Sunday, January 24, 2021

Downton Abbey - Season Six

Saturday night, Sharon and I finished watching season six of Downton Abbey. This is the final season of the series. We finished season one in August, season two in early September, season three in late September, season four in October at Sea Ranch and season five in December.

The sixth season comprises nine episodes. It originally aired from September 20, 2015 to November 9, 2014 with a December 25, 2015 special Christmas episode.

The show explores the lives of the fictional Crawley family, the hereditary Earls of Grantham, and their domestic servants. The storyline in season six runs from April 1925 to January 1st of 1926. The season focuses on the impact of a changing world on the family and her servants.

Although it felt like a number of things were rushed to a conclusion in the last couple of episodes, I enjoyed the season. All six seasons were very well done. As I said recently about On the Rocks, I enjoyed the characters and would definitely watch more about their lifes. We will probably watch the movie next weekend.

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