Thursday, November 30, 2006

CA Historical Landmark #828

Veterans Home of California
California State Historical Landmark #828

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This landmark is located at the southwest corner of California Drive and Highway 29 in Yountville, California. There are 16 other California State Historical Landmarks in Napa County.


This home for California's aged and disabled veterans was established in 1884 by Mexican War veterans and members of the Grand Army of the Republic. In January 1897 the Veterans Home Association deeded the home and its 910 acres of land to the State, which has since maintained it.

Gerald Wallace Sighting

I enjoyed watching Gerald Wallace play when he was with the Kings. I swear that I have never seen anyone jump higher than he did [see note at the end of this blog entry]. Bill Simmons mentioned Wallace in his column this week. Page 2 : The worst conference in history:

If you made the All-'Player Who Keeps Recklessly Driving to the Basket And Could End Up Suffering a Horrific Injury Some Day' team, Gerald Wallace would have to be the MVP. The dude has no fear.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Indoor Soccer Practice

Jack got his first taste of indoor soccer. His team held a practice and scrimmage at Off the Wall. Although the fall season has ended, the coach has signed the team up for an outdoor tournament on Saturday and an indoor tournament on Sunday.

The tournament on Saturday will be interesting. It matches Under-8 teams from all over Northern California that have similar records. Jack's team went 10 and 0 this fall. On Saturday, they will be facing three other teams that have only one loss between them.

Moblog Indoor Soccer

Kevin Martin goes 1 for 8

After scoring 25.9 points a game through the first 12 games with a 55% field goal percentage, Kevin Martin went 1 for 8 for two points in the Kings victory over the Clippers. The Clippers worked to keep the ball out of Martin's hands and were running two players at him every time he touched the ball. It will be interesting to see how he does over the next couple of games.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Drew's 22nd Birthday!

It is difficult for me to wrap my brain around the fact that Drew is a senior in college; more often than I would care to admit, I call Jack by saying Drew...

iPod will hold all the world's TV

One Google exec is predicting the iPod will lead a further media transformation of similar magnitude in the coming decade. "In 12 years, why not an iPod that can carry any video ever produced?"

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Monday, November 27, 2006

Morgan, the Conqueror

As I started putting the pictures for this year's Christmas Card, I was not completely satisfied with the pictures I had taken of Morgan. I dropped her a note asking if she had any pictures that I could use on the Christmas Card; she sent the picture shown below.

When I got back from Saturday's trip to Southern California, Sharon and Jack announced that their new favorite song was Morgan, the Conqueror. It is now one of the songs on Jack's iPod playlist. As I listen to the song, this picture keeps popping in my head!

Morgan, the Conqueror

Saturday, November 25, 2006

My Grandmother's Funeral

Up before 5 a.m., I caught a 7 a.m. flight from Sacramento to Ontario. I rented a car and drove to the La Verne Cemetery for my maternal grandmother's funeral. After the graveside service, my sisters and I visited our mother who is in a skilled nursing facility in Glendora.

From there, we drove to the home of one of my uncles in San Dimas. He and his wife hosted a lunch for everyone after the service. In addition to my two sisters and I, the group include my two uncles and their wives [Spencer, Sally, Rod and Carol], five first cousins [Kathy, Ray, Jill, Jana and Judy], my first cousin's children [seven kids] and three or four other friends of the family.

I eventually headed back to the airport and took a 3:45 p.m. flight back to Sacramento. Sharon, Jack and I ended the day having dinner at Mikuni's in Elk Grove.

Friday, November 24, 2006

Starting Decorating for Xmas

I spent most of the day dragging boxes of Christmas decorations back from storage and then putting up the outside lights. I got about half the outside lights up.

While Sharon went out to dinner with Sandy, Laura and Liz, Jack and I watched most of the Kings versus Seattle Supersonics basketball game. Kevin Martin scored a career high 35 points as the Kings beat the Supersonics by the score of 109 to 100.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving 2006

After the Run to Feed the Hungry, we stopped by Brun and Kim's for a short visit.

From there, we headed to Sharon's parents for Thanksgiving dinner. The group included her brother Tom's family (Tom, Becky, and Eric), her brother Tim's family (Tim, Kathy, Erin and Eileen), her mom (Rosemary), a friend of the family (Jim), Sharon, Jack and I.

Tom barbecued a turkey on the Weber, while Sharon roasted three ducks. The kids had a great time playing hockey after dinner.

Thankgiving Hockey

2006 Run to Feed the Hungry

For the third year in a row (2004, 2005), Sharon, Jack and I ran the Run to Feed the Hungry. With me shadowing him, Jack ran a 1:04:18 10k for an average pace of 10:22 per mile. This improved on his personal best for the distance by almost 5 minutes. It is the fifth 10k that Jack has run.

Moblog Run Feed Hungry

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

2006 Kings versus Jazz

Jack and I went to the Sacramento Kings versus Utah Jazz basketball game. When we divided up the Kings tickets, I never expected that the Utah Jazz would have the best record in the NBA. The Jazz entered Arco Arena with a league leading record of 10 wins and 1 loss.

