Tuesday, April 29, 2008

2008 AAA Baseball Game #9

Jack played in his ninth baseball game of the 2008 little league baseball season against the Cardinals. After this weekend's break, they will be playing the National League teams for a second time. The Padres beat the Cardinals earlier in the season.

At the plate, Jack was 1 for 2 with a walk. He walked in his first at-bat. Jack stole seond, stole third and then stole home on a wild pitch to score the Padres' first run. He struck out in his second at bat. Jack lined one down the third base line in his third at-bat for an RBI. Again, he stole second, third and home to score.

Jack played five innings at shortstop. The kids are starting to hit more grounders to the left side. Jack cleanly fielded four attempts and threw the runner out at first. In the fourth inning, a runner was stealing from second to third. The ball from the catcher was overthrown and the runner started home. Backing up the third baseman, Jack fielded the ball and gunned the runner down at home.

The weather was miserable; it was very windy. The kids were very flat at the beginning of the game. The Padres fell behind 8 to 2. With runners on second and third with two outs in the bottom of the sixth, their late inning rally fell short and they lost by a score of 9 to 7. Their record is now 5 wins and 4 losses.

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