on the Camino in a pensione in O Pedrouzo. On next to next to last night, they experienced the worst concert of snoring yet in an albergue room of ten. They are planning just the two of them in one room tonight!

The day started out foggy. By the afternoon it was sunny, but not hot. This made for a good easy going walk on next to last day. They met a few more Camino critters and Eric's Camino beer empties.

Tom said that they are something of a legend among the 100k crowd when they hear that they have walked all the way from St Jean. They met a Swede in his 60s who started in April and has walked all the way from Stockholm!

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