This is probably the most disencouraging game that I can remember attending in at least fifteen years. After leading by 18 points at halftime and by as many as 21 in the third quarter, the Kings unraveled and lost by a score of 110 to 101.

Carlos Boozer was huge for the Jazz. He had 32 points on 14 for 20 from the field and 13 rebounds. Bibby played only three minutes in the second half before leaving the game for good with a thigh contusion.

Through three quarters, the Kings offense actually looked a little better. After having only 10 assists in the whole game on Sunday, the Kings had 10 assists in the first half. The game also included a spectacular left-handed dunk by Ronnie Price over Carlos Boozer.

Moblog Kings Game

Sutter's Fort Historical Park

Jack and I spent a couple of hours at Sutter's Fort and the State Indian Museum. Afterwards, we met Sharon for a late lunch at Cafe Vinoteca.

California Historical Landmark #991

State Indian Museum
California State Historical Landmark #991

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This landmark is located at 2618 'K' Street, Sacramento, California. There are 57 other California State Historical Landmarks in Sacramento County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 38° 34.370 W 121° 28.291.

You can log your visit to this landmark at

The State Indian Museum was built fifty years ago as California's first state-run museum devoted to Indian cultures. It continues to serve the same purpose today, displaying an updated (1984) major exhibit on California's Indian peoples.

California Historical Landmark #525

Sutter's Fort
California State Historical Landmark #525

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This landmark is located in Sutter's Fort State Historic Park at 27th and L Streets, Sacramento, California. There are 57 other California State Historical Landmarks in Sacramento County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 38° 34.316 W 121° 28.268.

You can log your visit to this landmark at

Sutters Fort
Sutters Fort 

John Augustus Sutter, born of Swiss parents in Germany, arrived in New York in July 1834 and in California in July 1839. He founded the fort in 1839 to protect 'New Helvetia,' his 76-square-mile Mexican land grant. Of the original fort, the two-story central building, made of adobe and oak, remains, the fort's outer walls and rooms, which had disappeared by the 1860s, were reconstructed after the State acquired the property in 1890.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

CA Historical Landmark #564

Site of Yount's Blockhouse
California State Historical Landmark #564

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This landmark is located at the northeast corner of Cook Road and Yount Mill Road, 1 mile north of Yountville, California. There are 16 other California State Historical Landmarks in Napa County.


In this vicinity stood the log block-house constructed in 1836 by George Calvert Yount, pioneer settler in Napa County. Nearby was his adobe house, built in 1837, and across the bridge were his grist and saw mills, erected before 1845. Born in North Carolina in 1794, Yount was a trapper, rancher, and miller, he became grantee of the Rancho Caymus and La Jota. He died at Yountville in 1865.

t-shirt concept

Inspired by the Adventures of Andrew Heringer video, one of Drew's fan suggested this for a t-shirt.

Andrew Heringer

Monday, November 20, 2006

Nimbus Hatchery

Sharon took Jack and one of the kids from his school and cub scout den to the Nimbus Hatchery.

Edith (Pugh) Abbott

My maternal grandmother, Edith [Pugh] Abbott, passed away on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at San Dimas, CA where she was a resident for 53 years. She was 97 years old and died peacefully of natural causes. She is survived by her three children Spencer and Roderick Abbott, Joyce Heringer, eight grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren and one great great grandchild.

Grave side services will be held at the La Verne, CA Cemetery on North B Street at 11:00 AM on Saturday, November 25th, 2006.

Edith was born on March 19, 1909 in Shedd Oregon, which is near Corvallis, to Earnest A. Pugh and Etta Mae Maxwell Pugh. The Pugh families were farmers in the Willamette valley where Edith was raised on the farm that remains in the family, now owned by her nephew Rich Chandler.

The Pugh family published an extensive Pugh Family History book in 2002 which starts with the Pugh family that immigrated to America from Wales in the 18th century. Her great grandfather Francis Pugh and his wife Ruth Jessup Pugh came across the Oregon Trail in 1847 from Iowa to the Willamette Valley. The family has traced over 821 descendants spread primarily over Oregon, Washington and California. So Edith is of true pioneer stock. Horses and horsemanship were a major part of her life while growing up on the farm. She rode her horse to high school and rode in horsemanship competition in college while attending Oregon State University. Edith was very intelligent and was able to enter college at the age of 16. She met Keith Abbott at Oregon State where they both graduated from college. Her father loved to use horses on the farm so much that he was one of the last farmers to use gasoline powered farm equipment in place of horses. She either had a horse or continued to ride horses until her 60’s.

Edith worked as a teacher after college until marrying Keith Abbott. They lived in Gonzales, CA where they started their family of three children and then moved to Azusa, CA in 1942 where they lived on an orange ranch and Edith again was a teacher in the local grammar school. This was during WWII and since Keith had a heart murmur he was not accepted into the military. They used the orange ranch to create a mini-farm with horses for Edith, a goat for Roderick, a herd of pigs for Spencer to manage, chickens, rabbits and a cow that Joyce and Keith milked twice a day. We had customers come from all over to buy the farm products that were hard to get during the war. Edith and the family were involved in the local 4-H club for many years as the mini-farm was a plentiful supply for animal projects.

