Saturday, November 22, 2003

Most of the morning and afternoon were spent shopping for the moulding for the upstairs hallway and then getting the project started. There a number of pieces that need to be cut to fit and painted. Conceptually, Sharon has a design for the upstairs hallway that creates two large spaces to display photos.

We are hosting Thanksgiving for Sharon's family and talked about cooking the turkey in the Weber this year. We did a test run on Saturday using a rotisserie in our Weber barbecue, but were not happy with the results; the turkey was too dry in some parts and underdone in others. We are going to punt and just cook the turkey in the oven.

After getting Jack to bed, Sharon and I watched Charlie's Angel: Full Throttle. This is an odd movie which can best be described as a cross between a music video and The Matrix with elements of the movie Three Kings stirred in.

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