Friday, August 01, 2008

2008 Lake Almanor Day 7

A very lazy morning; at the end of the week, no one was moving very fast. Eventually, I went for a late morning run. I spent the rest of the morning hanging out of the deck outside the Tomasin's cabin.

The plan for the day was to play golf at Almanor West. Snipes had made tee times for three foursomes. Jack and I ended up playing with Tomasin and Chris. The other groups included Nate, Danny and Craig plus Hunter, Debbie, Kyle and Jill.

In the almost 30 years that I known Tomasin, I do not think that I have ever played golf with him. Although he never plays, Tomasin is a very coordinated athlete. He ended up shooting a 58. Chris played very well and finished the nine holes with a 44, while I had a 52. Jack got a par on one of the par 3s with a great shot over the water. Overall, it was one of the most enjoyable golf outings that I have had.

For dinner, we took everyone (all 27 people!) to Plumas Pines to celebrate Robbie's birthday. On Friday night's, Plumas Pines has live music. I headed back to the cabin's a little before 10 p.m. with Drew and Jack. In a move that would become significant later, Morgan decided to stay and get a ride home with Chabrier or Hunter.

The night ended (Saturday started) on an odd note. There were some hard feelings between Hunter, Robbie and Danny. Although I walked into the middle of the end of the situation, Morgan was an observer of the events from start to finish. Her telling of the story, including a prologue and epilogue, are worth the price of admission.

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