Sunday, July 09, 2006

Paris Day 1

Although Sharon was a little under the weather, the 10.5 hour flight to Paris was relatively painless. Several people had warned us about how chaotic the Paris airport was, but we were off the flight through customs, got our luggage and were in a cab in no time. We landed in Paris at 11:30 a.m. and by a little after 1:00 p.m. we were crashed in the hotel room. We are staying at the Hotel le Tourville in Paris.

One of our lessons from traveling with Jack is that we can not be too aggressive out of the box. We slept for a while in the room and then headed out to explore. The Hotel National des Invalides is about one block from hotel. This site includes Napoleon's Tomb and The Army Museum. We spent some time wandering through the complex.

Afterwards we walked up a park to the Seine. We wandered back to the hotel scouting for some place to have dinner. We took another short nap in the room and then had dinner at a cafe on the street near the hotel.

Jack and I ended the night by watching France play Italy in the World Cup final on the a big screen in the hotel lobby with a large group.

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