Saturday, January 23, 2021

Celebrating Sharon's Birthday

We were originally planning to spend a long weekend at Sea Ranch celebrating Sharon's birthday. When the rental agency cancelled the booking, we decided to plan a hike at Cronan Ranch. We hiked there last February with Tiber. We invited the Larkins to join us.

We ended up hiking just over 6.1 miles in about three hours. A map of the hike is here. We stopped for lunch at the picnic tables near the old movie set. I brought a bottle of champagne and some cupcakes to celebrate Sharon's birthday. Jack called just as we were sitting down for lunch to wish her happy birthday. Jack gave her a celebrity birthday greeting; Sharon watched it as she was talking to him. After the hike, we visited with the Larkins in the parking lot.

I picked up curbside takeout from Allora for dinner. We spilt GNOCCHI ALLA ROMANA [pancetta, parsnips, ricotta salata, smoked carrot], a BEET + CITRUS salad [house made ricotta, grilled fennel, pomegranate vinaigrette], a WHOLE BRANZINO and Chocolate Panna Cotta [burnt orange marmalade]. I gave Sharon a large curved monitor for her birthday. We finished the night watching the penultimate episode of the final season of Downton Abbey.

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