Tuesday, July 09, 2024

2024 Viking Homelands - Day #17 - Sail the Swedish Coast

This was the only sea day of the cruise.

Sleeping until 6:30 am, Sharon did yoga in the fitness center. Given that I had a little bit of a head cold that hasn't gotten any better or any worse over the last two days, I relaxed in the room.

We had breakfast at the World Cafe. Afterwards, Sharon did laundry.

As Sharon's laundry was drying, we went to a presentation on Viking River Cruises. After the course of the trip, we have also gone to presentations on Ocean and Expedition Cruises.

Next, we spent some time enjoying some of the features of the Nordic Spa, including:
  • Warm Thalassotherapy Pool: A large pool with mineral-rich seawater for a warm and relaxing soak;
  • Hot Tub: A smaller pool with hotter water for deeper muscle relaxation;
  • Steam Room: A room with hot, humid air to promote sweating and detoxification;
  • Snow Grotto (unique feature): A room kept at very cold temperatures with snowflakes falling from the ceiling, offering a refreshing contrast to the hot rooms, and;
  • Heated Ceramic Lounges: Comfortable seating areas with heated surfaces for additional relaxation.
I think that the steam room had a positive impact on my head cold!

We had a late lunch at the pool grill. We both had a burger. the weather was gorgeous. They had the roof over the pool open.

Sharon scheduled a Nordic Restart at the spa. It started with a Nordic scrub to kick-start circulation and remove dead skin cells. This was followed by a Swedish deep-tissue massage. Finally, there was a Nordic scalp ritual. She said it was one of the best travel massages that she ever had.

While Sharon was in the spa, I did a 10 minutes arms and light weights Peloton workout and then walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill. Afterwards, I went back to the steam room, snow grotto, hot tub and pool.

Back in the room, we watched the Port Talk for Mariehamm.

We had a late dinner at the Chef's Table. The fixed menu included:
  • AMUSE BOUCHE - HOT & SOUR SOUP - Cantonese style - With a unique texture and full flavor, this soup is claimed as a regional dish by several different areas.
  • FIRST COURSE FRIED PRAWNS - crispy garlic & chili -Salty, crispy, juicy and spicy-your taste buds will jump up and down.
  • GRANITA COCONUT - lemongrass & ginger infused - Chinese have used spices for centuries for their flavor and beneficial properties. Lemongrass helps the body flush out toxins, kills bacteria, helps with digestion and relieves aches and pains; while ginger can ward off stroke and heart disease and fight infection.
  • MAIN COURSE - WOK-FRIED BEEF - black pepper sauce, rice in lotus leaf - Few combinations in the food world are as fabled as pepper and steak; and black pepper beef stir-fry is one of the world's meat lovers' favorite Cantonese dishes.
  • DESSERT - CHILLED MANGO CREAM - pomelo and sago - One of the most famous and popular Chinese desserts-the perfect light, refreshing finish
The premium wine pairing was very good.

We spent some time at dinner talking to the couple from North Carolina sitting next to us. We also strategized about a possible future Viking trip. Viking is offerring some interesting discounts if we sign up while we are onboard.

It was about 10:30 pm when we crashed.

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