Tuesday, December 02, 2003

I spent most of the day at the SOMA meeting in Modesto. SOMA is the steering committee for Sutter Health's outpatient electronic medical record project.

After running out to an 8 win and 3 loss record, my fantasy football team has lost both of the last two weeks. The team lost by a score of 90 to 95 in week twelve and by a score 90 to 106 in week thirteen. The team's record is now 8 wins and 5 losses.

My team still has a shot at winning the league. The play-offs start this weekend and my team is seeded third. The second and third seeds play for two weeks [weeks fourteen and fifteen of the season]. The winner plays the winner of the first and fourth seeds for the league championship in weeks sixteen and seventeen. The best team in the league has 12 wins and 1 loss and is anchored by Priest Holmes and Torry Holt.

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