Tuesday, July 11, 2006

France Paris Day 3

It has not been getting dark until after 10:00 p.m. As a result, we have been eating and getting to sleep later and later every day. Unfortunately, we slept late this morning and got a late start from the hotel.

Getting a light breakfast at a bakery along the street, we walked to the Eiffel Tower. The lines were pretty long. After some discussion, Jack decided he only wanted to go to the second desk rather than the top. Although I am not much of a heights person, the views from the second deck were very cool and worth the waiting in line. We rode back down to the first deck, mailed a postcard to Sharon's mom and then walked down to the ground.

From the Eiffel Tower, we took a taxi to the Museum d'Orsay. Unfortunately, the lines were pretty long there too. We had a quick bit to eat in the Cafe on the fifth floor. The building housing the d'Orsay is impressive; it is an old train station that has been restored. The musuem houses an amazing collection of impressionism art. We felt a little rushed to get through everything that we wanted to see before closing time.

After the museum closed, we walked across the Seine into the Tulleris Gardens. Sharon was interested in going to the Museum de l'Oragerie, but it was closed on Tuesday. We may try to go there next Friday on our way back out through Paris.

We got the Metro back to the hotel and took a short nap. The plan for the evening was to take a boat cruise on the Seine. We walked back to the river and took a 9:20 p.m. cruise. Sharon wanted to wait until it was getting dark and the city was starting to light up. I enjoyed the river cruise; it was a great way to see some of the city. There were some views of a number of things, including Notre-Dame and the Eiffel Tower.

We had a very late dinner. By the time, we got a taxi and made our way back to the hotel it was after midnight.

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