Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Very busy day

This was one of those days where everything seems to pile up into one big heap. I had a mid-day meeting with the West Bay CIOs in the bay area. Unlike the 5 hour fiasco last week, it was a nice 1 hour and 40 minute ride into downtown San Francisco; I actually got to the meeting more than an hour early.

Although I had told Sharon this is one of the days that I had a commitment that I could not break when we synced calendars, Sharon scheduled laser eye surgery for today. Janie gave her a ride to the center, while I raced back from the bay area to pick her up after the surgery.

I picked her up, stopped and got Jack and then took Sharon home and put her to bed. Jack and I then raced around to get something to eat, find all the pieces of his cub scout uniform and take off for the cub scout pack meeting. Heading due east from our house to the pack meeting, we got a nice view of about 30 minutes of moon entering the earth's shadow. This was the first pack meeting that we have attended. His tiger cub den of first graders got up and sang The 12 days of Halloween.

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