Sunday, November 05, 2017

2017 Silicon Valley Sevens - Day 2

Avaya Stadium
UntitledUp fairly early due to the time change (fall back), Tomasin, David and I eventually wandered to a Denny's for breakfast. I think that it was the same Denny's that we ate at with my sister and her husband three years ago... After breakfast, we headed back to the room and watched some of the Eagles versus Broncos NFL game.

We took off for the stadium about 10:45 am. After a number of consolation bracket and collegiate games, the USA played Fiji (@ 12:26 pm). They won by the score of 24 to 5 with Stephen Tomasin scoring a try.

I hung around for a couple more of the matches before heading home. I rolled back into Carmichael a little before 4:00 pm.

The USA team ended up playing Australia in the finals. Leading 12 to 0, the USA team ended up losing by the score of 15 to 12. Stephen Tomasin scored another try in the game.

I always enjoy Tomasin's company. My shock for the weekend was realizing at dinner on Saturday that David is 31 years old. It doesn't seem possible. Tomasin, Nooter, Swedberg and I spent the Columbus Day weekend in October of 1986 in New Orleans. Julie and a three month old David made an appearance.

I also told Tomasin that Stephen's participation in rugby is really a legacy of his life. Tomasin continued to competitive rugby much, much longer than the rest of us. He played on a Santa Rosa division two national championship team for two years in his late 30s. David, Mikey and Stephen all had a chance to watch Tomasin play when they were teenagers. Watching him play shaped their lives.

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  1. Mark ~ I found the pic of Tomasin boys at Silicon 7's... love it and how you highlighted John as a source of inspiration. He truly deserves the kudos for being not only a significant source of encouragement to my boys but guidance to who they are today. Stephen's passion to play rugby comes solely from John. Stephen considers it an honor to play for USA and continue on Uncle John's legacy. Blessings in 2018 & always ~ Shelly Bianchi-Tomasin-Williamson