Sunday, April 23, 2023

2023 Petersen Shootout - Day #3

Up early, Larkin and I had breakfast at Katie's Country Kitchen in the hotel. With the Kings playing the Warriors at 12:30 pm in the first round of the Western Conference NBA playoffs, the plan was an early start for home.

Jack, Drew and I rolled from the hotel about 9:10 am. With a ten minute stop in Placerville, we were back in Carmichael by 11:40 am [88 to 89 to 50].

I had a nice time. It was great to have our own foursome with Larkin, Drew and Jack. As I told the boys, the tournament has changed since Larkin and I started going. In the beginning, it felt much more intimate than it does now. There were some really interesting evenings in the suite in the first couple of years. The group has gotten so large that it feels chaotic and disjointed.

Sunday afternoon, Sharon, Drew, Jack and I watched the Kings versus the Warriors. The Warriors won the game by the score of 126 to 125. The seven game series is now tied at 2 to 2.

After the game, Drew and Jack headed back to the bay area.

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