Now that we were in Southern California, we were able to enjoy the Gillette family gatherings at the Laurelette Ranch in San Dimas and the Laurel Clan Thanksgiving dinner gatherings with all of Keith’s side of the family. Also, the Pugh family has an annual picnic that Edith was able to attend those again in later years.

After the war, the family moved to Covina, CA where Keith and Edith bought an orchard spraying business and five acres of orange orchard from which they operated the spraying business. Keith managed the outside business and the labor crews while Edith did the book keeping and the payroll. By the late 1950’s the orchards in Los Angeles county were nearly all replaced by housing developments so the spray business was closed out, all the spray rigs sold and they developed the 5 acre property on the corner of Arrow Hwy and Glendora Ave into automotive service commercial buildings and a service station which Spencer manages as a partner with Edith.

The family joined the First Presbyterian Church of Covina in 1942. Edith was active in Woman’s Association and Bible Study groups in the church for 50 years.

Keith was an avid outdoor sportsman, fishing and hunting, and Edith enjoyed it as well so when he retired he and Edith spent much of the summer months with their travel trailer and small boat in the Northwest, fishing and visiting the Pugh family relatives. They spent much of the winter months in Baja, in a little fishing village of Puertecitos, about 150 miles south of Mexicali, on the gulf side of Baja. The fishing was great and Edith began to collect seashells. After some time she became a serious expert and it subsequently became a serious hobby for her.

She joined the Southern California Malacologist Society and after Keith passed away in 1970, this was a major part of her life and she traveled around the world to countries such as Madagascar, Indonesia and Australia collecting seashells with the Shell Society. She spent nearly 20 years volunteering time with the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History classifying and sorting seashells. Edith discovered a new species of seashell that has been named after her. She became such and expert that the Japanese government paid the cost for her and the curator of the LA Museum to travel to Japan to classify and sort seashells for them.

Edith was a wonderful wife and mother and friend to her descendants and a great number of people. She had a positive attitude that never quit. We will remember her always as a kind, loving and very capable, intelligent person.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

2006 Kings versus Spurs

After spending the afternoon visiting her mom and Janie, Sharon went to the Sacramento Kings versus San Antonio Spurs game with her brother Tim. With the Kings leading 54 to 48 with a minute to go in the second quarter, the Spurs scored 8 points to take a 56 to 54 lead at halftime. This stretched into a 16 to 3 run during the third quarter. The Kings trailed by as much as 17 points and never got closer than 8 points; they lost by the score of 108 to 99.

Jack and I watched the game in high definition. As I noted on opening night, the Kings offense is pathetic. They continue to rely on individual players breaking down the defense or making an outside shot. The Kings only had 10 assists!

Duncan methodically picked the Kings apart. He had 35 points on 13 of 17 shooting and had 14 rebounds.

Link to Andrew Heringer!

I stumbled across a link to the video of Drew at the radio station in Oregon in September on a Japanese web site!

(?? )?????????????????? ?????

Try as I might, I have not been able to get a coherent translation of the text...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

3rd Grade: Art Lesson B

Sharon spent Thursday afternoon working as the Art Docent for Jack's class. The lesson plan looked at how artists include trees in a landscape paintings, sometimes making the trees the focal point of the composition. The class looked at Autumn Landscape by Alfred Sisley [shown below], October by Willard Leroy Metcalf and Tree With Crows by Caspar David Friedrich. Each of these paintings were of trees in fall.

For their art project, the kids created a fall tree.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

November Pack Meeting

Jack and I went to the November Meeting of his cub scout pack. As their activity, the kids made Christmas cards to pass out when they go caroling next month. Jack got a number of awards, including his religious emblem square knot, a two year service pin and his trophy from the raingutter regatta last in October.

EPIC Venti Meeting

Debbie, Kristen, Frank, Judy and I spent Wednesday and Thursday at the Epic Venti Meeting. This is a user meeting for the largest customers of the Epic software. The meeting was held in Yountville at the historic Vintage 1870 complex. I stayed at the Vintage Inn. The group dinner on Wednesday night was at Hurley's.

Groezinger Wine Cellars

Groezinger Wine Cellars
National Register of Historic Places #1982002219

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This historic place is located at 6525 Washington Street in Yountville, the county of Napa, California.

Formerly the Groezinger Winery, the Vintage 1870 complex was originally built in the year 1870 by German-born vintner Gottlieb Groezinger. One of the largest facilities of its day, the Groezinger Winery and family home occupied more than half of the 23-acre Groezinger Estate. It included a massive brick winery, a brandy distillery, a steam power plant, creamery, brick stables and barns, and a two-story estate mansion (now Compadres Mexican Bar & Grill) to the north of the property. The property was sold by the Groezinger family in 1889, but remained an operating winery under successive owners until 1955.

