Friday, August 19, 2005

2005 AHOD Meeting

I spent the day in the IT All Hands on Deck Meeting. I think that this is the fourth year that we have held this annual event. The meeting has grown too large to hold at a hotel so this year we moved it to the Sacramento Convention Center.

The theme for the meeting was the road trip that the organization is taking as we are working to implement an enterprise electronic medical record. One of the morning activities was for each person to decorate a t-shirt with themes from a road trip that they had taken and to share the story with the table. The table selected the best story. I built a blog before the meeting and we had each table post their road trip stories to the blog using a mail-to-blog function and their blackberries. The end result was the SH EHR Road Trip Blog.

I also spent the week before the meeting organizing fifty MVP awards. This included creating placards for the tables with the picture and contribution of each MVP. I got up in front of the group after lunch and briefly explained the process for selecting the MVPs and asking them to stand to be acknowledged.

The very last part of the meeting involved the 700 plus people being divided randomly into seven groups. Each group had a percussion instrument. The goal was to teach the group a one minute routine and then come back play it. I was the group leader for about 150 people with drumsticks. With no musical talent, I quickly drafted Rudy Jugoz to help me. When Rudy asked the group of 150 people who had played the drums before, no one raised their hand. He did a great job of teaching the group a simple two part drum routine!

As part of the program, Rudy was also responsible for leading small team playing percussion instruments earlier in the day.

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