Friday, August 29, 2008

John McCain's great granddaughter?!?

I'm confused. John McCain's great granddaughter, Sarah Palin, is the presumptive Republican Vice President nominee?


  1. No...someone just said she looks young enough to be his great granddaughter....what a bunch of idiots...Hopefully you don't believe this!!!!!!

  2. I'm confused to your source

  3. I was attempting to make a joke about McCain's age and Palin's youth. After reading about the pick this morning and hearing her speak, all I could think during my lunchtime run today was damn he was selected his great granddaughter...

  4. Ha! I guess I did think Biden could be Obama's granddad when he was picked, and given she is alittle younger than Obama, and McCain's alittle older than Biden, I get it.

    Good thing she has more experience than the young one on the alternate ticket, in case McCain's age cuts his term short.

    Actually I predicted this exact pick back in June when I went to Vegas but I thought Hillary would be the Dem nominee then so my thinking was flawed. This wouldn't have flown experience wise against her....against Obama though it's genius b/c the more they harp on experience being an issue the worse he looks.

    The true genius is the rope-a-dope McCain pulled by harping on experience for the last month just begging Obama's side to try to use it now.

    Sould be a fun campaign now.