In 1966, the old winery, abandoned and in disrepair, was scheduled to be torn down for the $30,000 sum that its antique bricks would bring on the salvage market. Instead, a group of local business people purchased the 23-acre Groezinger Estate and began the initial conversion and restoration that would be the property's second incarnation. Hosting a handful of specialty shops and two small cafes, the buildings were reopened in 1967 as the Vintage 1870 specialty shop complex. Over the past 30 years, and under subsequent ownership, the buildings have undergone continuing restoration.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

California Historical Landmark #693

Grave of George C. Yount
California State Historical Landmark #693

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This landmark is located in the George C. Yount Pioneer Cemetery at the corner of Lincoln and Jackson Streets in Yountville, California. There are 16 other California State Historical Landmarks in Napa County.


George Calvert Yount (1794-1865) was the first United States citizen to be ceded a Spanish land grant in Napa Valley (1836). Skilled hunter, frontiersman, craftsman, and farmer, he was the true embodiment of all the finest qualities of an advancing civilization blending with the existing primitive culture. Friend to all, this kindly host of Caymus Rancho encouraged sturdy American pioneers to establish ranches in this area, so it was well populated before the gold rush.

Napa County Landmarks

California State Historical Landmarks in Napa County
{GPS Coordinates of Site Location}

*NO. 359 Old Bale Mill - [map] - {38.541336,-122.509498}
*NO. 547 Chiles Mill - [map] - {38.53519,-122.33731}
*NO. 561 Schramsburg - [map] - {38.550197,-122.538048}
*NO. 563 Charles Krug Winery - [map] - {38.518238,-122.482248}
NO. 564 George Yount Blockhouse - [map] - {38.42114,-122.36988}
*NO. 682 Site of York's Cabin, Calistoga - [map] - {38.575100,-122.580642}
NO. 683 Site of Hudson Cabin, Calistoga - [map] - {38.575355,-122.580353}
NO. 684 Sam Brannan Store, Calistoga - [map] - {38.58285,-122.577133}
NO. 685 Sam Brannan Cottage, Calistoga - [map] -{38.57892,-122.58053}
NO. 686 Site of Kelsey House, Calistoga - [map] - {38.565513,-122.564392}
*NO. 687 Napa Valley Railroad Depot, Calistoga - [map] - {38.57987,-122.57828}
NO. 693 Grave of George C. Yount - [map] {38.40887,-122.36812}
*NO. 710 Robert Louis Stevenson State Park - [map] - {38.65358,-122.60432}
*NO. 814 Beringer Brothers Winery - [map] - {38.5105,-122.480933}
NO. 828 Veterans Home of California - [map] {38.39714,-122.35971}
*NO. 878 First Presbyterian Church Building - [map] - {38.29657,-122.28689}
*NO. 939 Litto's Hubcap Ranch - [map] - {38.63662,-122.45315}

List of California Counties

Physics promises wireless power

Researchers have outlined a relatively simple system that could deliver power to devices such as laptop computers or MP3 players wirelessly.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

2006 Soccer Party

We went to Jack's end of the season soccer party at Roundtable. When the coach gave Jack his trophy, he talked about the fact that no one is more competitive on the field than Jack. One of my five goals for 2006 has been to channel that competitiveness for good.

Installing the Zune

Installing the Zune... sucked - Engadget

Monday, November 13, 2006

Blog Review of Unfold

From Jonathan in NYC: Notes from all over:

Review of Unfold by Andrew Heringer
"I was introduced to Heringer by my brother, mainly because Heringer attends the same college as my brother. Heringer's music is part jazz, part pop, part singer-songwriter, and part rock. Think John Mayer meets Billy Joel (because Heringer is adept at both piano and guitar) meets Dave Matthews Band (not as hard rock as DMB, but its the willingness to use nonconventional rock instruments such as violin and sax that counts). My impulses tell me that he's going to be huge someday, but music is such a tough business, you never know. Still, he's just as talented (or perhaps more so) than anything that's on any Adult Alternative radio station out there (think Alice, SF people). If you like rock or AC, check out Heringer. Also, on iTunes."

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Light of Christ Emblem

During the first half of the year, Jack's cub scout den individually worked on the requirements for their Light of Christ religious emblem. At the end of 5:00 p.m. Mass, the boys and their parents were called up to the front by the Priest and presented with the award.

During the service, the boys carried up the offering. It was very endearing to see the boys all in their uniforms going up to the front as a group.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Dinner and a Movie

Sharon and Liz went out to dinner at Mikuni's and then to the Crest Theater to see Shortbus.

2006 Soccer Season Game 10

Jack played in his eighth and final soccer game of the season. It was wet and rained throughout most of the game. He played forward in the first period, goalie in the third period and forward in the fourth period.

The other team scored two quick goals at the beginning of the game. This has been a pattern this year; Jack's team would fall behind early. Jack scored the first goal for his team. One of his teammates made a strong crossing pass and Jack stuck it in the top of the net. His team scored one more goal in the first half to tie the score at 2 to 2 at halftime.

Jack actually got to handle the ball two or three times at goalie in the third quarter which made him happy. In the fourth quarter, Jack scored again. He also had a couple of other strong shots that were wide. Jack just missed stretching to get his foot on another strong cross that would have pushed the ball into an open goal.

