Tuesday, April 11, 1995

Moscow Day 1

TUESDAY APRIL 11, 1995 11:27 pm german time, well i am off to moscow. at this point i am somewhere between dallas and frankfurt. the route that I will be taking is sacramento to dallas to frankfurt to moscow. the flights from sacramento to frankfurt are on american while the flight from frankfurt to moscow is delta. things have been very uneventful to this point with full flights but everything on time.

a couple of hours into the flight i am on my fifth free beer (drinking a german beer in a can called DAB). boy, do I like international flights and the good news is that (gratuitous reference to an obscure event) like i was on my last transatlantic flight in 1991 when tomasin, bachman and i went to the world cup.

unfortunately, the movie is maverick, one that sharon and i watched with the kids last weekend. so it is going to be a long flight, nine hours from dallas to frankfurt.

I also realized sitting here that the bag of maternity clothes that barb's sister sent is locked and I do not remember seeing a key. god knows if I will have a problem with customs getting into germany or russia.

[originally written on a Newton MessagePad 120
using handwriting recognition.]

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