Monday, April 24, 1995

Moscow Day 14

MONDAY APRIL 24, 1995 -- a very uneventful trip back.

the flight was delayed about an hour leaving frankfurt, but since i had more than two hours between flights in dallas i was not too worried. it is a long flight--over ten hours--from frankfurt to dallas.

and guess what movie they were showing.... that's right maverick! at this point, i can now say the words along with the actors. they did show speed after maverick which is one that i have never really got a chance to sit all the way through.

the only bad part of the flight was that there were alot of kids who were very restless and fighting amongst themselves. my favoritie was the mom, the two boys (5 and 7?) who repeatedly tried to kill each other and the daughter (9) who was sick and barfing about every 20 minutes. dad was in first class and he never once came back to check on them during the entire 10 hour flight. guess what nationality they were? that's right italian...

i changed planes in dallas. so having left frankfurt at 12:00 p.m. i was home in sacramento at 8:00 p.m. at time; 17 hours traveling with a 9 hour time change and was dog tired....

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