Saturday, February 11, 1995

plans for Moscow trip plus BLONDES!

Sent: Saturday, February 11, 1995 9:50 PM
To: 'Nooter, Rob (ROB)'

Subject: plans for Moscow trip plus BLONDES!


[Moscow trip planning stuff deleted...]

As I mentioned in my letter about Chabrier's wedding, I had drinks with an attorney last Monday night. I HAD A GREAT TIME. She and I have checking each other out since the bank's Christmas party. probably one of the best things that I ever did was take Larkin as my date to the Christmas party.

Sharon actually sat down next me at the Christmas party and we ended up talking for a while. It turns out a number of short stories came out of her and I talking that night which I will save for one night in Moscow over a beer.

Sharon and I had planned to meet for drinks at 6:00 p.m. on Monday February 6 and ended up having dinner and closing the place down about 11:00 p.m. they finally threw us out of the restaurant. anyway, Sharon is 33 and an interesting person. she scuba dives, downhill and x-country skis, plays golf and hikes and is into impressionism art and jazz; blonde about 5 feet 6 inches tall. Sharon is an attorney specializing in contracts for the bank after being married about four years, Sharon got divorced almost a year ago.

Sharon and I went out again Friday night, February 10, after work for a couple hours before I had to pick up the kids. it was interesting because I was under a time deadline to get the kids, but it was obvious that neither one of us really wanted to leave--a nice feeling. we are also putting together some plans for next weekend which is the three day president's holiday.

wallen was counseling me on the phone on Tuesday after I had gone out with her the first night not to get too excited.

/s/ heringer

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