Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Almanor Day 4

After a late night, no one was moving very quickly on Tuesday morning.  Sharon and I had set aside this day for a hike.  She had a hiking book that described a hike that was actually very close to the Lake.  Looking at a map over the last week, I was very interested in trying to reach this spot.  The trailhead was about 11 miles off of highway 89 on dirt roads.  After about 5 miles on the dirt road, we had climbed about 2,500 feet and had an amazing view of the Indian Valley to the south. 

Unfortunately, the road was getting narrower and the side of the hill steeper.  With five miles more to go to the trailhead, we made a decision to bail and turn around.  This turned out to be an adventure.  Sharon would not stay in the truck with Jack while I worked to turn the truck around the in a small bend in the road.

Getting back to the main road, we decide to regroup and head to the Bizz Johnson Trail.  We went to the Mason Station Trailhead, had lunch and did a three mile hike.  This part of the trail is not as nice as the section that we hiked two years ago.

Finishing the hike, we headed into Chester to do some shopping.  It was our night to cook dinner for the group.

Back at the cabin, Jill Wallen and I took Jack out for a short tubing run.  Sharon and I then started to get things organized to cook and serve dinner for 25 people.  While we were working on dinner, I got a kick out of watching Tomasin and Wallen play horseshoes against Drew and David.

Sharon and I served drinks and appetizers before dinner.  We cooked barbecued chicken, baked potatoes and salad for dinner and finished up the evening with ice cream sandwiches.

We finished up the evening watching the sunset over the lake and trying to figure out which planets were seeing in the night sky.

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