Friday, September 26, 2014

Jesuit Auction Sign-Up Party

Sharon and I went to a sign-up party that we purchased at the silent auction last March. Titled the River Runs Through It, the party was held at the beautiful home of a Jesuit alumni on the bluffs along the American River in Fair Oaks. The backyard had an amazing view to the south.

In one of those small world stories, the person at the registration desk was a college roommate of Devan and part of the week one group at Almanor. It has been years (decades?) since I have seen Jody, but she thought that she recognized my name and texted Devan. [Note to self: There is not a picture of Devan anywhere on the blog?!? Additionally, there are literally only two other references to herUpdate: Devan is in one group picture from 1990.]

We had a nice evening. We ran into the Sogards and the Walbecks at the party.

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