This is probably the best game that Jack has played since the beginning of the season. He was very mobile. He finally looks like he has recovered from the mid-season injury.

Jack's team won by a score of 7 to 3. For the season, his team had 10 wins and no losses. This is the second year that we have played with this coach. Over the last two seasons, the team has 19 wins and 1 loss. They are scheduled to play in a tournament in early December that is designed to match teams with similar records. It is going to be interesting to see how they do.

In his third season of soccer, he scored 7 goals [1-2-0-0-0-1-1-2] in the eight games.

2006 Soccer Game 10 Pic 1

Friday, November 10, 2006

Overnight Guest

Noel spent Friday night with us. Sharon made a great dinner of lamb chops, mashed potatoes and green beans. Noel contributed a couple of bottles of wine, including a great Savannah-Chanelle 2002 Russian River Valley Pinot Noir.

Nov Bear Den Meeting

Jack and I went to the November meeting of his cub scout den. The theme was cub scout shipbuilders. In addition to silly sea questions and anchors story, they worked on a number of achievements for their bear badge. The achievements included: 22d - a coil rope game; 22b - knots (square knot, bowline, sheet bend, two half hitches and a slip knot); 9b - make a snack for the den meeting; and 15b - play the sink the ship game.

Moblog Nov Den Meeting

Studio 60 Full Season Order

No cancellation for 'West Wing' creator's newest show.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

California Historical Landmark #593

California State Historical Landmark #593

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
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This landmark is located on Sutterville Road, vicinity of Land Park Drive, in Sacramento, California. There are 57 other California State Historical Landmarks in Sacramento County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 38° 32.290 W 121° 30.296.

You can log your visit to this landmark at

Sutter laid out a townsite here in 1844, about two miles below the embarcadero. In 1847, George Zins built one of the first brick structures erected in California here.

Site of a two story brick building built for Robert H. Vance of San Francisco in 1853. One of five brick structures erected that year, it was first occupied as a store. Almost coincident with the founding of Camp Union in 1861, it was taken over by Martin Arenz for a brewery and operated until after 1860. It ended up as a rental hall and was razed in 1952, but for ninety years was called the Sutterville Brewery. It was Sutterville's last remaining building.


The Sutterville Brewery Building

Sutterville Brewery in 1906,
Heilbron Ranch, Sutterville California

The beginning was on August 15 , 1839 when John Sutter , from the landing on the American River , sighted the rise which is now the of Sutters Fort . This was to be the center of his empire.

The land on the north bank of the American River was later to be granted to Eliab Grimes. That land, the Rancho Del Paso was occupied by John Sinclair on behalf of Grimes, who obtained the grant in 1844.

By August 1840 his party numbered 25; 17 whites and 8 Kanakas. Sutter wanted neighbors and craftsmen. Because his fort wsa a place of safety and he had established friendly relations with Indians, people began to settle nearby. He also encouraged parties from Oregon or from the States to seek land grants on their own.

He deeded one mile of land on the Feather River to Nicholas Altgeyer in 1841 and another mile to Edward Farwell in 1844. It was Sutter's dream to amass a fortune. He could do this, he fell, with the support of other people settled in the area, but he didn't want everyone crowded up at the fort. By 1844 Sutter had probably completed his first fort.

By January 1846 , Sutter had had enough expierence with the high waters of the winter to realize that the land west of the fort was mostly a flood plain.
He determined to found a village or town and set John Bidwell and L. W. Hastings to the task, The town was Sutterville, located on high ground, less than half a mile east of the Sacramento River, and about four miles south west of the fort.

W. T. Sherman, who was in the area during the summer of 1849 wrote in his memoirs, AT SUTTERVILLE and it would have made a better site for a town than the low, submerged land where the city now stands.

In 1847 George Zins and his wife commenced the manufacture of brick at Sutterville and built a house 18 by 35 feet. His first kiln was of 40.000 brick. In the fall of 1848 he burned another kiln of one hundred thousand brick. A school house was planned to be built that year. That same year Sutter sold 350 acres to Laneford W. Hastings, which land included the site of McDougal were the elected delegates to the Sutterville in 1849.

Hastings attempted to sell lots, but was not too successful until after the floods of 1852.

At that time the people who had evacuated Sacramento began to look with more favor on Sutterville. As his part of a real estate program, Hastins transfered his interest in the town to a group composed of Hastings, William K. and S.T. Weston, Henry A. Breed, Robert H. Vance and others.

The transfer was conditioned on the buyers building a pier and dock, anchoring a barge on the river, building an elevated roadway to the high ground and constructing certain buildings with 90 days.

In all five brick buildings were build in Sutterville during 1853.

The building at the SE corner of Willow and Crystal Street was two stores with a full basement of brick, build for Robert H. Vance of San Francisco at a cost of $27,000.

Vance's building came to be known as the Sutterville Brewery. The bricks for all of the buildings were obtained from the brickyard of Pettit and Queens in the SW corner of the town.

Vance's building was let to Lockwood and Tilden of Sacramento and to S.T. Weston for two stores.

