Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Tom and Eric's Progress on the Way of St. James - Day 28

Marking their fourth week, Tom and Eric spent their twenty-eighth night on the Camino at Acebo. Tom thinks that they have about 10 more days to go.

They didn't have a long day. Tom and Eric turned in at noon in Acebo. This was short of the traditional stage end at Molinaseca. They battled wind, rain and cold over the 4500 foot peak.

After settling in and while having an excellent late Spanish lunch of scorpion fish terrine, mussels and rabbit with almond sauce, they watched the rain come down in sheets. It was a good choice not to push on.

Red sky in the morning, Peregrino take warning.

Along the way, they stopped at a little hut on side of mountain: a Peregrino rest stop and alburgue with no services other than outhouse and well water. Tom and Eric moved on after warming up, but there are great stamps featuring Knights Templar symbols as they were here protecting pilgrims centuries ago.

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