Tuesday, March 29, 2022

2022 Silverado Resort - Day #2

Sharon and I had room service for breakfast. We both had Egg White Frittatas [Baby Spinach, Preserved Tomatoes, Feta, Chicken Apple Sausage, Herb Roasted Fingerlings].

We had a 9:50 am tee time on the south course. I walked down and picked up the cart and clubs. I drove back to the room and picked Sharon up.

Our room overlooked the driving range. While I have felt very solid on the driving range in Hawaii and at Se@ Ranch, I was inconsistent.

I enjoyed the round, but it was more difficult than I expected. Doing a virtual flyover, the course seemed pretty straightforward. The reality was very different. The greens and the areas around the greens were very nasty. Several times, I hit what I thought were pretty good pitches on to the green that just rolled off the other side. All of the putts were difficult. I tried to use Jack's chip up a couple of times, but don't have the feel for it.

Combined with a tight spot in my back (from weedeating?), it was a challenging day. I used a couple of mulligans off the tee and scored a pretty honest 124. The scorecard is here.

Sharon ended up switching over to ride with Holly on the first tee. After the round, the four of us sat on the back deck of the resort with an adult beverage.

We finished the day driving to Solabar for dinner. I spent almost two years working in Napa (2015 and 2016). I am very familar with the drive along the Silverado Trail. Sharon and I had ORGANIC WHIPPED CARROT DIP [seeds + nuts, feta cheese, coriander oil, TRAM farm dipping vegetables] and SIX PACIFIC OYSTERS [mignonette, our hot sauce, lemon] for starters. We both had SAKE MARINATED BLACK COD [california koshihikari rice, miso butter, nameko mushrooms, negi oil] as an entree.

In the dark, the twenty-seven mile drive back to the resort felt very long...

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