Thursday, August 07, 2008

2008 Fall Baseball Game 3

Jack played in his third game of the 2008 fall baseball season. The Yankees played a team with eight players (we gave them one) and red "baseball" shirts.

Jack was one for three at the plate. With the count 0 and 2, he fouled off a pitch in the dirt. The next pitch he hit over the left fielder for a stand-up triple and drove in the first run of the game. In his second plate appearance, Jack hit one down the third base line and was called out on a fielder's choice. I was standing behind the umpire at home plate and it looked like Jack was safe by more than half a step. With the Yankee's leading 7 to 0 at that point, it looked like the ump was giving the other team a break. As Jack trotted back to home plate to pick up the bat, the umpire actually said to him that it was close. Jack chased a high pitch and struck out in his third at-bat.

Jack played four innings in center field and one inning at third base. He made a couple of nice plays. At third, Jack took a relay on a ball hit into left center to tag out a runner trying to go from first to third. In center, he handled an overthrow of second and gunned down a runner trying to go to third.

In fall ball, there is no formal scorekeeper. The Yankees won by what I think was a final score of 11 to 7; six of their runs were scored in one inning off the Yankee's youngest pitcher. The Yankee's record for fall ball is now 3 wins and 0 losses.

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