A sawmill was erected by T.F. Gould and Jefferson Lake in 1853 at Sutterville. It had three upright saws and on circular With Thielan's bankruptcy the operation of the brewery ceased and was never resumed. The savings and loan held onto the estate until May 1890 when it was sold to J.P. Melchior.

He transferred it to he wife the following year.

Six years later, she deeded the property to her son, Frederick William Melchior and the deed stated, being the place now occupied and resided upon by me as my house.

The property rested under this ownership until May1905 when it was purchased by Mrs. August Heilbron.

After 1905 no tenant occupied the building for a prolonged period, although it rented as a dance hall and used for other parties up until the beginning of World War Two.

For one year after the war it became the residence of Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Bellmer. Mrs. Bellmer is the granddaughter of Mrs. Heilbron.

The tracks which border the west side of the property are the river branch of the Southern Pacific which originated at Front and I Street and was completed as far south as Freeport in June 1909. Sacramento County records show that Mrs. Heilbron sued the railroad in connection with granting the right of way.

In December 1947 an annexation election in the area designated as Sutterville Heights failed by 10 votes. I was not until August 1950 that the land which Jon Sutter had originally sold to L.W. Hastings became a part of Sacramento. Shortly thereafter the brewery property was sold to R.G. Schmidt, and salvaged the brick in 1952.

Thus ended the history of the Sutterville Brewery after 99 years. It was the last to be torn down in the old town of Sutterville. Although there is a California Historical marker across the street marking Camp Union it is considered most appropriate to mark this site. Mr. Robert H Vance had vision and he built well. The brewery gave succor early in the Civil Way to the 5th Infantry Regiment and provided a pleasant summer outing as long as the brewery was open. I remember the brewery fondly, as do most people over fifty who grew up in Sacramento. I have attended a number of parties in the old building.

Sutterville Brewery in 1952

The Roadway In Front Is Sutterville Road

Sacramento County Landmarks

California State Historical Landmarks in Sacramento County
{GPS Coordinates of Site Location}

*NO. 366 Pioneer Telegraph Station - [map] - {38.58258,-121.50423}
*NO. 439 Site of Grist Mill - [map] - {38.49654,-121.19733}
*NO. 464 Prairie City -- [map] - {38.64442,-121.15761}
*NO. 468 Michigan Bar -- [map] - {38.48626,-121.05292}
*NO. 525 Sutter's Fort - [map] - {38.57194,-121.47113}
*NO. 526 California's First Passenger Railroad -- [map] - {38.574,-121.50676}
*NO. 558 Terminal of First Passenger Railroad - [map] - {38.675811,-121.180197}
*NO. 566 Sacramento City Cemetery -- [map] - {38.5637,-121.50078}
*NO. 575 Sloughhouse - [map] - {38.49665,-121.19651}
*NO. 591 Sutter's Landing - [map] - {38.58175,-121.46609}
*NO. 592 New Helvetia Cemetery - [map] -{38.57307,-121.46495}
*NO. 593 Sutterville - [map] - {38.53817,-121.50493}
*NO. 594 Site of China Slough - [map] - {38.58367,-121.50033}
*NO. 595 Eagle Theater - [map] - {38.583717,-121.505200}
*NO. 596 Site of Home of Newton Booth - [map] - {38.582754,-121.505747}
*NO. 597 What Cheer House - [map] - {38.582322,-121.505836}
*NO. 598 Site of Stage and Railroad (First) - [map] - {38.58255,-121.506111}
*NO. 599 E. B. Crocker Art Gallery - [map] - {38.57739,-121.50603}
*NO. 600 Headquarters of the Big Four - [map] - {38.584491,-121.504551}
*NO. 601 Western Hotel -[map] - {38.58208,-121.50412}
*NO. 602 Ebner's Hotel - [map] - {38.582147,-121.50513}
*NO. 603 Lady Adams Building - [map] - {38.58228,-121.50523}
*NO. 604 Site of Sam Brannan House - [map] - {38.58319,-121.50483}
*NO. 605 Site of Sacramento Union - [map] - {38.58327,-121.50456}
*NO. 606 B. F. Hastings Building - [map] - {38.5831,-121.50418}
*NO. 607 Adams and Company Building - [map] - {38.582686,-121.504397}
*NO. 608 Site of the Orleans Hotel - [map] - {38.58253,-121.5044}
*NO. 609 D. O. Mills Bank Building - [map] - {38.58297,-121.50377}
*NO. 610 Overton Building - [map] - {38.582833,-121.503}
*NO. 611 Original Sacramento Bee Building - [map] - {38.58235,-121.503097}
*NO. 612 Site of Pioneer Mutual Volunteer Firehouse - [map] - {38.58343,-121.5024}
*NO. 613 Site of Congregational Church - [map] - {38.58237,-121.4984}
*NO. 614 Stanford-Lathrop Home - [map] - {38.576553,-121.498006}
*NO. 633 Old Folsom Powerhouse - [map] - {38.680302,-121.176572}
*NO. 633-2 Old Folsom Powerhouse-Sacramento Station A - [map] - {38.5839,-121.4979}
*NO. 654 Site of the First Jewish Synagogue - [map] - {38.578694,-121.498433}
*NO. 654-1 Chevra Kaddish (Home of Peace Cemetery) - [map] - {38.57206,-121.46301}
*NO. 657 Grave of Alexander Hamilton Willard - [map] - {38.37684,-121.45615}
*NO. 666 Camp Union, Sutterville - [map] - {38.53765,-121.5037}
*NO. 680 Murphy's Corral - [map] - {38.37461,-121.36185}
*NO. 697 Pony Express Five Mile House - [map] - {38.56156,-121.42221}
*NO. 698 Pony Express Fifteen Mile House - [map] - {38.58985,-121.26187}
*NO. 702 Pony Express Folsom Terminus - [map] - {38.67645,-121.17855}
*NO. 719 Grave of Elitha Cumi Donner Wilder - [map] - {38.40848,-121.38693}
*NO. 745 The Coloma Road-Sutter's Fort - [map] - {38.57182,-121.4704}
*NO. 746 The Coloma Road-Nimbus Dam - [map] - {38.63428,-121.21698}
*NO. 780 First Trancontinental Railroad - [map] - {38.584450,-121.503983}
*NO. 780-8 First Transcontinental Railroad-Western Base - [map] - {38.63417,-121.40283}
*NO. 812 Old Sacramento - [map] - {38.58352,-121.50375}
*NO. 817 Site of the First County Free Library Branch - [map] - {38.40911,-121.36148}
*NO. 823 Governor's Mansion - [map] - {38.5803,-121.48468}
*NO. 869 First and Second State Capitols at Sacramento - [map] - (38.58262,-121.49708)
*NO. 872 California's Capitol Complex - [map] - {38.576833,-121.494666}
*NO. 900 Nisipowinan Village Site - [map] - {38.60504,-121.49973}
*NO. 934 Temporary Detention Camps - [map] - {38.66836,-121.35131}
*NO. 967 California Almond Growers Exchange - [map] - {38.585,-121.47867}
*NO. 991 State Indian Museum - [map] - {38.57284,-121.47152}
*NO. 1013 First African American Episcopal Church - [map} - {38.58401,-121.49621}

