Sunday, April 30, 2017

2017 Petersen Shootout Day 3

Up early, Larkin and I used our $5.00 food voucher for breakfast at Katie's Country Kitchen in the hotel. We had a chance to visit a little with Rod and Scott and Kevin and Rick.

We packed up the room and started for home. Almost everyone was getting an early start.

I made a circuit around the Carson Valley looking for a number of Nevada Historical Markers, including: Luther Canyon (Fay Canyon) [#118]; Walley's Hot Springs [#120]; Pottsville [#121]; Sheridan [#122]; Gardnerville [#129]; Minden [#130]; Dresslerville [#131] and Boyd Toll Road [#142]. Heading home via Highway 88 to Highway 89 to Highway 50, I rolled up to the house about 11:40 am.

Due to a number of factors, I probably enjoyed this year more than I have any previous year of the Petersen Shootout. I always enjoy Larkin's company. I am getting to know more of the regulars. Kevin and his posse were a great addition. Finally, I was very pleased with how well I played on Friday!

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