Sunday, November 12, 2017

2017 Washington DC - Day 3

Wallen, Nooter and I at The Wharf in Washington DC

Wallen had a 8:00 am flight from National. Up at 5:00 am, he had some trouble getting the Uber App to use his credit cards. After some running amok, Nooter ended up calling for an Uber using his account. Although I heard them walking around upstairs, I never woke up enough to get out of bed. I felt bad for Wallen. He spent all weekend getting over a cold.

I didn't roll out of bed until after 8:30 am. Although I had originally been thinking about going into Georgetown to have breakfast with Jack, there just wasn't enough time. Nooter made omelets for breakfast and he, Barb and I worked on solving the world's problems.

Nooter offered to take me to the airport. We rolled from their house about 11:50 am. He was thinking that I was taking off too early, but by the time we stopped for gas and fought our way through the traffic, it was 1:10 pm when we got to the airport.

I breezed through TSA Pre security and got to the gate about 1:25 pm. The plane started boarding about 1:45 pm. Holding an A29 boarding pass, I was able to score another exit row aisle. The flight pulled away from the gate about 2:15 pm. It was an uneventful flight. With the Wifi not working, I read most of the flight; I finished Skinny Dip by Carl Hiaasen about 30 minutes before we landed. I was back in Sacramento just before 5:00 pm and home in Carmichael by 5:50 pm.

Although it was a quick trip [I was on the ground on the East Coast almost exactly 48 hours], I really enjoyed having a chance to catch up with Nooter and Barb. They did a really nice job with the remodel of their house. Hopefully, Sharon and I can get together with them for dinner next time we are in Washington DC!

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