List of California Counties

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Parent/Teacher Conference

We went to a parent/teacher conference with Jack's 3rd grade teacher. Unusual at least in my experience, Jack participated in most of the session. The four of us talked about some things for Jack to focus on and worked with him to set some goals for the coming months.

2006 Kings versus Pistons

I watched large parts of the Kings victory over the Detroit on EspnHD. I had three random observations. First, I was surprised to see Jon Barry as one of the announcers; he was sharing the mic with Bill Walton and Mike Tirico. Second, Jim Grey interviewed the Maloofs along the sideline about the failure of the ballot propositions for the new arena. Jim asked Gavin a number of pointed questions about what they were going to do now and where they were going to move the team. Joe was sitting over Gavin's shoulder and did not look happy. The longer the interview when on the madder Joe looked. Third, most of the preseason predictions that I read for the Kings were bleak and many pointed to the failure of the Kings to resign Bonzi Wells as a major problem. Through five games, Kevin Martin is averaging 38.6 minutes a game with a team leading 23.4 points per game. He is shooting 54% from the field. Bonzi has appeared in two games for the Rockets, averaging 15.5 minutes and 3.0 points; he is shooting 30%.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted

Top 25 available free agents

huh, I did not realize that Bibby had a player option in his contract at the end of this season. - NBA - Hollinger: Top 25 available free agents in '07:
6. Mike Bibby, Kings (p): Bibby has an opt-out that he's likely, but not certain, to use depending on his success in 2006-07 -- there are still two years left on a deal that pays him well, but he may want to lock in another big payday now. There's a decent chance he stays put, with Sacramento's performance this season going a long way toward determining his next step.

Monday, November 06, 2006

2006 Kings versus Timberwolves

Larkin and I went to the Sacramento Kings versus Minnesota Timberwolves basketball game. The Kings never trailed and pulled away in the third quarter to win by a score of 93 to 81.

In spite of the win, the King's offense was horrible. There was no flow to their offense. It relied on individual players breaking down the defense or making an outside shot. Hopefully, this will improve as the players get to know Musselman's system.

I am really enjoying the new rules that do not allow the players to protest every foul. It cleans up the game.

The refs were calling traveling very tightly. Apparently, this is a rule that they are focusing on this year. There were at least a dozen traveling calls in the game. It was being called against both teams and a wide variety of players.

