Friday, April 14, 1995

Moscow Day 4

FRIDAY APRIL 14, 1995 11:06 PM -- rob and barb are moving to a new apartment next weekend so we spent the morning loading furniture in a van. we went to the new apartment which is still being remodeled. the "new" apartment is in a building that was built in 1908. it is in an area called patriarch pond which is In the center of town near the american embassy. my guide book describes the area as "one of the oldest and most charming residential areas in Moscow."

After having lunch in an american style cafe, we went to RED SQUARE. the most impressive part of this was saint basil's cathedral which occupies one end of the square. any description of this structure would not do it justice (hopefully the pictures will turn out). we walked past lenin's tomb which was not open and through GUM a giant indoor mall built in 1891 that runs along side the square.

next we went to the tretyakov gallery. A museum which has been closed for ten years and only opened back up in the last week. rob, barb and i (the kids spent day with nanny) spent about two plus hours going through the museum and probably only covered about 40% of it. it would really take two or three trips to do it justice.

at this point we were running late for dinner. we hurried back to their apartment and the driver picked us up and we drove to a restaurant about 30 miles outside moscow on the moscow river. dinner consisted mostly of bread, a variety of different kinds of dried and smoked fish and meat, mushrooms, caviar, and some berries. we finished up with a small fish and dumplings main course. Rob and I had a moderate amount of vodka and a couple of beers. the place we ate was essentially an old two story house in the country. we ate in what was a private room. we got home about 10:30 pm.

I talked to sharon on a poor connection when we got home. it was one of those satellite links with about a three second delay. more soon.

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Red Square

Rob and Barb at Dinner

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