Saturday, April 01, 2017



The original plan for the day turned into a little bit of a fiasco. Based on a snowshoeing trail book that we have, we were heading to snowshoe at Yuba Gap. Apparently, there was once a Snowpark there. Given the drought over the last few years, they must have closed it down. When we got there, the road was blocked off.

Starting to search on our phones, we decided to continue up the road to Boreal. Parking at the Boreal Snowpark, we walked under the freeway and pick up the Andesite Peak trail. This was a great alternative. It is a pretty heavy traveled trail; we passed a number of people both ways with snowshoes or skis and more than a few dogs.

We ended going just under four miles round trip. Partly due to the wind, we stopped short of Andesite Peak. In total, we climbed about 750 feet in two miles. We stopped for a late lunch about 0.40 of mile and 350 feet from the summit.

We finished the day watching the second of half of the Gonzaga versus South Carolina NCAA basketball semi-final game (Gonzaga won 77 to 74) and watching Capitan Fantastic.

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