Moblog Kings versus Wolves

2006-2007 Kings Season

During the 2006-2007 Sacramento Kings season, the Kings
were 5 and 9 in games which I saw in person, including:


10/24/2006: Hornets-84, Kings-81 [0-1] - Snipes


11/06/2006: Kings-93, Timberwolves-81 [1-1] - Larkin
11/22/2006: Jazz-110, Kings-101 [1-2] - Jack
12/21/2006: Wizards-126, Kings-119 [1-3] - Jack
12/27/2006: Kings-101, 76ers-76 [2-3] - Morgan/Jack/Sharon
01/06/2007: Trailbazers-110, Kings-105 OT [2-4] - Jack
01/09/2007: Cavaliers-108, Kings-98 [2-5] - Jack
02/03/2007: Kings-94, Nuggets-87 [3-5] - Jack
02/28/2007: Kings-135, Bobcats-120 [4-5] - Cunningham
03/08/2007: Spurs-100, Kings-93 [4-6] - Larkin
04/03/2007: Mavs-97, Kings-93 [4-7]
04/06/2007: Kings-107, Jazz-104 [5-7] - Jack
04/08/2007: Rockets-112, Kings-106 [5-8] Sharon/Jack
04/18/2007: Laker-117, Kings-106 [5-9] Larkin

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2022-2023 Season [5-3]
2021-2022 Season [1-5]
2020-2021 Season [1-0]
2019-2020 Season [1-4]
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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Batting Cages and more

Jack has been asking me to take him to a batting cage so that he can start to get tuned up for the little league try-outs in January. With Sharon on the road for a few days, he and I sent out early to try and find an open batting cage.

We ended up at the Batting Cages at Champions Golf Links. They only had one machine running that they said was throwing 55 to 60 miles an hour. Jack ended up taking 125 pitches. He got frustrated in the middle of the session at the speed of the pitches, but kept after it. Jack got his bat on a number of pitches and had a couple of solid hits. Overall, the speed was just too much for him.

In the late afternoon, Jack and I went out for a short run. We covered a little over two miles.

Moblog Batting Cages

Saturday, November 04, 2006

2006 Soccer Season Game 9

Jack played in his seventh soccer game of the season. He played forward in the second period and fullback in the third quarter.

Jack scored one goal on two shots. He also had a couple of great centering passes that the team was not able to convert. Jack got a more than a little frustrated in the second period because he felt that the midfielders were passing the ball to other forward even though he thought that he was open.

The other team was coached by a parent of one of Jack's classmates. The parent also works for Sutter and took the fourth share of the Kings season tickets this year. Jack and his son played on the same team two years ago.

Jack's team won by a final score of 6 to 1. The team's record is now 9 wins and no losses.

Moblog Soccer Game 9

Friday, November 03, 2006

California Historical Landmark #177

Site of Former Benicia Barracks
California State Historical Landmark #177

See this location on Yahoo Maps in Flickr
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This landmark is located in Francesca Terrace Park across from the Benicia National Guard Armory at 711 Hillcrest Ave in Benicia. There are 13 other California State Historical Landmarks in Solano County. The GPS coordinates for this location are N 38° 03.377 W 122° 08.284.

You can log your visit to this landmark at


Benicia Barracks, established on April 30, 1849 and organized by Brevet Lt. Col. Silas Casey, 2nd U.S. Infantry, was the U.S. Army headquarters for the Department of the Pacific from 1851-1857. Also known as the 'Post near Benicia,' it remained a garrison installation until 1898. The post hospital, built in 1856, is the only remaining structure associated with the original Barracks. The Barracks became part of the Benicia Arsenal, which closed in 1964.

Solano County Landmarks

California State Historical Landmarks in Solano County
{GPS Coordinates of Site Location}

NO. 153 Benicia Capitol - [map] - {38.05017,-122.15898}
NO. 174 First California Masonic Lodge - [map] - {38.05240,-122.15739}
NO. 175 Site of the First Protestant Church - [map] - {38.05353,-122.15714}
NO. 176 Benicia Arsenal - [map] - {38.047633,-122.139350}
NO. 177 Site of Former Benicia Barracks - [map] - {38.05628,-122.13806}
NO. 534 Vaca-Pena Adobe - [map]- {38.33658,-122.01485}
NO. 574 Site of the State Capitol at Vallejo - [map] - {38.1004,-122.259}
NO. 751 First U.S. Naval Station in the Pacific - [map] - {38.1097,-122.2641}
NO. 779 Rockville Stone Chapel - [map] - {38.24715,-122.12121}
NO. 795 Benicia Seminary - [map] - {38.05397,-122.15642}
NO. 804 Wolfskill Grant - [map] - {38.50465,-121.9805}
NO. 862 Saint Paul's Episcopal Church - [map] - {38.051900,-122.156617}
NO. 880 Fischer-Hanlon House - [map] - {38.05020,-122.15896}
NO. 973 Turner/Robertson Shipyard - [map] - {38.0623,-122.17925}

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TGI Friday's

While Jack went to a birthday party for one of his soccer team mates, Sharon and I went to dinner at TGI Friday's.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

November District Roundtable

I attended the monthly scout district roundtable representing Jack's cub scout pack. The meeting started with a general session that focused on the scouting university and the rechartering process. The meeting then broke up into different groups; I attended the cub scout roundtable. The session focused on the theme for December, Cub Scout Stars.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Rio City Cafe

Chabrier, Hunter and I got together at the Rio City Cafe for dinner.

How iTunes saved The Office

According to the people at NBC, the iTunes Store and the success that The Office has experienced from it are responsible for keeping the show alive.

The only video that I have brought through iTunes is one of the episodes of The Office from Season One.

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