Saturday, April 22, 2017

House of Cards - Season Three

While we were on the East Coast Easter trip, Jack chided us about how long it is taking us to watch a season of House of Cards. Sharon and I banged out the last three episodes and finished the third season of House of Cards. We finished Season One in October of 2016 and Season Two in November of 2016. This season was originally released on July 7, 2015.

Season three starts six months after Frank Underwood's ascension to the Presidency at the end of Season Two. The season ends just after Underwood's narrow win in the Iowa Caucus. In between, there is a twisted mess of plots including the AmWorks Bill and dealings with the Russians.

I didn't enjoy most of the season. I just didn't find the storylines interesting. In particular, I just didn't care for the entire Doug Stamper arc. The show got more interesting as the story shifted to the beginning of the presidential campaign.

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