Sunday, February 27, 2022

2022 Sea Ranch - Day #10

Moving Day. We spent the morning packing up the house. After we had everything packed, Sharon and I went for a thirty minute walk north on the bluff trail. I loaded up the Volvo. We pulled away from the house about 10:10 am.

Dropping the key in Gualala, we headed to the Fort Ross Winery. Sharon made a noon appointment for a Wine Tasting and Small Bites Pairing. When we got to Fort Ross Historical Park, we turned off of Highway 1 on to Fort Ross Road. This quickly turned into a narrow winding one lane road. The tasting room is located off of Meyers Grade Road. Interestingly, this route avoids the cliff section of Highway 1. It took an hour and ten minutes to get to the winery.

Leaving the winery, we headed to the Tomasin's house in Windsor. Julie had left her jacket on Thursday. This leg took an hour and fifteen minutes. We made a quick stop there.

From Windsor, Waze routed us down Highway 101 to Lakeview Highway to Highway 37 to Highway 80 to Highway 50 and Watt Avenue. We breezed throught the gore point at the junction of Highways 37 and 121. Except for short slow downs on the one lane section of 37 and in Fairfield on 80, it was a very easy drive. It took us about two hours and twenty minutes. We were home in Carmichael at 4:15 pm.

I expect that we will be back to Sea Ranch again this year...

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