Tuesday, December 09, 2003

Print Article: Ex-wife sues Clancy over books he doesn't write

I just finished reading Tom Clancy's Power Plays: Zero Hour. Starting in early 1995, Tom Clancy lent his name to three other series of books: Op Center, Net Force and Power Plays. Of the three, the Power Plays series has always been the weakest. This book hits rock bottom. After 300 pages of wandering, it sputters to an ending in about 30 pages.

I have wondered for some time why Clancy continued to allow the these series to be published when it was clear that they are damaging his "franchise." I came across the following article that suggests at least one possible answer: Ex-wife sues Clancy over books he doesn't write. The article suggests that while Clancy may be trying to kill off some of these series his ex-wife is motivated to keep them going.

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