Wednesday, April 30, 2008

To New York City 2008

I spent the day literally winding my way to New York City. Dropping Jack at school, I took a late morning jetBlue flight from Sacramento to Long Beach. This was my first experience with the Long Beach airport. If the rest of the terminal is anything like the jetBlue gates, the place has to be one of the most rundown airports in the country. The jetBlue gates are in what appears to temporary buildings.

From Long Beach, I caught a flight to JFK that stopped in Las Vegas. Taxiing to the gate after landing in Vegas, I could see the Luxor and the Excalibur. This felt very odd since I did not know that the flight was stopping in Vegas.

One of the interesting things about jetBlue is that there is a DirecTv screen at each seat. I always carry a couple of books and read when I fly. In spite of the fact that I was really enjoying the science fiction book I was reading [Hugo Award Winning Spin], I ended up watching the second half of the Wizards versus Cavs playoff game and having a couple of Heinekens.

The plane got to JFK before 11:00 p.m. EST. I caught a cab into Manhattan and was in the room before midnight. I am spending the next couple of nights at the Hilton Times Square.

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