Saturday, January 30, 2021


Over the first month of the new year, Sharon and I have had curbside takeout every weekend. This has included Serritella's, Rey Azteca, Canon and Allora.

Sharon and I finished Saturday with curbside takeout from the Fair Oaks Mikunis. We split a Wakame Salad [Marinated seaweed salad with toasted sesame seeds], Gyoza [(potstickers) Crispy or Pan-seared pork and chicken], a Davis Roll [Crab mix, spicy tuna, seared tuna, white tuna, masago and onion], an Iron Chef Roll [Panko shrimp, white tuna, sauce, masago, onion], Spicy Dream 1 [Lightly seared raw tuna, Mikuni original dream sauces, green onions, sesame seeds], Garlic Salmon [Lightly seared raw salmon, garlic avocado sauce, green onions, sesame seeds] and Black and White [Albacore tuna toro seared with olive oil and garlic, black tobiko caviar, jalapenos, ponzu, green onions, sesame seeds].

After dinner, we watched an episode of The Flight Attendant and the first episode of the Undoing.

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