Saturday, August 27, 2005

7th Birthday Party

We had Jack's 7th Birthday Party at Paradise Island. After his birthday party last year, I swore that we would not try to do another one at the house.

We headed up with six boys from his classes (Timmy, Johnny, Joe, Andrew, Jeffery, and Cody). The boys had a great time. They played in the arcade for a while and then we had pizza, presents and cake in one of the rooms. Afterwards, they went back out to the arcade. Eventually, we herded them outside and spent an hour and a half riding rides, including the Scrambler, Bumper Cars, a Super Slide, Indy Cars and Bumper Boats. A nice mix of parents stayed and Sharon and I had a chance to visit with them while the kids rode rides.

I felt like it was a successful kid's birthday party. I will post a photo album from the party in the next couple of days.

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