Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2006 Kings versus Pistons

I watched large parts of the Kings victory over the Detroit on EspnHD. I had three random observations. First, I was surprised to see Jon Barry as one of the announcers; he was sharing the mic with Bill Walton and Mike Tirico. Second, Jim Grey interviewed the Maloofs along the sideline about the failure of the ballot propositions for the new arena. Jim asked Gavin a number of pointed questions about what they were going to do now and where they were going to move the team. Joe was sitting over Gavin's shoulder and did not look happy. The longer the interview when on the madder Joe looked. Third, most of the preseason predictions that I read for the Kings were bleak and many pointed to the failure of the Kings to resign Bonzi Wells as a major problem. Through five games, Kevin Martin is averaging 38.6 minutes a game with a team leading 23.4 points per game. He is shooting 54% from the field. Bonzi has appeared in two games for the Rockets, averaging 15.5 minutes and 3.0 points; he is shooting 30%.

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