Thursday, January 11, 2018

2018 Microsoft Executive Briefing Day 2

I spent a second day in Redmond at the Microsoft Executive Briefing Center. Our Adventist Health group included Victor, Vince, Dwight, Tim, Kevin (Feather River), Tim (Simi Valley), Heather, Wendell and I. The agenda for the day included: Windows 10 Security Overview; Office 365 Security & Compliance; Microsoft Cloud App Security; Azure Information Protection; IT at Microsoft, and; Enterprise Collaboration at Microsoft.

Whenever I attend briefings, I try to find some nuggets to take away. Over the two days, I had three thoughts. First, there was a hint that Microsoft might be open to a pricing structure that would allow us to build a strategy to move some of our security tools to best of vendor. Second, I was very impressed with the Surface Hub. Although we are planning three in the new building, I have never really looked at the technology before. Finally, Microsoft talked about moving away from password in Windows 10.

I took a group back to the airport in an Uber. I caught a 5:20 pm Southwest flight from Seattle to Sacramento. Boarding with A41, I was still able to get an exit row. The flight was on the ground in Sacramento a little early and I was home just after 7:30 pm.

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