Friday, November 21, 2003

Nooter and I have talked over the years about how the passage of time can feel like falling faster and faster down a dark tunnel. The last three weeks have definitely been one of those periods. I feel like I have spent all of the last three weeks sitting in meetings all day long every day or traveling to meetings. Combined with a trip to Rochester, Minnesota and Sharon being gone last weekend, it has been a blur.

I spent this morning in the TMC (Technical Management Council) meeting; this includes all of the Regional CIOs and the Directors. For lunch, the CIOs and Directors worked the serving line for a Thanksgiving lunch for the Mather staff. We served lunch to over 400 people. The afternoon was spent in a IBM database presentation.

Sharon made a court appearance in Auburn for a conservatorship that she has been working on.

Sharon worked for an hour and fifteen minutes as the Art Docent for the afternoon kindergarten class. The lesson plan was titled "Animals in Art." The lesson talked briefly about John James Audubon, Marc Chagall and Edward Hicks. It highlighted a painting by each Artist: Peaceable Kingdom by Hicks [shown below]; I and My Village by Chagall and Wild Turkey by Audubon. As part of the lesson, the kids choose a picture of an animal and cover the animal print with three different colors of construction paper.

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