Saturday, March 04, 2006

2006 Spring Training Day 3

Up fairly late, Jack insisted that we run to the top of Hayden Butte. This is the hill overlooking the ASU Football Stadium. We ended up doing a 3.9 mile run from the hotel to the top of the butte and back. Going up the hill, we ran into Wallen coming down. He turned around and went back up with us.

After getting breakfast, we headed to Surprise Stadium to see the Texas Rangers play the Kansas City Royals. It took us almost an hour to get from the hotel to the stadium at Surprise. Surprise is a very new venue with some nice features. Nevertheless, I think that I like Maryvale more. Maryvale has a more intimate feel.

In a very entertaining game, the Rangers beat the Royals by the score of 9 to 8. Twice during the game, there were two baserunners on third base. The Royals had the bases loaded in the bottom of the ninth before the last batter grounded out.

After the game, Wallen dropped us at the airport. We were scheduled to fly from Phoenix to Ontario, change planes in Ontario and then Ontario to Sacramento. As we walked into the airport, I noticed that your flight to Ontario was shown as being 20 minutes late. With a very short layover in Ontario, I was concerned that we would miss the connecting flight.

We hurried to the gate for the Ontario flight. When we got to the gate, it now showed the Ontario flight leaving 30 minutes late. Talking to the agent, she did not think that we would make the connection in Ontario so she started looking for some alternative. It turned out there was a flight to San Diego that continued to Sacramento leaving in about 10 minutes. She booked us on that flight and Jack and I sprinted across the airport. We got to the San Diego flight just as it was boarding.

The rest of the trip home was uneventful and we were home by 8:30 p.m.

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