Sunday, April 10, 2022

Teal Bend

Sharon and I played golf at Teal Bend with the Gainsleys. We played with them at this course in May of 2020. Sharon, Jack and I played here in 2005. There is a picture from 2005 here.

Sturggling with my right elbow, I felt awful on the driving range. Nevertheless, I ended up with a par on the first hole. Although I struggled on both of the par 5s on the front nine, I added three other bogeys in the first seven holes.

I ended up with a liberally scored 110. I continue to struggle with keeping my head and front shoulder down and my chipping. I sailed two gap wedges way over the greens...

Although we started the round with wind gusts of 20 plus miles and hour, it turned out to be a pretty nice day. After golf, the four of us had an early dinner at The Virgin Sturgeon. I had a smoked salmon salad, while Sharon had sturgeon.

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