Wednesday, April 05, 2017

Spring Cerner Security Council 2017 - Day 2

I spent the morning at the Cerner Security Council in Kansas City. The agenda included: welcome and recap; Application security at Cerner; Multi-factor authentication; Incident response, and; Wrap-up.

About 11:30 am, I started to wind my home. I took a town car with two other guys back to the airport. I caught a 1:30 pm Southwest flight to Phoenix. Boarding the plane, I had an unusual experience. I had boarding number B06. When I got on the plane, almost every aisle seat was taken; almost no-one was sitting on the window or in a middle. For me to get an aisle, I literally had to go to the back of plane and take the second row from the back...

When I checked the status early in the morning, my flight from Phoenix to Sacramento was delayed about an hour. Over the course of the day, the status showed more and more delayed. At one point, the flight showed four hours delayed. All of a sudden, it then showed on time. The flight ended up leaving Phoenix about 30 minutes behind schedule. I landed in Sacramento about 6:45 pm and was home about 7:20 pm.

Three notes from the trip. First, as I said before, the Kansas City Airport is a mess. I don't know that I have seen anything like it. There is no concourse and no room to walk around. It is literally just gates and seats. Second, I have flown Southwest a number of number over the last five months and every flight has been completely booked; I have a hard time understanding how this is possible. Finally, I usually adapt to time changes pretty easily. Even thought it was only a two hour change and a short trip, I could never get my body in sync.

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