Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Almanor 2005 Day 5

I spent a long morning on the lake. I went on early run with Tomasin in a full boat that included Jack, Chris, David, Nathan, Cal (Nathan's friend), Carol (Wallen's niece), Tomasin and I. Tomasin and I single skiied while the kids all wakeboarded.

Afterwards Tomasin and I dropped everyone off and picked up Drew. Drew wakeboarded as we made our way towards Lassen View to fill up the boat with gas.

Back at the cabins, I took Jack and Drew back out in the Tomasin's boat and took Jack tubing.

When I got back to the dock, it was almost 1:30 p.m.. Hunter was getting everyone organized to go to the Hamburger Hut. I ended up driving down to the Lassen View Resort with Tomasin, Drew, Morgan and
Jack in the truck. We had a nice afternoon sitting on the deck at the Hamburger Hut and enjoying the view of the lake.

After all of these years of going there, it is difficult to believe that the Lassen View Resort and the Hamburger Hut might not be there next year. The resort is in escrow and is apparently going to be sold for a subdivision.

After we got back, Tomasin and I started playing cribbage on the picnic tables. This attracted a fairly large crowd for the first couple of games. Tomasin whipped me the first two games, including muggins me for about a dozen points much to the crowd's delight. I ended up roaring back to win the next three games and take the set three games to two.

During the cribbage game, there was a lot of trash talking going on about horseshoes. Tomsain and I challenged Drew and David to a match. It is a very surreal experience to be playing Drew and David. They are both whole grow men at this point. Tomasin and I trashed them fairly easily; we won the first game 21 to 4 and the second game 21 to 10.

The Wallen's fixed dinner. After horseshoes, we sat and had drinks and appetizers in the front of their cabin. Jack insisted that I play cribbage against him during this time. The Wallen's served pasta for dinner.

The adults sat and enjoyed some CDs after dinner, including a copy of Drew's new album. It was interesting to listen to the other kids keep asking Drew if that was him on the album.

I finished up the night playing badminton with Jack.

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