Wednesday, November 05, 2003

For her law practice, Sharon travels back and forth between a couple of different sites in Northern California. She wanted to be able to sit down with her PC at any site and send and receive e-mail and browse the internet. After looking at a number of different options we got her a Sierra Wireless Aircard 750 using the AT&T Wireless Network.

Although not as fast as a 802.11b wireless connection, it is faster than a 56kb dial-up connection. Additionally, we have found connectivity to be very good. We have used it up and down the west coast. Sharon used it to do an hour of legal research from a bed and breakfast in Port Townsend, Washington, while I used it to exchange instant messages with our CFO from the Las Vegas airport.

Since I bought the card for Sharon, our Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and one of the other directors has also gotten the same card. Our CIO got a similar product from Sprint about a year ago. I carry a Sprint cell phone, while Sharon has an AT&T cell phone. Based on this experience, AT&T's network has better coverage, particularly when you get off the beaten path.

I spend the bulk of Wednesday going to CPMC and back for the kick-off of their Kronos project. Donna Gainsley, Denis Axtel and I went down for the meeting. I sat in the back of Donna's car and using the Aircard had a solid connect to the internet all the way from Natomas to downtown San Francisco. I exchanged instant messages with Drew at UCI and Lew at 345 California Street, worked on answering some e-mail and browsed the net for almost one hour and 45 minutes without ever having the connection drop!

I spent 30 minutes this morning tracing pilgrim hats on construction paper as part of my parents hours for Jack's school.

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